10 Bonjesta Side Effects That Will Shock You

If you intend to use bonjesta, it is vital to understand bonjesta side effects before you invest. It is a medication that treats or prevents vomiting and nausea that comes as a result of pregnancy.

It is a prescription medicine that can help improve your nutrition during pregnancy or even after.

Furthermore, it’s prescribed for pregnant mothers who haven’t improved nausea symptoms even after changing diets.

Bonjesta has a high success rate. 75% of reviewers on Drugs.com reported positive experiences.

What Happens If You Take Bonjesta On A Full Stomach?

Trials have been conducted on the effect of food on medication. It is a drug taken orally and absorbed through the stomach lining. A full stomach will reduce the surface area exposed to the stomach lining.

Consequently, increasing the time it will take for the drug to be absorbed and the time it will take for bonjesta to take effect.

What Are The Ingredients In Bonjesta?

Each tablet contains 20mg of doxylamine and 20mg of pyridoxine.

1. Doxylamine

It is an antihistamine that protects you from symptoms related to allergies and the common cold. It works by blocking the histamine that your body produces.

Histamine is a chemical produced within your body that causes allergic reactions.

Blocking helps to reduce allergic reactions, such as watery eyes and a runny nose.

2. Pyridoxine

It is a form of Vitamin B6. It is found in supplements and certain foods.

Furthermore, it is used by your body to utilize the energy from the food you eat. Moreover, it helps in red blood cell production and the proper functioning of your nerves.

The combination of these ingredients gives rise to bonjesta side effects. It also provides its benefits.

How To Take Bonjesta

Take the medication by mouth with at least eight ounces of water.

Ensure you take it on an empty stomach.

At the beginning of your prescription, you will take it once at night before you sleep.

If nausea persists to the next day, you can increase the dosage to two tablets, one in the morning and the other at bedtime. But only do this under a doctor’s instructions.

Do not take more than two pills a day. Ensure you take the medication whole and do not crush, slit, or chew it.

There are not many documented bonjesta side effects, but below is a list of the ones you should consider.

When is the Best Time to Take Bonjesta?

On the first day, take one pill at bedtime.

If this relieves the morning sickness symptoms the following morning, continue taking only one tablet at bedtime.

When the symptoms don’t subside, and you keep vomiting or feeling nauseous, increase the dosage to one in the morning and one at bedtime.

Don’t stop taking the pills until a doctor says otherwise.

Negative Bonjesta Side Effects

Bonjesta side effects are of different types, such as:

1. Complications In The Nervous System

They are the most common bonjesta side effects. At least 10% of people suffer from them.

It has anticholinergic effects, for example, lightheadedness, blurry vision, migraines, tremors, and a tingling sensation in your skin, among others.

Bonjesta side effects can worsen if it is combined with nervous system depressants, such as alcohol.

It also intensifies if you use them together with antidepressants. All of these effects have a link with the ingredient doxylamine, an antihistamine.

2. Gastrointestinal Problems

These are the bonjesta side effects that affect the stomach and intestines. It includes abdominal expansion, pain, constipation, dry throat, and diarrhea.

Similar to the nervous system complication, these are also due to bonjesta containing an antihistamine.

3. Psychiatric Effects

Effects on your psyche can be directly caused by the ingredients used in the drug or by the side effects of it. It can cause anxiety, insomnia, disorientation, irritability, and nervousness.

It can also cause paranoia and delusions, which can cause you to have visual and audio hallucinations.

4. Respiratory Effects

Bonjesta can cause you to experience difficulty breathing in the form of shallow and painful breathing. It can occur as you rest or even within the day.

If it continues for an extended period. For this reason, get medical attention if you suffer from shortness of breath for more than three days.

Other respiratory bonjesta side effects include dry nose, nose stuffiness, wheezing, and thickening of mucus secreted from your lungs.

5. Hematologic And Cardiovascular Effects

It can cause a reduction of granulocytes, which are a type of white blood cell, while reducing the rate at which your red blood cells are produced. To the position, they are destroyed faster than your body can create them.

It can also cause a reduction of the platelets in your body, causing you to bleed more profusely if you are cut and a longer time for open cuts to clot and heal.

Dilation of your blood vessels can cause chest discomfort and tightness.

6. Genitourinary issues

These are side effects that affect your genitals. It causes difficulty urinating, such as pain or a burning sensation in your urethra.

7. Endocrine Effects

Antihistamine medications have significant effects on your hormones, they include estrogen and progesterone.

It can cause a delay in your period or even an absence for a month; if it occurs more than once, seek medal assistance.

8. Musculoskeletal System

Furthermore, the tablets can cause muscle soreness and weakness. It can also cause chills due to the improper functioning of your muscles.

9. Ocular Effect

As a result of it being able to affect your nerves, it can affect your optical nerve. As a consequence, this can cause damage to your eye, leading either to a decline in your vision or light hypersensitivity.

Positive Bonjesta Side Effects

10. Increased Metabolism

As it has a positive effect on your digestive tract, it helps you properly digest food. Bonjesta can increase your metabolism, help your body better utilize food, and provide energy for daily activities.

Pre-existing Conditions That Can Worsen Bonjesta Side Effects

You should ensure you consult your doctor if you have any pre-existing health issues, Such as:

  • Kidney conditions as the drug can worsen the difficulty you have during urination.
  • Struggles with breathing caused by chronic bronchitis or emphysema.
  • Eye diseases such as glaucoma.
  • High blood pressure.
  • Seizures
  • Thyroid problems


Do not drive or operate any heavy equipment if you have taken this drug within two hours due to how common it is to get drowsy.

Most notably, the medication can’t be used for hyperemesis gravidarum. This is a condition that causes excessive vomiting. Pregnant women experiencing this should be hospitalized.

Furthermore, the manufacturer states that it’s unknown whether the medication is safe for users under 18 years old.

Avoid this medication if you also take antidepressants such as Maplan and Parnate.

It is hard to find reviews of this product that highlight its side effects, it is not great for a product since experiences with medication are different for every person.

Thankfully, you can find most of the side effects outlined in this article.

For about 744 dollars for a pack of 60 tablets of bonjesta, it is pricy but can effectively and safely treat vomiting and nausea in pregnant women.

Nevertheless, refer to a medical professional before you buy it to get an outline of your allergic reactions.

It is also safe or the best drug to treat vomiting and nausea from pregnancy.

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