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Spirulina for weight loss

12 Astounding Benefits of Spirulina for Weight Loss

Spirulina is a type of algae that is found in ponds. It is rich in nutrients, antioxidants, and minerals. For this reason, many have called it a superfood.

A number of communities have used Spirulina for health and nutritional needs. It has assisted malnourished groups as well as people who may not get their nutrients from real food.

With regard to weight loss, this product is beneficial because of its multipronged inner workings. It has an effect on calories and metabolism. It alters inflammation and fights appetite.

Additionally, it changes energy levels and nutrient balance in the body. Most people take it in powder, capsule or tablet form for weight loss.

Why You Should Use Spirulina for Weight Loss

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1. Boost your energy

One of the greatest challenges when losing weight is dealing with fatigue. Many individuals maintaining a calorie deficit often find that they don’t have the energy to get through the day.

Spirulina has chlorophyll which is helpful in providing energy within the body.

In this article, it was explained that the polysaccharides and essential fat in the algae are easily absorbed by cells and thus contribute to energy release.

2. Is high in protein

Spirulina contains a high concentration of protein. The concentration of protein and its bioavailability is much higher than in other plant proteins.

There are numerous advantages of having protein in your system when trying to lose weight. First, it suppresses the hunger hormone known as ghrelin.

Additionally, it causes the body to work harder than normal when digesting it. Proteins consume 20-30% of your body’s calories during metabolism. You are also likely to feel full when you eat proteins and this will minimize the need to overeat.

3. Has low calories

When making a choice for a weight loss aid, it is critical to know its caloric content. This reduces the chances of consuming hidden calories that often trigger weight gain.

Spirulina is extremely low in calories. 10g of the product has 36 calories, yet you only need a third of that per dose. You can easily enjoy all the benefits of its nutrients without dealing with the undesirable effect of too many calories.

4. Has high-nutrient content

When losing weight, it is imperative for you to give your body all the nutrients it needs. If you eat food that is low in essential nutrients, your brain will trigger feelings of hunger until you give it those nutrients. You are thus less likely to lose weight.

Spirulina helps prevent such triggers by giving your body the many nutrients it requires. It is for this reason spirulina supplements are used in malnourished populations to improve their health.

Some of the nutrients in Spirulina include vitamins, iron, protein, magnesium, calcium, potassium, and niacin.

5. Acts as an anti-inflammatory agent

Ingredients such as phycocyanin and B-carotene contained in Spirulina make it a powerful anti-inflammatory agent.

Inflammation has a major effect on weight loss. If you have persistent inflammation, it means that your body’s system is overworked.

Even if you have a high level of discipline when exercising or dieting, you will see little progress in weight loss.

One explanation for this is that inflammation increases insulin resistance. Insulin (the hormone that regulates glucose) would be out of whack and fat accumulation would occur. The result is weight gain. Spirulina helps to overcome all the above.

6. Rich in fiber

The supplement is rich in fiber which is quite helpful in managing your weight because fiber is very filling.

Unlike simple sugars, fibers take longer to digest and metabolize. If you take something with a lot of fiber, you are more likely to stay full.

Fiber is also helpful in regulating blood sugar, which has its own role in weight loss (see below). As an alga, Spirulina is rich in fiber, and would thus provide your body with all the above benefits.

7. Reduces cholesterol

One of the components that matter during weight management is the amount of cholesterol in your diet.

If you have a great concentration of blood cholesterol, especially the low-density lipoproteins, then you will have a hard time keeping the weight off.

Spirulina helps to reduce the ratio of bad cholesterol in your body and thus contributes to making you a lot healthier. In this study, it was proven that Spirulina changes the ratio of lipoproteins in the body for the better.

8. Balances out your blood sugar

Blood sugar is critical in optimizing weight loss. If you have high blood sugar levels, your glucose is likely to spike and that would cause hunger. The brain would respond by making you overeat.

However, if your blood sugar is balanced, you would not have glucose spikes when you eat and this would decrease your likelihood of overeating.

Spirulina is helpful in reducing blood sugar levels, which consequently reduces the chances of overeating and weight gain.

9. Boosts metabolism

The high protein content in Spirulina, as well as the other nutrients, have the ability to ignite fat oxidation and thermic abilities.

Your metabolism will be charged through the fuel provided by these algae. In weight loss, your metabolic rate has a huge impact. If you have a slow metabolism, you would struggle to see a difference in the mirror even after reducing your food intake.

Conversely, if you have a fast metabolism, you would experience rapid weight loss. In this study, it was shown that Spirulina is helpful in tackling metabolic syndrome components.

You may also want to avoid the bad habits that slow down metabolism.

10. Suppresses appetite

The amino acid phenylalanine is critical in reducing your appetite. When it is released, it stimulates the production of cholecystokinin which tames your cravings.

If you have a large appetite, losing weight is likely to be a problem since you tend to eat bigger portions.

Sometimes even those big portions may not feel satisfied. In such situations, it best to get an aid that would help to make you feel less hungry.

11. Has essential fatty acids

Essential fatty acids are mostly derived from fish oil omega 3 supplements. Spirulina has omega 3 that is significant enough to affect your metabolic and digestive system.

Omega 3 from the algae is helpful in reducing hunger and appetite. It also increases the speed of your metabolism thus ensuring that you burn more calories daily.

As a result, you would burn more fat with this nutrient and experience substantial results in weight loss.

12. Promotes muscle growth and fat burning

When doing resistance training, it is common to experience muscle fatigue. Additionally, if you have low endurance, you are unlikely to persist while exercising.

Spirulina has the ability to increase endurance and reduce the muscle fatigue you experience.

Additionally, it helps in burning fat. This is achieved because it is low in calories, reduces appetite and has omega 3.

The Bottom Line

Using spirulina for weight loss will make your journey much easier. It enhances weight loss by minimizing your appetite and controlling your blood sugar.

You would also have more energy with this supplement. Given these advantages, there is no reason why you shouldn’t use spirulina for weight loss.

With that said, you still have to exercise regularly to keep the weight off. If you’re too busy to exercise in the gym for one hour every day, start using the stunningly simple fat-burning home workouts.

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