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Benefits of Using A Stairmaster 30 Minutes A Day

12 Amazing Benefits of Using a Stairmaster 30 Minutes a Day

The Stairmaster is a brand name for a stair climber. This machine looks like a treadmill and a staircase rolled into one.

If you use it correctly, you may reap substantial rewards in the short and long run. Even if your workout is not so intense, just 30 minutes of using this device can bring positive results.

In this article, the researchers studied the advantages of using the Stairmaster and found that it offers several.

The Stairmaster was introduced in 1983 and has altered the fitness industry immensely. People initially bought it for its low impact while others were interested in its ability to activate different muscle groups.

The Stairmaster is superior to real stairs because of resistance levels, toning options and no need for the descent. Here are the benefits in details:

Benefits of Using a Stairmaster 30 Minutes A Day

If you want to get lean and strong with lifting heavy weights, this article will show you the benefits of using a stair master 30 minutes a day. #stairmaster #benefits #focusfitness

1. It Burns A Lot of Calories

One of the things you may like about this device is its cardio capacity. The cardio exercise entails moving repetitively for a significant amount of time. That way, your body’s internal temperature increases and you burn calories.

The results you get from the Stairmaster will depend on the amount of time you dedicate to the machine. If you do close to 150 minutes a week, you may maintain your weight.

However, if you put in almost 300 minutes a week, you will achieve substantial weight loss.

2. Helps Strengthen Your Bones

For people who want to avoid osteoporosis or other bone complications, it is imperative to choose exercises that will minimize injury and strengthen the bones.

The Stairmaster is helpful because it challenges the bones and provides resistance.  When you move up the stairs, you are going against gravity, yet still remaining upright. This means you’re building bone density. With time, the outcome will be significant as proven in this study.

3. It Is Super-Efficient

While the Stairmaster mimics a real staircase, in some respects it is better than the actual thing.

If you use staircases as a form of exercise, you only have the option of going up and reaping the benefits only at that time. When you go back down, you are forced to rest.

The Stairmaster avoids this problem by always rotating. That way, you are engaging most of the major muscle groups in your body.  Additionally, with this machine, you put in less work and reap more rewards.

When compared to a flat treadmill, a Stairmaster going at 1mph would have the same work output as treadmills going at 6mph.

4. Facilitates Aerobic Fitness

The device may be used for high-intensity workouts. This improves a person’s overall heart and lung strength.

When you do high-intensity workouts on the machine, they are good for opening up your cardiovascular system, making your heartbeat stronger and your respiratory system more resilient.

After completing an exercise session, the machine gives you an afterburn, which is a state that requires oxygen for the body to use in recovery, as a result, your metabolism stays elevated.

The Stairmaster helps your body to keep burning calories even after you’re done. Overall, you will become more fit because of enhanced aerobic fitness.

5. May Minimize Back Pain

One of the reasons why people experience back pain is that they do not engage the back muscles adequately.

The Stairmaster is ideal because it engages the muscles in the legs, thighs, core and lower back. This happens when you lift your heel and move to another step.

Some people report back injuries after using the device because of poor posture. When a person leans too strongly on the rails or they do not stand erect, they are likely to strain those muscles and feel pain.

6. Strengthens Your Thigh Muscles   

The thighs have two types of muscles. The first is the quadriceps, which are located at the front and the second are the hamstrings which are at the back.

When a person runs, they engage their quadriceps. When you are bending your knees and extending your hips, you work the hamstrings.

Therefore, climbing steps helps to engage the hamstrings as well as the front muscles. Many athletes focus too much on the quadriceps thus causing muscular imbalances and hamstring injury.

7. Adds Variety to Your Regimen

The problem with certain machines is that they are not a lot of fun to use. Many can only move in a certain direction, so the exercise options are usually the same.

This is not the case for the stair climber because it has a lot of versatility. Apart from the single step, you can also do the double step where you skip one step and land on the alternate one.

You may also do the side step for 4 repetitions. This involves stepping on a stair with one foot and moving the other foot sideways.

As another option, you could do a sprint or a side step sprint. You may even try reverse steps by moving in the opposite direction of the stairs. This ensures that different types of muscles are exercised.

8. Can Improve Your Posture

Some people have poor posture when walking and sitting. They tend to hunch over when working or relaxing. It is therefore important to learn and practice good posture using other techniques like exercise machines.

The Stairmaster requires you to stay erect when in motion. A person is also not supposed to put too much weight on the handrails.

After doing this many times, you’ll find that your body automatically adjusts to proper posture even when you are not exercising.

9. May Tone Your Glutes

The Stairmaster is extremely helpful in toning the butt, which is made of gluteal maximus muscles (glutes). There are 3 muscle groups in the behind with the biggest one being the gluteus maximus.

If you work these muscles through purposive movement, they will get firmer and rounder. The Stairmaster helps in firming and toning these muscles thus giving you a better-looking backside.

10. Knee Pain Relief

People with knee complications often need certain exercises to help with the pain.

A Stairmaster can come in handy because it strengthens the muscles around the knee. This means that you’d have more support and that there would be less risk of injuring yourself as illustrated in this study.

It is important to first check with your doctor before embarking on these exercises so that you don’t overdo it or hurt yourself.

11. Builds Core Strength

A Stairmaster may also help you develop a stronger core through proper posture.

If you want to make your core stronger and tone your abs, you would need to exaggerate your upright posture.

Make sure that your back is straight and that your chest is higher than it normally would be. This way, when you start to move, the muscles in the core will be engaged and so will the ones in the back. The aerobic nature of the machine can also be helpful.

12. Builds Stamina

When choosing an exercise machine, always go for the ones that allow for high energy expenditure.

The Stairmaster involves vertical motions, which push your body considerably. When you take one step, you move more vertically than if you were using another machine. This means that the energy system will improve and you will become more resilient in fitness.

Final Word

The Stairmaster would be ideal for you if you want to lose weight or become physically fit.

Not only will it work your core, but it will also boost your thigh, lower back and core muscles.

This device is great for strengthening your bones and is kind on the joints too. For a low impact workout, the Stairmaster is ideal.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t offer a good upper body workout. If you want to tone every inch of your body, combine the Stairmaster with is 28 best home workouts.