10 Shocking Therabreath Side Effects

You might be considering Therabreath but do not know about its side effects. This article is for you.

Therabreath is a popular oral rinse used to get rid of bad breath.

It supposedly contains potent oxygenating compounds which are scientifically proven to stop bad breath instantly.

Its main ingredients are water, glycerin, hydrogenated castor oil, sodium hydroxide, peppermint oil and citric acid.

Others are menthol, citrus limon peel oil, sucralose, sodium bicarbonate, sodium chlorite, xylitol and sodium benzoate.

Its benefits for your dental health may be popular, but not many people know about therabreath side effects.

That is why in this article we talk about everything you need to know about the product, including therabreath side effects.


 Therabreath benefits

Before we say anything about therabreath side effects, it actually has quite an impressive reputation in the market.

Here are some benefits its users associate it with:

It fights tartar and plaque

Therabreath helps prevent the build-up of a sticky film of bacteria on your teeth which is a leading cause of bad breath.

If you suffer from bad breath caused by plaque and tartar, this product can help you get rid of it effectively.

It helps manage the symptoms of xerostomia

Xerostomia, or dry mouth as most people call it, is a condition where your salivary glands do not make enough saliva which then makes your mouth dry all the time.

It usually occurs as a side effect of certain medicines, including radiation therapy for cancer.

Aging is another common cause of this condition.

With the help of its potent ingredients, therabreath can stimulate your salivary glands to produce more saliva that will moisturize your mouth.


It provides relief from gingivitis

If you suffer from bleeding gums then you might have just stumbled upon your solution right here.

Therabreath has ingredients that can help stop your gums from bleeding and reduce their sensitivity to help get rid of gum pain.

Does therabreath work instantly?

Therabreath operates by first attacking the bacteria that allow for the production of sulfur compounds in your mouth.

Its manufacturer claims that its oxygenating action instantly prevents bacteria from excreting sulfur compounds.

Hence, it may start working immediately after use.

Is therabreath all natural?

Not quite.

The therabreath formula contains both natural and chemical ingredients.

However, its manufacturer claims that it has no artificial flavors and colours, in addition to being alcohol-free.

Should I use therabreath after brushing?

You should brush your teeth before using this mouthwash.

In case you are using toothpaste that has fluoride, it is advisable that you wait for few minutes before using the mouthwash to avoid washing away the fluoride.

There’s a lot you need to know about this product but lucky for you, you already know almost everything you need to know.

What remains now are therabreath side effects.

Here are 10 therabreath side effects that you will wish you knew earlier.

Therabreath side effects

It can stain your teeth

Most oral rinses, including therabreath, carry a minimum risk of staining your teeth when you use them over a long time.

Be sure to consult your dentist before using any of them to make sure you’re not potentially putting your teeth at risk of developing permanent stains.

It may alter your taste

As shocking as it sounds, therabreath can alter your sense of taste for a short while after you use it.

This is supposed to be a short-term side effect, so if it lasts too long then that’s your cue to stop using it and see a dentist.

It may trigger mouth sores

Therabreath can cause you to develop sores in your mouth, tongue, gums and inner cheeks.

This is likely to happen if your mouth is highly sensitive due to an illness such as gum disease.

It may kill the good bacteria

Past research suggests that mouth rinses which are cosmetically formulated to improve oral health may have a counterproductive effect of killing the good bacteria in your mouth.

For you to understand this better, let’s put it this way.

Your entire digestive tract contains two types of bacteria: the good ones and bad ones.

The good ones create a conducive  environment for digestion and absorption of food while the bad ones cause infections and other conditions like bad breath.

While therabreath helps get rid of bad bacteria to restore optimal dental health, it may also eliminate the good ones in the process.

It may worsen Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

IBS is a condition that affects the intestines and stomach, and causes bloating, stomach cramps and diarrhoea.

While it is not dangerous or life-threatening, it can be quite uncomfortable since it causes recurrent bouts of stomach upset.

How does this mouth rinse cause IBS, you ask?

Well, therabreath contains a natural sweetener called xylitol which is largely considered safe but may trigger IBS symptoms.

However, this will likely happen only if you ingest the mouth wash in excessive amounts for a long period of time.

Otherwise, it is unlikely to cause any such irritation if you spit it out as you should with every other mouth wash.

It can cause inflammation

Therabreath contains sodoim benzoate which may activate the inflammatory pathways in your body when you ingest it.

Such inflammation includes the kind that can contribute to the development of cancer by causing abnormal growth of cells in the body.

If, for any reason, you have an illness that makes you prone to inflammation, be careful about using this product and if you do, do not swallow it.

It can cause heartburn

An overdose of any product with citrus limon oil may make heartburn worse and trigger abdominal pain in people with stomach ulcers.

Avoid it if you are prone to any of these conditions.

You may develop a sore throat

A few users of therabreath have reported sore throat as one of therabreath side effects.

It may be advisable to avoid it if you get sore throats often but if you must, ask your doctor if it is safe for you first.

You may have to visit the washroom more frequently

Therabreath contains sodium bicarbonate, a compound that has a diuretic effect. 

This means it may make you want to use the loo more often that you usually do.

Thankfully, this side effect will likely only occur if you ingest it in excessive amounts.

If you spit it out, you will probably not experience the frequent urination.

It can make you nauseated

This product may be one to avoid if you occasionally suffer from nausea.

Some users report feeling more nauseated than usual after using therabreath.

You can ask your dentist to prescribe something else that will help you achieve the same results without making you feel nauseated.


Marketers of this product should make people know of therabreath side effects just as much as they popularize its benefits.

However, in most cases, no seller would be as interested in talking about therabreath side effects as they would all the good things it can do for you.

That is why this article talks about these little-known side effects; to let you know what you are getting into before you start using the product.





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