According to Dr. Mauro, carbohydrate cycling mimics the effects of anabolic steroids. That’s why he named his diet anabolic fasting. 

Everything You Need to Know About Anabolic Fasting Diet

How does an anabolic fasting diet work?

You may have desired body goals, perhaps you want to lose weight or have a more sculpted physique.

But these you can only achieve if you build lean muscle mass and cut off body fat. By doing these two, the results will be visible within no time. 

Many people have opted for dieting. However, dieting will make you lose fat, but you’ll also lose some muscle. The only way to build muscles is if lose fat and gain muscle simultaneously. 

The best solution is observing an anabolic fasting diet. 

So whether you want a sculpted physique or want to lose weight, an anabolic fasting diet will do the magic.

 It is a tested and tried method for gaining muscle while burning fat. To learn everything about the anabolic fasting diet, read through this article. 


Everything You Need to Know About Anabolic Fasting Diet

Anabolic fasting is a type of fasting diet that converts the body into a fat-burning machine. Dr. Mauro DiPaSquale created the famous Anabolic fasting plan.

He guarantees that this diet ought to work for anybody. The only determiners of your success are how well you follow the diet and if it suits your body. 

Have you ever heard of anabolic steroids? According to Dr. Mauro, carbohydrate cycling mimics the effects of anabolic steroids. That’s why he named his diet anabolic fasting. 

It is a low-carbohydrate diet. AFD involves alternating between high-carb days and low-carb days. 

This form of diet was created for people who want to gain a lot of muscle while reducing fat storage.

The diet involves some phases through which muscle gaining works. You also have to formulate a meal plan that suits you. 


The answer is straightforward; yes, it’s possible to build muscle while fasting. Note that there are many forms of fasting, and they all work differently.

Some fasting plans work by helping your body lose fat without muscle building. So if you want to build muscle, you have to choose a dieting plan that will do both for you. 

Anabolic fasting is the ideal dieting plan that will work best if you want to lose fat and gain muscle. There are certain phases of Anabolic fasting. Each phase involves maintenance, muscle gain, or weight loss. 


This is the first phase of Anabolic fasting. It takes about one to four weeks. Within this given period, you have to consume calories equal to 18 times your body weight.

During this phase, your body becomes accustomed to low-carb meals. So this phase helps to maintain your body weight. 


The bulk phase comes next after the induction phase. The main aim of this phase is to achieve a substantial amount of weight.

Unlike the induction phase, the bulk phase doesn’t have a set timeline. However, you are advised to stay in this phase until you achieve the weight gain. 

DiPasquale says that you should use your ideal weight and add 15% to know your ideal bulk weight. By adding some extra pounds to your normal weight makes subsequent fat loss much easier. 


The cutting phase is the last, and it is a low-carb plan. It’s more of the weight-loss period.

 During this time, it’s recommended you cut about 500 to 1,000 calories from what you used to take in the maintenance phase.

It would help if you kept going until you achieve the body fat % you want but most probably less than 10%.

All these phases have different caloric intake levels depending on your body goals. 

The macronutrient proportions are almost the same across all phases. Anabolic fasting is based on cycling nutrients. 

You just rotate between low-carb and high-carb meals. You have to observe a low-carb diet during the week and a high-carb diet on weekends.

This alternation prevents your body from burning only carbs for energy. On the other hand, high-carb meals allow your body to replace all the fuel lost during challenging tasks. 


You also have to follow a specific plan while fasting. To put it in simple terms, you have to eat as little carbs as you can for five days.

After this, follow up with two days of high amounts of carbs. Anabolic fasting has a format that accommodates strength training by replacing used body glucose. 

The most commonly used plan involves the 5:2 ratio. However, you have to undergo a 12-day low-carb conditioning period.

During the conditioning period, you eat as little carbs as you can for 12 days. Once you complete the conditioning, refuel your body by consuming high-carb meals for two days.  

During your low days, see to it that your meals consist of 40% protein and 60% fats. No matter what you consume, ensure you don’t go past 25 grams of carbohydrates. 

As you can see, your meals should mainly consist of meats and high-fat foods. The main reason is so that your body stays fuelled despite the absence of carbs. 

Try not to confuse the anabolic fasting diet with the regular weekly diet. During the latter, you diet throughout the week and eat as much as you can on weekends.

By following the anabolic fasting plan, you will put on lean muscle. Just stick to the plan and the nutrient-dense meals. 


You should follow the plan until you achieve the desired results. 

There is a general food list that you can use. It might not cover everything, but it’s a general plan on the meals you should take while fasting.

 Here is a breakdown of how you should eat and some foods you can incorporate into your diet.

During weekdays you should consume 40% protein, 60% fats, and 25 grams of carbs. Ensure that the carbs come from protein and fat sources.

 Avoid grains and dairy products. On weekends take 15% proteins, 25% fats, and 60% carbohydrates.


Here are the foods you can consume while on Anabolic fasting. Water (only plain or carbonated water). Coffee and tea (don’t add sugar, milk, or cream).

Water and apple cider vinegar (you can mix the two). Healthy fats – only take 0 carb snacks. Bone broth – 0 carbs.


Start burning body fat and building muscle by dieting. As reviewed in this article, an anabolic fasting diet is the right solution to get an ideal physique.

This fasting method has numerous benefits, including health-related ones. Apart from building muscles, you will avoid many weight-related diseases such as diabetes.                         

If you strictly observe this diet, your hard work will pay off. All you have to do is tailor it to suit your needs and expected outcome. Follow the recommended percentages and eat the foods described on the food list. 

AFD is the new way to achieve your dream body within a short time. So start now!

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