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Breathtaking Facts About Exercise, Fitness and Working out

Here are some things you could greatly benefit from knowing that aren’t known by many people.

Over 80% gym memberships are unused

As we approach the New Year, there will be many people signing up for gym memberships as part of the New Year’s resolutions only to jump off the wagon in less than a month.

According to medical news daily, most people complain of being discouraged because they don’t know to use the equipment, can’t do the workouts properly or they can’t afford the advice of a personal trainer.

All the above reasons shouldn’t stop you from going to the gym; everything you need to know is accessible online for free. Watch YouTube videos that teach how to properly do exercises and how to use different equipment properly (YT videos have helped me a great deal).

You can get more from short period workouts than longer ones

Yes, that’s true! You can spend less time exercising and get maximum results. This can be achieved by engaging in short period high intensity exercises.

One can also get more aerobic and anaerobic improvement from a 4-minute workout than a 60-minute workout.

This four minute workout is called Tabata, this exercises involves a 20 seconds maximum intensity exercise followed by 10 seconds rest, done 8 times without a break, which totals to 4 minutes.

Don’t let lack of time be an excuse for not exercising, you can greatly benefit from high intensity interval training.

Your heart rate becomes lower as your cardiovascular health improves

It is easy for you to get your resting heart rate below 60bpm if you improve your cardiovascular health.

The heart is a muscle and it gets healthier and stronger if you exercise and lead an active life.

Most people train their muscles but tend to neglect the most important of all, the heart. Training your heart will help improve your overall health.

Aerobic exercise is the best way to improve the strength of your heart and lungs as well.

A 45 minutes high intensity workout will keep your metabolism elevated for 14 hours

If you want to burn calories even after the workout this is the way to go, in addition to the calories burned during the workout the body will be burn 150-200 calories hours after the workout.

Exercising makes the brain grow new brain cells

Regular exercise has very positive effects on the brain. This is occurs through a process called Neurogenesis, which is a process by which neurons are generated from neural stem cells.

This means you’ll have a good memory as you age and it will prevent diseases which are associated with old age like Alzheimer’s.

Exercise relieves stress and elevates mood

Regular exercise can help get rid emotional problems and improve the mood of people who are depressed.

In fact research shows that the effects of exercise last longer than those of antidepressants.

You don’t need fancy equipment

Though it’s great to go to a gym with fancy and modern equipment, it does not guarantee weight loss or fitness. Work with the equipment you have and if you don’t have any use your bodyweight (I’ve done it for years).

Go to the park and use monkey bars for pull ups, run or even do push-ups and other bodyweight exercises at home. If you have fancy equipment the better, use them to the max.

The last breathtaking fact is that everybody knows that exercising is good but only a few do it!


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