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Everything You Need to Know About Copper Fit Compression Gloves

Do Copper Fit Compression Gloves help with wrist pain and stiffness? Or are they just another product with claims that provide no remedy?

They claim to ease stiffness ad pain in the palms, fingers, and wrists. In addition, its open-finger model allegedly reduces swelling and improves blood circulation.

Likewise, continued use of Copper Fit Compression Gloves is claimed to alleviate joint aches and muscle sprain.

This article gauges whether these gloves provide the claimed benefits. Also, we’ll compare this product with an alternative product in terms of quality, comfort level, and price.

To know more about this product, keep reading.

Product Design

These gloves use a fingerless model that enables you to continue performing your daily tasks while wearing them.

Not only can they be worn in the daytime, but also at night. Their palms also have grip dots.

Copper Fit Compression Gloves are made of:

  • 90% Cotton
  • 5% Spandex
  • 5% Copper

This product comes in varying sizes; small, medium, large and extra-large.

The Science behind Copper Fit Compression Gloves

They are designed to give relief by providing compression and copper benefits.

Both copper and compression have been researched for treating pain-related conditions in the body.

Does Compression Relieve Pain and Improve Functionality?

For decades, compression has been a crucial component of pain relief.

Here’s what research on compression gloves claims:

The gloves improved throbbing, stiffness, and pain for patients with arthritis.

Earlier, compression gloves improved palm stiffness, throbbing, and pain and also improved motion for patients suffering from arthritis.

Additionally, recent randomized trials conclude that using compression gloves has provided inconclusive results.

Most scientific researchers claim that compression has benefits concerning pain and swelling. However, functionality evidence of compression is somewhat mixed.

Does adding Copper to the Gloves have any Notable Benefits?

Adding copper to compression garments is a widespread practice. However, no extensive or virtual studies have scrutinized the copper added to the gloves.

Compared to standard gloves, copper fit compression gloves do not offer notable benefits for patients suffering from chronic vein ailments.

There aren’t many clinical studies to draw from concerning the significant benefits of copper in these gloves.

Safety of Copper Fit Compression Gloves

While the gloves are typically safe for use, some risks are associated with their use.

The gloves are beneficial for vein dysfunction, but they are not recommended for use with dysfunctional arteries. This is because instead of promoting the flow, the gloves will limit it.

Nerve dysfunction can also worsen with compression, making it difficult to spot wounds. In such an instance, restrictive gloves can delay or prevent healing completely.

Even without exhibiting these conditions, it is ideal for you to consult a certified physician before using copper fit compression gloves.

Consumer Reviews

It has a 4.2-star rating on Amazon with over 50,000 global reviews.

Positive reviews:

  • It eases the pain.
  • In addition, it helps with the pain in the fingers.
  • It makes patients feel great in less than a week.
  • When you wear them to sleep, they can remove numbness.
  • The product helps manage stroke numbness.
  • They’re easy to wash.

Negative reviews

  • The gloves have no effect and offer no improvement.
  • They’re also a waste of money.
  • Finally, the stitching can come undone in a week due to the poor quality.
  • They don’t offer pairs for one hand for people who only have problems in one hand.

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Placebo Effect

Arthritis Foundation claims that copper jewelry has no notable benefits for arthritis. Therefore, the copper fibers in this product are likely to be ineffective.

If no clinical evidence accompanies copper fit compression gloves, why does it have  high ratings?

This is likely due to the placebo effect. This means you can gain a notable health outcome resulting from your belief that the product works.

The placebo effect can be beneficial for providing pain relief, not due to a product model.


1. Tommie Copper Compression Gloves

Copper Fit Compression Gloves alternative: Tommie Copper Gloves

Tommie Copper compression gloves have both full and half-finger gloves that are also intended to support the musculature and palm joints.

This product is less cost-effective.

Furthermore, these gloves have ambidextrous hand orientation and are made from a nylon and spandex blend.

The gloves also have silicon studs on the palm for easier grip during training.

Order Tommie Copper Gloves on Amazon.

2. Copper Hands Arthritis Gloves

Copper Hands Arthritis Compression Gloves

These gloves also guarantee ache relief. They are available in a half-finger design.

People suffering from tendonitis can also use them.

In addition, the gloves are flexible, and can be used for gaming, typing or working out.

The fabric is easy to use, and easy to wash.

The gloves keep your hands at room temperature without getting them too hot or cold for comfort.

Order Copper Hands Arthritis Gloves on Amazon.

3. Dr. Frederick’s Original Grippy Arthritis Gloves

Dr. Frederick's Original Grippy Arthritis Gloves for Women & Men

These are anti-slip gloves that provide relief for arthritis.

The compression enables you to continue with your activities. The tightening of the gloves relieves pain from arthritis, carpal tunnel, or tendonitis.

The grip is textured for better grip so you can keep working out.

Moreover, the fabric of the gloves is breathable to prevent sweating in your palms.

They come in multiple sizes to make them accessible to as many people as possible.

Order Dr. Frederick’s Original Grippy Gloves on Amazon.


Copper Fit Compression Gloves may have some pain-relieving benefits.  Likewise, they can relieve stiffness and swelling and improve palm motion.

However, these benefits are unlikely to relate to copper added to the gloves.

Compression gloves apply continuous pressure in the painful area, facilitating blood flow which reduces pain in the sensitive joints/muscles.

Nonetheless, the gloves are price friendly. Therefore, opting for another alternative may not save you much.  Likewise, standard compression gloves also range at the same price.

The gloves are typically safe for use. However, avoid using them if you have arterial problems, nerve dysfunction, or open wounds.

Note that compression does not impact several underlying issues that could cause your symptoms.

Consult a certified physician to determine the recommended care plan before using Copper Fit Compression Gloves.

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