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At-Home arm and shoulder workout for beginners

5-Minute At-Home Arm and Shoulder Workout for Beginners

If you want to tone and strengthen your upper body, this article will show you a short arm and shoulder workout you can do every morning.

Arms are one of the most visible body parts so we want them to look good.

Unfortunately, most of the arm workouts out there are too challenging for beginners.

Well, I made a follow-along arm and shoulder workout most beginners can do.

Instead of waiting for the day, you’ll have enough time to exercise for an hour, start doing short workouts today.

Do each exercise for 50 seconds and then rest for 10 seconds.

Feel free to take longer rests if this workout is too challenging for you.

5-Minute At-Home Arm and Shoulder Workout

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1. Downward Dog to Plank

This exercise is great for strengthening your shoulders and core.

You can make it more challenging by incorporating push-ups into it.

Remember to keep your core tight as you get into the plank position. This will help prevent your hips from sinking.

How to Do Plank to Downward Dog

2. Knee Shoulder Taps

Shoulder taps are great for strengthening your arms and core.

This exercise is usually performed while in the straight-arm plank position. Performing it while kneeling, makes it easier.

Perform it slowly and make sure your hips, torso, and knees are aligned in a straight line.

How to Do Knee Plank Shoulder Tap

3. Knee Push-Ups

Most beginners skip push-ups because the classic push-ups are too challenging for them.

Well, kneeling makes push-ups a lot easier.

Do knee push-ups slowly with a full range of motion. That means you bend your arms until your chest almost touches the floor and then rise until your arms are fully extended.

Here’s how to do your first classic push-up.

How to knee push ups

4. Knee Arm Raises

Just like shoulder taps, this exercise is usually performed in the straight-arm plank variation.

Surprisingly, this beginner variation is very effective.

After 50 seconds, your shoulders will be burning.

Knee Plank Arm Raises

5. Triceps Dips

Triceps dips build and strengthen your triceps.

Lower your butt as low as you feel comfortable. Trying to lower yourself too much can cause shoulder pain.

Also, extend your arms until they’re straight. This will help activate your triceps more.

How to Do Floor Triceps Dips

Now, don’t just focus on your upper body. You have to train your lower body if you want to increase muscle mass and boost your metabolism.

Here’s one of the best lower body exercises for strengthening and toning your glutes.

Can you do this arm and shoulder workout?

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