Is Eating 700 Calories A Day Healthy?

Is Eating 700 Calories A Day Healthy?

Are you trying to cut calories to lose weight? You might get confused with the different numbers you see. This might make it a little hard for you to know exactly how many calories to eat to keep a healthy weight.

While it is likely that eating 700 calories a day will result in weight loss, keep in mind that eating a very low-calorie diet can be unhealthy as well as counterproductive.


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Confusing between these two could put you in danger of making poor diet choices. You may end up depriving your body of almost all calories, which is not healthy.

A low-calorie diet restricts your calorie intake to 1200- 1600 calories per day for men and 1000- 1200 calories per day for women.

On the other hand, a very low-calorie diet will restrict your intake to only 800 calories a day. Imagine the damage you will have caused by 700 calories a day, a mark lower than the very low-calorie diet mark.

Some people prefer going on a deficient- calorie diet for rapid weight loss, taking up to 800 calories per day or even as low as 700 calories per day.

However, most people should consider a low-calorie diet for weight loss compared to a deficient- calorie diet. This is because less extreme diets are very easy to follow, and they will not interrupt your day-to-day activities that much.

The low- calorie diets should be your go-to diets if you are 50 and above, and also if you have underlying health conditions.

Also, according to a health guide, cases of gallstones have been reported in people who go on a very low- calorie diet.


When it comes to cutting calories, most people usually focus on short-term results such as losing weight in the next couple of days, weeks or months. Very few actually look at the long-term benefits such as living longer, feeling better and having a better quality of life.

A 2016 study provided unique elaboration as to what happens when you restrict your calories.

In this study, 218 participants were made to either continue with their normal diets or eat a restricted-calorie diet for a period of two years.

In the end, the group with a restricted-calorie diet reported signs of significant weight loss. They also recorded improved sleep duration and quality and better sexual drive and arousal compared to the other group.

The group with restricted calories also recorded overall better health throughout the study than the one left to continue with their normal diet.


As addressed before, taking 700 calories a day falls under a very low- calorie diet. A very low- calorie diet is a rapid weight loss diet in which calorie intake is severely restricted. The diet is usually used to help obese patients lose significant weight as part of their comprehensive weight loss program.

This is because food quantity is usually limited, and calorie intake restricted to 700- 800 calories a day.

The very low- calorie diets such as 700 calories a day should only be followed under special conditions, such as those mentioned above. And if so, you should seek the help of your doctor first. According to a randomized controlled trial, this is aimed at knowing the effects of a very low-calorie diet on metabolism, gene expression, and body composition.

In this trial, obese subjects who were eligible for the study were divided into 3 groups randomly. One intervention group and two control groups. In the end, it was observed that taking an 800 or below calorie diet is a very handful, and one should not do so without the help of a medical practitioner.

Seven hundred calories a day dates back to the 1970s, where it was used with people who had a body mass index (BMI) of 30 or higher. People who needed to cut weight quickly due to their underlying health conditions.

This diet should not be used for BMI between 27 and 30 unless they have an underlying health condition such as diabetes which is affected by their weight.

It should also not be used by children or teenagers due to the potential side effects that accompany it. All in all, your doctor should be the one to decide whether eating 700 calories a day is healthy for you.


If you have been advised to eat 700 calories a day with your doctor, this is how it works.

It has been designed to cause rapid weight loss at the beginning of a weight loss program. If you are obese, expect to get rid of about 3-5 pounds per week. The average weight loss for a 12- week would therefore be approximately 44 pounds.

This amount of weight loss can significantly correct obesity-related conditions such as diabetes, high cholesterol and high blood pressure.

Within a period of three to six months, a patient may be able to get rid of 15- 25% of their initial weight if they embark on eating 700 calories a day and adjust to a healthier lifestyle.

Research has shown that long term results of eating 700 calories a day may vary significantly. However, weight regain is common. To avoid this, you should combine the diet with healthy living standards.


In most cases, eating 700 calories a day entails eating many milkshakes or replacement bars in place of food for a period of weeks or even months.

However, some other plans may consist of lean protein such as fish or chicken or one type of food as in the mono diet.



This point is emphasized because eating 700 calories a day is way below the daily caloric requirements of the body. This may be dangerous hence approved by a physician.

If approved, follow your physician’s directions on when to start and end and the necessary nutrients to avoid nutrient depletion.


Consider writing down the caloric content of everything that you eat. To be sure that you are maintaining your target of 700 calories a day, it is compulsory to keep track of everything you are eating.

Include the calories you eat, from juices to sauces or condiments. This is because you may be tempted to overlook the calorie content on liquids, which tend to add up quickly.


Ensure that you drink plenty of water because your body requires water to function properly. 20% of your daily water requirement comes from the food you eat. Since you are on 700 calories a day, this water amount will be slashed almost by half.

You will need to drink at least two extra glasses of water to account for this loss.


When on a strict plan, such as 700 calories a day, you will need all the nutrients you can get to avoid nutrient depletion. Alternatively, there are foods whose nutrient content is very high, while their calorie levels are low. These include fruits and veggies.


700 calories a day is a very low- calorie diet that is medically supervised to help in rapid weight loss to people with high BMI. As so, it should only be done under your doctor’s supervision and accompanied by speciality foods to prevent nutrient depletion.

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