10 Shocking Slim Patch Side Effects

10 Shocking Slim Patch Side Effects

If you’ve been trying to lose weight you probably have come across slim patch as a form of losing weight. However, it is necessary to know slim patch side effects before using it.

The slim patch helps you lose weight fast compared to working out or some other ways of losing that weight.

Discussed below is everything you need to know about slim patches and particularly slim patch side effects.

What is Slim Patch

The slim patch is a herbal patch made to help people shed that extra weight.

It has been made to help individuals lose weight in areas they prefer by just applying the patch in the desired area. They are 100% natural.

Slim patches have not yet been proven to be safe for humans but remain to be effective.


Types of weight loss patches 

Two main types of slim patches are;

  1. Non-stimulant patches

These are specifically made for people avoiding stimulant side effects. They are made from weight-loss ingredients like green tea and garcinia Cambogia, which in time have been known to help with weight loss.

Non-stimulant are not as strong as stimulant patches but remain to be a safe option. You may need to wait longer to see results compared to stimulant patches.

2.     Stimulant-containing patches

Stimulant patches stimulate your metabolism thus enhancing fat burning. It is known to be faster than non-stimulant patches.

They are made of weight loss ingredients that include guarana, caffeine, and green tea. As much as it’s a faster way to reduce weight it comes with negative impacts like a high heart rate and anxiety.

It is advised to avoid this method if you suffer from high blood pressure or have any medical issues. Confirm with a specialist before using the stimulant patch method.

Benefits of Slim Patches

These slim patches are;

  • Convenient
  • Natural
  • In addition, discrete
  • Affordable
  • adjustable

How to use Slim Patches

  • Choose the correct patch for you.
  • Clean and dry the area of skin where you’ll be placing the weight loss patch before applying it. By doing so, you’ll be able to keep the patch on your skin and avoid irritation.
  • Apply the patch after selecting the proper one and getting your skin ready.
  • Remove patch

 Slim Patch Side Effects

  1. Allergic reactions

This is the first of the slim patch side effects. A Slim patch can cause allergies like a hive, fever, swelling of the face, and difficulty in breathing in some patients.

In a study, it was established that Angelica Sinensis which is found in slim patches cause difficulty in breathing. If any of these allergies occur seek medical attention.

  1. Dizziness

Dizziness is a faint, weak, or woozy feeling. The stimulants in the slim patch can cause a raise in blood pressure and elevate the heart rate which in turn causes heart rate.

If you have a history of high blood pressure, heart problems, or any medical issues it is advised not to go ahead with the procedure.

  1. Headaches

This is an obvious side effect of the stimulant due to dehydration. In a study Maythorn, an ingredient in the slim patch has been found to cause headaches.

It is advised to take lots of fluids when using slim patches to avoid this known side effect. If in any case the headache persists discontinue and seek medical attention.

  1. Skin irritation

Skin irritation includes itching or redness of the skin that can be caused when the slim patch is applied.

This is one of the side effects of slim patch. This happens mostly to individuals with highly sensitive skin tendencies.

Discontinue the medication if you experience these side effects.

  1. Anxiety

This is a feeling of worry or fear that can make one uneasy. Those highly sensitive to the slim patch stimulants can experience heavy anxiety.

It’s common to experience anxiety when using a slim patch, it depends on whether it is light or heavy anxiety.

In a study, Maythorn was found to have stimulants that can cause this attack. An anxiety study was done and it was found that it’s the stimulants in drugs that cause PTSD, depression, and anxiety in patients.

  1. Nausea

This is one of the slim patch side effects. The slim patch might make you feel queasy immediately while applied on the skin.

The stimulants upset the stomach leading to nausea that precedes vomiting.

In a study, Scutellaria bepiclesisfound in slim patches were found to cause a patient to experience nausea that leads to vomiting. If this one of the slim patch side effects persists seek medical attention.

  1. Blood pressure

The stimulant in the slim patch might elevate blood pressure depending on the type of stimulant used.

It is very risky to use the slim patch if you experience medical issues like high blood pressure and heart problems.

It is advised to never try this procedure at all since the stimulants in these patches can easily elevate blood pressure and heart rate, immediately seek the doctor’s attention if you experience this one of the slim patch side effects.

  1. Low immunity

The slim patch especially the slim patch-containing type is known to reduce weight rapidly. When you lose weight fast it puts your health in danger since there is an increase in body change immediately.

It’s good to lose weight slowly so that the body can adapt to it slowly and healthily. Many people are excited by the thought of losing weight fast forgetting they might affect their organs.

  1. Heart attack

The slim patch contains bitter oranges that are known to elevate the heart rate, stroke, and fainting. This is very dangerous for the heart and can be deadly.

A Study by DrDrooja Chaudhary, a wellness consultant with Healthians talks about how stimulants can affect the heart rate.

He says shortcuts to losing weight are never a good idea because they might cost one their health or even life.

  1. Fatigue

The stimulants cause dizziness which sometimes might cause the body to be tired.

Scutellaria epiclesis an ingredient in the slim patch has been known to cause fatigue in patients using the slim patch.

Fatigue is a major side effect of the slim patch that can be reduced by hydrating and resting. If the tiredness persists it is advised to discontinue the product until when the body is ready.


In conclusion, slim patches are the best method to use when you want to lose weight faster. After looking at all the slim patch side effects we should know that it’s never a good idea to use shortcuts to losing weight as it might be dangerous to the body.

The slim patch has not been researched yet for us to come up with a steady conclusion although if you are seeking to lose weight fast you might prefer using this method. Seek medical attention if you experience any of the above Slim Patch side effects affect.






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