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Everything You Need to Know About 4life Transfer Factor Plus

Are you in need of an immune booster? Then, 4life Transfer Factor Plus may be your best product.

It is human nature to find products that will not expose our bodies to harm. This is why people spend a lot of time researching supplements that work.

This article will give you information about 4life Transfer Factor Plus to help you make an informed decision.

Let’s begin.

What is 4life Transfer Factor Plus?

It is a supplement that boosts the immune system by supplementing your nutrition.

It mashes up the unique formula of 4life Transfer Factor Plus Tri-Factor with a proprietary blend of mushroom and zinc.

That combination contributes to a more robust immune system, improving overall health.

Research shows that 4life Transfer Factor Plus increases the Natural Killer (NK) cell activity. These are the cells that protect the body against foreign materials.

The supplement activates other immune system cells, such as T cells, B Cells, and macrophages.


1. Maitake Mushroom

4life Transfer Factor Plus contains three types of mushrooms, the first one being maitake mushrooms. This ingredient not only supports heart health but also the digestive system.

To add to that, it improves how insulin functions in the body.

Moreover, it contains polysaccharides, such as D-fraction and Grifolan, known to boost the body’s immunity.

2. Shiitake Mushroom

The second type of mushroom present in 4life Transfer Factor Plus is Shiitake Mushroom. This mushroom is known for its medicinal value, explaining why it features in most Chinese medicines.

It has eritadenine, a chemical that regulates cholesterol levels in the body.

Additionally, it contains L-ergothioneine. This chemical protects the body against antioxidants.

3. Agaricus Blazie

Also, 4life Transfer Factor Plus contains Agaricus Blazie. This is the third mushroom type present in the product.

This ingredient is unique because it contains immunomodulating polysaccharides that boost the body’s immunity.

Moreover, it includes beta-glucan, a soluble fiber that helps to bolster your cardiovascular health.

It can stimulate your immune system by triggering the excretion of chemicals that prevent infections.

4. Cordyceps Sinensis

Cordyceps Sinensis is a fungus that enhances stamina, energy, and endurance. Besides, it increases blood flow, consequently replenishing the body with oxygen.

Besides, research shows it can help boost your performance during exercise.

In addition, it can help reduce the proteins that cause inflammation.

5. Soya Bean Extract

4life Transfer Factor Plus contains a soya bean extract rich in beta-sitosterol. Beta-sitosterol is a phytonutrient that has several health benefits for the body.

Some of those benefits include improving bone health and boosting cardiovascular function. Besides, it also controls the level of cholesterol in the body.

Additionally, it has essential amino acids, which play a critical role in breaking down proteins.

6. Olive leaf Extract

Olive leaf extract has an essential chemical known as oleuropein. It is known for increasing resistance to damage caused by insects and other elements.

In addition, it can potentially lower high blood pressure.

Also, it helps maintain a healthy level of good bacteria in the body. As a result, it bolsters the immune system.

7. Zinc

The final ingredient present in 4life Transfer Factor Plus is Zinc. Zinc is a mineral that exists in most cells in the body.

The mineral plays a vital role in repairing the body’s damaged tissues. Additionally, it improves the sense of smell and taste.

What’s more, it promotes skin health.

This supplement also contains peptides from colostrum and egg yolk extracts.

Benefits of 4life Transfer Factor Plus

  • Its Tri-Factor formula enhances, balances, and educates the immune system.
  • It reduces the time cells take to respond to foreign materials in the body
  • The supplement promotes the health of the skin.
  • It increases the body’s energy levels.
  • Besides, it supports cardiovascular health.

Side Effects

  • It can trigger fever among some of its users.
  • Besides, it can be intrusive to the body if administered through injection.
  • Also, it can cause swelling around the areas of the injection.

Customer Reviews

4life Transfer Factor Plus has an overall rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

The positive reviews include:

  • It boosts muscle growth.
  • The product also boosts cardiovascular health.
  • It improves the health of the skin.
  • The product is affordable.
  • It promotes immunity.

Some negative reviews include:

  • It is poisonous to animals.
  • If injected, it causes swelling around the part that got the injection.
  • Some clients reported an increase in body temperatures after using this product.
  • It is costly to some users.

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1. 4life Transfer Factor Classic

4life Transfer Factor Classic

This product comes from the same manufacturer as Transfer Factor Plus.

Similarly, this product boosts the immune system by teaching it to recognize, react to and respond to potential threats.

Research shows that its classic formula enhances Natural Killer (NK) cells, enabling them to respond quickly to potential threats.

It comes in the form of capsules.

However, it doesn’t contain the mushroom blend.

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4life Transfer Factor Tri-factor

4Life Transfer Factor Tri-Factor

It also comes from the same company that manufactures 4life transfer factor plus.

4life Transfer Factor Tri-Factor is a more advanced product.

It functions similarly to 4life Transfer Factor Plus. In addition, it helps the immune system recognize, react to, and recall potential threats.

It has a proprietary combination of immune messenger molecules, Nano Factor and OvoFactor. Those three ingredients make it superior to other 4life Transfer Factor products.

Also, it comes in capsule form.

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3. Quercetin Zinc Bromelain Supplement

4life Transfer Factor Plus alternative: Mt. Angel Vitamins Quercetin Zinc

This is an immune support supplement that helps boost respiratory health, energy, and immunity.

The capsules help reduce sneezes and stuffiness from season changes. They contain zinc, Vitamins C, D3, and quercetin.

This product also boosts your metabolism to improve your energy levels and blood circulation.

It also contains antioxidants.

Take two capsules daily with a meal.

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4life Transfer Factor Plus is an important supplement that will boost your immune system and cardiovascular and skin health.

It is a versatile product because it works for both humans and animals.

It’s important to remember that supplements can’t prevent or cure illness. However, you can improve your immune response using supplements.

The most effective immune support supplements contain zinc, vitamins, mushroom extracts, selenium, etc.

Due to the ingredient profile, 4life Transfer can be an effective supplement to help improve your immunity.

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