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Everything You Need to Know About Copper Fit Arch Support

Do you suffer foot pain due to plantar fasciitis or fallen arches? A sure way to manage pain and discomfort is by wearing Copper Fit Arch Support braces.

You are probably wondering how a snug band or some little socks can help minimize foot pain. It goes back to matters of blood circulation.

Controlled compression is enough to facilitate consistent blood flow throughout the foot. This way, inflammation, swelling, and soreness are reduced.

Note that it is crucial to wear arch supports of your size. Most models are available in variant sizes which account for foot width differences.

Also, small or tight compression arch supports can cause discomfort and are likely to worsen circulation.

Want to know more about compression arch supports? This article will tell you all there is to know about this device and help you choose the best for your feet.

Who Benefits from Wearing Copper Fit Arch Support?

Plantar fasciitis is the primary condition that makes people seek relief via Copper Fit Arch Support braces. This condition results from tissue inflammation below the foot.

The main tissue affected is known as the plantar fascia. Therefore, plantar fascia inflammation is what results in heel pain.

By boosting blood circulation throughout the foot, the braces help relieve inflammation.

Also, people with fallen feet have fallen arches. Not only do their feet have abnormal curvature, they also appear too close to the ground and are somehow flattened.

As a result, their feet overpronate, changing the entire foot and ankle positioning.

They don’t correct overpronation. However, they can relieve foot pressure exerted at the arch area due to this condition.

Additionally, anyone who suffers from foot pain can wear Copper Fit Arch Support braces. Considering this, it is ideal to consult a certified physician before wearing the braces.

Common Designs

Copper Fit Arch Support braces come in three main models. Each model has its pros and cons.

Here’s a detailed description of each:

Band Wraps

Band wraps are made of single pieces of flexible material that can be wrapped around the arch area.

They are the most discreet compression arch support since many people can comfortably wear socks over them.

Their only downside is they only offer compression to a specific area of the foot. Therefore, they may not be ideal for certain foot pain conditions.

Adjustable Band Wraps

Adjustable band wraps often come equipped with Velcro, offering customized compression.

Some designs come with little inserts that offer varying support levels.

One downside of adjustable band wraps is that they can be bulky and rarely fit in shoes.

Toeless socks

Unlike adjustable band wraps, toeless socks are thin enough to wear with shoes. Also, you can wear socks over them if you wish.

They provide support and compression throughout the foot and ankle.

Despite these upsides, some users complain of them being a bit sweaty.

Note: If you want to wear Copper Fit Arch Support braces while exercising, consider investing in a few pairs for rotation convenience between washes.

Features of Copper Fit Arch Support


Many Copper Fit Arch Support braces come in varying sizes. Most of them are available in women’s and men’s sizing.

Some designs are unisex. Copper Fit uses a specific sizing chart. Therefore, you will need to measure your foot size to find a perfect fit.

The brace that comes in a specific size isn’t specifically a “one-size-fits-all” item.

Instead, they only fit specific individuals well, specifically those who don’t suffer from major foot conditions.

They often don’t fit individuals with swollen or wide feet.


They don’t have too much color selection since they only come in gray, nude or black.

However, some companies have widened their color assortment to favor people who fancy a sense of style.

You can get other braces in pastel or neon colors like purple, pink, green, and blue.


The braces are designed using flexible material blends such as nylon, spandex, polyester, and rayon.

Among these blends, neoprene and polyester are the least breathable. However, some have exceptions.

Due to their material blends, Copper Fit Arch Support needs special care, especially while cleaning.

Carefully check the manufacturer’s instructions before washing them, considering that some can be hand washed while others can be air-dried.


  • They can fit in most footwear.
  • One size fits most people.
  • They are also copper infused to minimize odor.
  • They are designed from soft/lightweight material.
  • Furthermore, they have compression straps that make them adjustable to secure them.
  • They minimize foot pain related to plantar fasciitis, flat feet, and fallen arches.
  • Finally, they can be worn with or without shoes.

Copper Fit Arch Support Customer Reviews

The brace has a rating of 4/5 stars on Amazon.

The positive reviews state:

  • They are slim.
  • In addition, they are easy to put on.
  • They provide great support and comfort while walking.

The negative reviews state:

  • They didn’t make a difference.
  • In addition, they don’t fit well.
  • They are just compression bands. They don’t work for arch support.

Order on Amazon.


1. Vive Arch Support Brace

Copper Fit Arch Support alternative: Vive Arch Support Brace

This arch support provides relief from heel pain and plantar fasciitis.

It is adjustable and can guarantee arch support even when in motion.

Additionally, this brace lifts and supports the arch while standing to ensure proper foot alignment while pronating or supinating.

It is low profile and comfortable. Therefore, you can wear it inside your shoes all day. It has an inner lining designed using nonslip material that keeps the brace firmly in place.

The Vive Arch Support Brace is lightweight, breathable, and does not add any foot bulk.

It has a 60- day money-back guarantee. As a result, you can confidently purchase it.

Order Vive Arch Support Brace on Amazon.

2. Copper Compression Copper Arch Support

Copper Fit Arch Support alternative: Copper Compression Copper Arch Support

This support brace provides relief and improves performance while you perform daily tasks.

The fibers are infused with copper to maintain hygiene and keep the product lasting longer.

People with fallen arches, flat feet, or bunion pain can use them to provide relief.

Furthermore, the fabric is discrete enough for the arch support braces to be worn in your shoes or socks.

The manufacturer also offers a money-back guarantee if you don’t like the braces.

Order Copper Compression Copper Arch Support on Amazon.

3. FunisFun Arch Support Relief Braces

FunisFun Arch Support Plantar Fasciitis Relief Braces

These braces support sunken arches, heel pain, bunions, arthritis, and spurs.

The fabric is copper-infused, flexible, and breathable. It also has velcro straps to make sure the fit is perfect.

It has good cushioning to reduce pressure on the foot. Moreover, it enables you to select light or thin materials depending on your footwear.

Order FunisFun Arch Support Relief Braces on Amazon.


One key thing you should consider before buying Copper Fit Arch Support is customer reviews.

If the product has many positive reviews, there’s a high chance that the product is worth your money.

The support socks guarantee reduced foot pain, aid muscle recovery, and improve circulation. Also, they maximize the benefits of compression and comfort while providing relief.

Your feet are an essential part of your body. Ensure you take good care of them with Copper Fit quality products.

This arch support is worth the investment. No other socks guarantee better support.

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