Elliptical machine hacks for weight loss

12 Elliptical Machine Hacks for Rapid Weight Loss

If you want to use an elliptical machine to lose weight rapidly, this article will show you hacks that make elliptical machine workouts more rewarding.

The elliptical machine can help you lose weight rapidly if you use some hacks while exercising.

In fact, this machine can burn up to 450 calories per hour in moderate training, 650 calories in intense training and 830 calories in very intense training.

In addition, you can get numerous benefits from an elliptical machine such as:

  • Giving you a workout like running without straining your joints. Give it a try if you have knee pain.
  • It allows you to train your upper and lower body simultaneously.
  • Can give you adjustable workouts with its reverse setting.

The elliptical isn’t a perfect machine. It has one disadvantage you need to consider:

  • It may be less effective than running as it doesn’t allow you to use different terrains.

However, the elliptical is a good home or gym equipment to help you get fit and lose weight.

With the right strategy, you can reach your ideal weight using elliptical workouts alone.

You can also improve your heart health, muscular endurance, and build muscle mass.

Here are some hacks you can use to get rapid weight loss results.

Elliptical Machine Hacks for Rapid Weight Loss

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1. Use your entire foot

Most people use their toes to lever off the step on the elliptical.

This, in turn, reduces the amount of energy you use when doing this exercise.

If you put your entire foot on the elliptical step and use that to push off, you engage a larger number of muscle groups.

And as a result, you burn more calories.

2. Increase your intensity

According to Women’s Health Magazine, you shouldn’t rely on the fat-burning zone that’s displayed on the screen of your elliptical.

The fat burning zone- which is 50-70% of your max heart rate helps you burn a bigger portion of calories from fat rather than carbs.

When you increase your intensity on the elliptical, you burn more calories overall.

Additionally, when you work out more intensely than your fat burning zone, you will burn even more calories as you recover.

3. Work out in intervals

Another hack you can use to speed up your weight loss when you’re using the elliptical is using it in intervals.

You work your body harder when you save some energy by taking short breaks between routines.

You are also more likely to increase your metabolism two or three days after your workout if you use the elliptical in intervals.

The most effective style you can try is known as the Tabata-style.

This is a high-intensity workout that helps you burn calories within four minutes.

This is whereby you pedal intensely for twenty to thirty seconds then recover with slow intensity pedals for 10 seconds.

Repeat this cycle eight times.

You’ll have burnt more calories in the four minutes than a regular four-minute cycle.

You can also use a 30-minute interval change workout. Whereby, you continue to increase the resistance as you workout.

This kind of workout also boosts your metabolism.

4. Increase the resistance

Furthermore, you can play around with the level of resistance on your elliptical.

Change the levels of resistance from low to high during your workout.

This will help you build muscles and burn more calories.

You can also try changing the resistance at different intervals during your workout.

5. Use an elliptical that faces a mirror

Research published in Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise shows that people who work out facing themselves are likely to push themselves more.

Therefore, don’t use the elliptical while watching TV or reading.

Use it while facing a mirror so that you put yourself in a mindset where you’re challenging yourself.

Staying focused through the workout will help you burn more calories and lose weight faster.

6. Use your arms

Most ellipticals have handlebars that you can use to strengthen your arms and get a good upper body workout.

Moving your arms will help you engage more muscle groups and burn more calories.

Don’t just use your arms for balance.

Move them in an alternating upward and downward motion to increase the intensity of your workout.

7. Maintain the right posture

Besides using your arms, you should make sure that your posture is correct when on the elliptical.

First, keep your back straight. Hunching can lower your performance and cause pain.

Don’t look at the floor as this will curve your back.

I’ve also found that looking down makes you lose drive when working out.

Look forward and stick your chest out when on the elliptical.

8. Exercise for 5-7 days a week

For maximum results, you should use the elliptical every day for 30 minutes to an hour.

You’re probably thinking that you won’t recover if you workout for 7 days.

However, elliptical workouts don’t put much strain on your body, which means you can recover during sleep.

Just to be safe, look out for these cardio overtraining symptoms.

9. Change the motions

The elliptical allows you to move forward and backward.

To engage more muscle groups, you can do intervals with different motions.

Perform one in the regular forward motion.

In your next workout interval, you can use the elliptical in reverse.

Reverse motion engages your quads, thighs, buttocks, abdominal muscles, and back muscles.

10. Ensure you maintain a calorie deficit

Your diet needs to change for you to lose weight rapidly and keep it off.

Start by cutting any junk food, trans fats, and empty-calorie foods from your diet immediately.

If you keep consuming these foods, you will end up gaining weight no matter how hard you train on the elliptical machine.

You may also want to read this article if you want to lose more than 30 pounds.

11. Use the different settings on the elliptical to your advantage

Most elliptical machines have settings that can help you lose weight faster.

One of them is the ‘Hill’ setting.

This is a 45-minute workout that gradually increases resistance and incline.

Another is the ‘Ladder’ setting.

It is a manual setting that increases intensity by adjusting the gradient and resistance.

Perform three fifteen-minute intervals while adjusting the resistance after every five minutes.

 12. Be careful

You should stop and get off the elliptical if you feel pain, dizziness, nausea, or light-headedness.

As with all workouts, it will still take time for you to start seeing muscle definition and losing fat.

Don’t over-exert yourself and risk injury.

You probably know that diet has a bigger impact on weight loss than exercise. Therefore, you need a good diet plan to lose weight rapidly and keep it off.

The VFX Body program will show you the best diet strategy for weight loss. And the best part is it doesn’t involve starving yourself or eating less than 50 grams of carbs a day.

Get it today!

Do you know other elliptical machine hacks for rapid weight loss?

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