10 Surprising Bonito Peptides Side Effects

Bonito Peptides is a formula that helps improve heart health. Specifically, the supplement supports healthy blood pressure. This article outlines Bonito Peptides side effects.

In addition, the peptides in the capsule come from food proteins and can help treat mild hypertension. 

However, some users have pointed out Bonito Peptides side effects, as highlighted in this article. Most of these side effects result from users’ reactions to some of the ingredients in the supplement.

Therefore, it is essential to read this piece before taking Bonito Peptides.

What is Bonito Peptide Good For?

Bonito contains protein peptides that have many health benefits. Specifically, the supplement helps improve overall blood health. In addition, the formula also helps lower the risks of cardiovascular diseases. 

In addition, Bonito reduces various risk factors, such as diabetes. Besides, research shows that Bonito peptides have anti-inflammatory benefits. 

What are Bonito Peptides Made Of?

Bonito Peptides is generally a fish protein supplement. The formula comprises nine different Bonito fish proteins. Bonito fish is a member of the tuna family.

However, the supplement has other active ingredients, including rice powder and gelatin. 

How To Use Bonito Peptides

This supplement contains high-quality proteins in capsule form. The frequency of intake depends on the anticipated treatment. However, it is generally safe to take the supplement twice a day. 

Do Benito Peptides Lower Blood Pressure

Users may be concerned the supplement lowers the blood pressure of people with normal blood pressure.

Bonito peptides work by inhibiting angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE) activity. ACE is responsible for constricting blood vessels.

ACE converts angiotensin I to angiotensin II, which increases the fluid volume of blood and narrows blood vessels. When excessive, it can cause artery damage, blood clots, and oxidative stress.

Bonito Peptides only lower ACE activity. So among normal people, this isn’t a concern. Some studies suggest that this supplement is one of the strongest naturally-occurring ACE inhibitors.

Furthermore, fish peptide supplements are free of contaminants and heavy metals.

They also increase heart health and reduce the risk of a heart attack. However, they do not lower the risk of a stroke.

10 Surprising Bonito Peptides Side Effects

#1. Bloating

Bloating is a discomfort that comes in the abdomen. In most cases, the patient experiences a feeling of fullness or swelling of the stomach. 

study also shows that bonito peptides can induce bioactivity mechanisms in the body. Therefore, such activities increase the production of gas in the stomach. 

Bloating is a surprising Bonito Peptides side effect because the formula contains gelatin. This component can increase gas in the users’ stomach, which causes discomfort.

The patient should take plenty of water to mitigate this condition. 

Therefore, water is the best remedy for this side effect. 

#2. Heartburn

Another one of the surprising Bonito Peptides side effects is heartburn. This condition is usually a sensation in the chest. The situation is generally caused by acids from the stomach coming up the throat. 

As a side effect of the supplement, heartburn is also caused by gelatin, one of the ingredients in Bonito Peptides. Taking plenty of water can also mitigate this symptom. 

#3. Numbness

One of Bonito Peptides’ side effects is numbness. Besides, the supplement is meant to lower blood pressure. 

However, some users can experience numb feet and hands after taking the formula. 

This symptom results from Bonito, an active ingredient in the supplement. However, this side effect only affects first-time users and should diminish with subsequent intake. 

#4. Body Inflammation

Rice powder is also one of the ingredients in Bonito Peptides. This component can cause allergic reactions in some users, such as inflammation of the body. 

study also found that rice powder can inhibit the growth of some essential enzymes, such as α-glucosidase, α-tyrosinase, and α-amylase. This deficiency can cause inflammatory effects on the body. 

In such a case, users should stop taking the supplement and seek medical help. 

#5. Stomach Upset

Some users have complained of experiencing upset stomach after taking the supplement. This symptom also emerges from some of the components in the product, such as Gelatin. 

However, the discomfort should last only a few minutes, especially for new users. It is also advisable for the user to drink plenty of water when experiencing this symptom. 

#6. Constipation

Another one of the common Bonito Peptides side effects is constipation. This symptom is also related to the users’ allergic reaction to some components, especially gelatin. 

In addition, the condition mainly results from increased gas in the stomach. Research also shows that gelatin can support tissue reengineering, which can cause the stomach to harden due to increased gas. 

Therefore, plenty of water is also the best remedy for this side effect. 

#7. Rise in Blood Glucose Levels

Another possible Bonito Peptides side effect is a rise in blood sugar levels. This symptom can emanate from rice powder, which is an active component in the formula.

Research also shows that this situation can cause skin dryness, pigmentation, and wrinkles. Exercising can mitigate this side effect by increasing metabolism. 

#8. Weight Gain

Weight gain can be a long-term side effect of Bonito Peptides. This symptom is mainly associated with a rise in blood sugar levels caused by rice powder. Besides, the body can convert excess blood sugar into fat. 

Exercising is also effective in mitigating this side effect. 

#9. Reduced Levels of Good HDL Cholesterol

Another possible Bonito Peptides side effect is reducing the levels of good HDL cholesterol in the body. This symptom is also a result of the rice powder component, which is one of the active ingredients in the supplement. 

However, this side effect only affects users who take high formula dosages. Therefore, following the prescribed instructions when using the supplement is vital. 

#10. Increase Risk of Metabolic Syndrome

Rice powder, an active ingredient in Bonito Peptides, can also increase the risk of metabolic syndrome. In addition, the component can raise triglyceride levels in the blood. 

Therefore, it is vital to take the formula as the manufacturer recommends. Overdose can cause adverse side effects. 

Bonito Peptides Reviews

Positive user reviews state:

  1. The supplement is fantastic and effective in reducing blood pressure. 
  2. The formula helps in maintaining a healthy blood profile. 
  3. The supplement is easy to take since it is in capsule form.

Negative user reviews state:

  1. The supplement causes chest pains.
  2. The formula does not work at all in terms of lowering blood pressure. 
  3. The supplement might cause cancer. 


Bonito Peptides has several health benefits. Specifically, the supplement helps reduce blood pressure. However, Bonito Peptides’ side effects are mainly a result of users’ allergic reactions to the supplement. 

In addition, most of the side effects should diminish with the subsequent formula intake. Taking plenty of water and exercising can also mitigate some side effects. 

In adverse effects, users should stop taking the product and seek medical help. Overall, Bonito Peptides is safe for human consumption. 

If you don’t prefer fish supplements, you can also take a diet rich in lean chicken or dairy containing peptides with ACE inhibitors.

When taking Bonito Peptides and the supplement doesn’t respond to your high blood pressure, consult your doctor before trying a different one.

The development of high blood pressure is closely linked to lifestyle choices such as smoking. Being in a high-stress situation, obesity, low fiber, high saturated fats and high sugars, and a low mineral diet.

If your doctor has prescribed blood pressure lowering medications, don’t stop taking them and switch to Bonito peptides.

There is minimal risk from taking both Bonito peptides and medication but ensure you speak with your doctor before you do.

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