Should You Add Collagen Powder in Coffee? 

Should You Add Collagen Powder in Coffee? 

Collagen is a protein present in the skin, bones, nails, muscles, tendons, and hair. 

If you have problems with your joints, hair, or skin, this signifies that your collagen reserves are running low. 

All humans start experiencing a reduction in collagen production once they become adults.

This is the reason why a supplement is necessary. Collagen powder in coffee is a way of substituting this declining protein.


Should You Add Collagen Powder in Coffee? 

To know whether heat affects collagen, you must first understand the chemical structure of collagen.

Collagen is made up of fibrils. When these are denatured, they take on a gelatin form.

Denaturation refers to a change in protein structure. 

If you’re thinking about making collagen powder in coffee, you need to maintain the compound’s structural integrity to benefit from it.

According to this research, a thermal transition happens at 220+- 10oC. At this temperature, the collagen fibrils transition to gelatin, which is something you don’t want. 

The above information is related to collagen coffee because coffee is a hot beverage. 

The question you must ask is whether the average temperature of the coffee is sufficient to denature collagen.

In this analysis of hot beverages, coffee, and hot chocolate, it was found that the commonest and optimal temperatures for serving these drinks were between 71 and 85oC. 

The researchers also noted that sometimes these temperature ranges lead to scald burns, but users prefer it.

Thus, the latter study shows that the average temperature at which you take coffee is well below the temperature where collagen gets denatured. 

The upper limit of 85 degrees C is almost half the denaturing temperature.

This means that collagen in coffee is a safe way of ingesting your supplements. 

Even if you choose to have your coffee at boiling temperature, which is 100 degrees C, you would still be within the safe limits of unadulterated collagen coffee.

You are thus safe to take your collagen powder in hot coffee even at the highest temperatures possible for this drink.


Besides learning about the effect of heat on collagen powder, you also need to know about the composition of coffee and how this interacts with collagen.

No studies exist to demonstrate a negative interaction between caffeine and collagen powder. 

The closest analysis of caffeine and collagen concerned unborn infant rats exposed to caffeine through their pregnant parents. 

It was found that these rats developed knee joint, osteoarthritis, and other collagen problems.

The above thus shows that caffeine compromises collagen production at the fetal stage. 

This is not a sign that caffeine will impede collagen’s functions when you take collagen from an external source.


Collagen is available as a pill or capsule. It may be injected into the system or come in the form of gummies.

The product is also available as a powder. The beauty of powder is that it dissolves immediately into the bloodstream and starts to work almost immediately.

As a powder, you may not be able to take it directly. Therefore, you have to mix it with water, juice, hot beverages, soups, baked goods, or smoothies.

While you can go for any of the above options, collagen powder best dissolves in hot drinks rather than cold ones.

In cold drinks such as juices, it tends to clump together. You may have to stir it continuously for it to dissolve.

Therefore, consider putting it in a hot drink like coffee or even hot water. The latter may be ideal, but you may not sustain the habit because it is not palatable.

The best options are those that you enjoy. Since coffee is an essential part of your morning routine, you might as well go ahead and make it healthier.

Apart from collagen powder in coffee, another way of taking it is by putting it in baked goods or soup. 

Because collagen has a neutral and somewhat bland taste, you may want to camouflage this by putting it in foods that you would naturally take.

Generally, collagen powder is the best way to take collagen. If you put it in hot drinks like coffee, you will make it more sustainable.


Collagen is made up of amino acids. Your body produces it naturally.

Taking part in any of these unhealthy habits may ruin your body’s ability to produce collagen.

Smoking or living in a polluted environment may destroy the collagen in your body too.

Spending too much time in the sun and getting exposed to ultra-violet light is yet another reason for collagen destruction.

Sometimes, it could be what you eat. If you have a lot of refined starches and sugars in your system, you could slow down collagen production. 

These substances usually degrade most skin proteins, including collagen and elastin. 

Alcohol is also another way to destroy the collagen in your body. If you constantly take alcohol, you keep the collagen in your body from being hydrated. 

Its fibers will crack and separate from one another. 

The result of too much alcohol consumption is the formation of dry and flaky skin.


The time it takes to see visible changes in your body depends on why you took the collagen powder in coffee in the first place. 

If you have severely depleted levels, it may take a relatively long time to see results.

Additionally, some people take collagen for weight management, while others do it for skin and joint issues. All these problems have their own timelines.

In this study, the researchers were interested in determining the amount of time it takes for subjects to see skin health improvements after taking collagen supplements.

After daily supplementation, the above researchers found that changes in skin hydration were noticeable after 8 weeks. After 12 weeks, these effects continued to persist.

In another study where collagen supplements were used to manage weight in obese patients, the obese subjects were found to have greater satiety levels.

Therefore, they were more likely to adhere to restricted diets and were thus susceptible to weight loss. 

The above situation of increased satiety happened just 60 minutes after taking the collagen supplements.

In this study on collagen’s application for the treatment of joint pain, researchers found that athletes reported improvements in joint pain when at rest, standing, and running. 

These results came after 24 weeks.

You should thus expect similar results depending on the reason for taking the supplements.


Collagen powder in coffee is a safe way of taking the supplement. The powder easily dissolves in hot drinks, and the coffee can disguise the supplement’s bland taste.

Most people take collagen because of skin-related or joint-related problems. Others do it for weight loss.

Whatever your reasons, consider waiting anywhere between 60 minutes -24 weeks to start seeing results.

As a proactive measure, be aware and avoid habits that destroy collagen. These could include exposure to the sun, smoking, drinking alcohol, and taking too many sugars or starches. 

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