7-minute arms, shoulders, and abs workout

7-Minute Fat-Blasting Arm, Shoulders, and Abs Workout (Without Weights)

If you can spare 7 minutes every morning to exercise, this arms, shoulders, and abs workout will melt all the excess fat in your upper body.

You can do this workout anywhere – at home, outside, at work, or at the beach. If you do this workout for just one week, you will start to see muscle definition in your arms, shoulders, and abs.

Unlike most workouts on the web, this one is short and simple, which means most beginners can do it without burnout.

Keep in mind that this workout will become less effective the more you do it, so you need to advance to other workouts after a week.

If you’re not sure which workouts to do after this one, download the fat blaster sequence. It’s a progressive routine that advances to more effective workouts, as you get leaner and stronger.

With that said, here’s the fat-blasting arms, shoulders, and abs workout.

Arms, Shoulders, and Abs Workout

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How does this workout work?

Do 5 Rounds of:

Push-ups – 20 seconds

Rest 20 seconds

Scissor Crunches – 20 seconds

Rest 20 seconds

Reverse arm circles 20 Seconds

Below are demonstrations and instructions on how to do the exercises in this workout.


Push-ups activate all the muscles in your upper body. They build the arms, shoulder, chest, and core muscles.

Don’t skip this workout just because you can’t do push-ups. Do easier variations of push-ups such as wall push-ups, knee push-ups, or incline push-ups.

Since you’re doing push-ups for only 20 seconds, do them with lots of intensity.

How to do the classic push ups

Scissor crunches

Scissor crunches mainly target your lower ab muscles. Note that placing your hands under your butt while doing this exercise makes it easier and reduces the pressure on your lower back.

I prefer to keep my head off the floor while doing this exercise since it helps activate my neck muscles.

Scissor Crunches

Reverse arm circles

Arm circles seem easy but after a few reps you will realize that they’re challenging. They mainly target your shoulder muscles.

Make sure your circles are wide and fast.


Now, go ahead and try this workout right now. After 7 minutes, your will feel refreshed and energized.

As I suggested earlier, following the fat blaster sequence will give you better results. The program is simple and progressive. After a month, you will be able to do exercises you never thought possible.

Get the Fat Blaster Program today.

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