Pros and Cons of Chewing Gum while Running

Pros and Cons of Chewing Gum while Running

Even though a few myths and theories are floating out there about chewing gum while running, everyone must take an objective, detailed perspective.

Take a look at some of the valuable details below when it comes to chewing gum while running. So let’s take a look;


Pros and Cons of Chewing Gum while Running


The good thing about chewing gum while running is that it gives your brain and body a secondary source of rhythm to add to your gait cycle.

Theoretically, this might increase your productivity, and maybe even offer a way to pick up a little bit of pace if you feel so inclined.

Chewing gum has certainly been known to improve someone’s running speed, so if you’re the right person, you might enjoy getting an external source to give you some extra rhythm in your long runs and days of recovery.

This will also give you a killer workout for your jawline when you’re running. So, at the same time, you can track your miles and chisel out your jaw. Who wouldn’t want to do that?


Quite often, running can feel monotonous when tracking all those miles day and day out. Many runners find that chewing some gum while running will help them get through without too much boredom on their route.

There’s something to say about such a tactic, as it helps the mind concentrate on something other than banging on the pavement.

It’s no secret that some of us wake up and can’t bear the thought of putting our running shoes on and putting our tired legs on for a few more miles, but some gum might just be the stuff to shake things up for excitement!

A minty flavour might make you feel a little thirstier, so if you’re just going to try this kick strategy, you may want to start with something fruity for your initial success.

After that, when you get used to it, you should try the flavors of mint.

So next time you may feel like you’re dreading your next run, give some gum a try for a mile or two and see how it feels to get started. Only make sure you’re careful.


Science has come far enough to deliver gum to improve the consistency of your run. There’s a company that sells some super high-quality gum to get you through a workout, so let’s take a look at it.

Crafted by Nick Symmonds, a 2x Olympic athlete, Run Gum is specially formulated with caffeine, vitamin B12 and Taurine to improve your athletic performance before and during your run.

They can also act as a fast source of energy while at work if you’re trying to restrict your consumption of coffee.

Run Gum has zero sugar and zero calories, but it will give you a jolt of energy that you can take with you as a pick-me-up before or after a run.

The packaging won’t be damaged by sweating or scratching, and it’s small enough to be packed in almost every pocket so you can take it with you almost anywhere.

It’s easy to chew, and it works really fast after you start chewing it, so you won’t have to think about a lagging impact or guess how early you’re going to have to take it before you hit the wall.

Overall, Run Gum is a super solid brand that brings a lot to the table for its customers, it’s efficient, convenient and clean, and so it’s definitely worth a try!



First, let’s get the obvious one out of the way, chewing gum while running is certainly a potential choking hazard. If you’re not careful, you could be in a really sticky situation if the gum inadvertently obstructs your windpipe.

This is a risk that often comes with chewing gum because when running, it can raise the risk due to vertical oscillation and obvious disturbances that come with running both internally and externally.

Make sure you’re always careful when chewing gum while running, while it can bring a lot of enjoyable benefits that’s never worth the damage or obstruction of the windpipe. Just do the best you can to stay safe.


Although distraction can be used for good, it can also be a negative by-product. When you’re out for a run, that’s always the most important aspect, and chewing gum might be a distraction for others.

You’re never allowed to let the gum sacrifice precious time and energy that could get in the way of improving your run for the better.

As long as it doesn’t mess up your stride or breathing, you should usually be ok, but just make sure you know how you feel and make sure you keep your primary focus on the task at hand.


At some stage, just about everybody bites their tongue, and the risk is increased especially when chewing gum while running. It could be a really painful experience.

However, repeated biting of the tongue can lead to changes in the tissues of the tongue itself. Any bite is going to cause tissue damage.

Repeated damage can cause problems with pigmentation and keratinisation. Many people who repeatedly bite their tongue while chewing gum see white tissues appear, particularly on the sides of their tongues.


First of all, it is important to remember that chewing gum while running is largely a personal choice. Some people prefer to chew gum when they’re running because it gives them something else to think about.

Individuals who worry too much about how many calories they burn, how fast they run, or how much they have to run, maybe looking for a way to distract themselves. In this way, it may be helpful to chew gum while running.

Besides, some people believe that chewing gum while running will help them develop a rhythm. It’s critical that you pay attention to your turnover while you’re working.

There can be situations in which you need to shorten your turnaround, lengthen your speed, or change your legs’ rhythm. In this case, chewing gum while running could help you do just that.


Chewing gum is considered to cause bloating problems in certain individuals. This happens because, when you chew your gum, you ingest more than your saliva.

You swallow air, too. The air hits your digestive tract and starts to interact with the bacteria found there.

If enough air is swallowed, there may be distension in the stomach, which may even be painful. For those who chew a lot of gum during the day and such might be the case when running, consider chewing a high-fibre snack or swallowing a slice of candy to minimize the amount of air swallowed.


Chewing gum while running may give some solid benefits to your easier paced recovery, such as distracting, adding some rhythm, and improving your performance.

However, you should certainly be conscious of the possible hazards and drawbacks of chewing gum during the run.

It is best not to bother chewing gum as a negative nuisance and a possible choking danger when attempting to run at faster paces. Chewing gum is up to your personal liking.

It’s worth a try if you want to shake things up on your next easy run, but make sure you start slow and see how it all feels. In the end, if you’re rational and patient, it might be a very good experience overall.

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