10 Mind-blowing Superdrol Side Effects

Athletes may not be new to superdrol, but may not be aware of its side effects. This article will highlight those side effects.

Superdrol, scientifically referred to as methasterone, is an oral steroidal supplement used to help improve athletic performance.

It is widely famed as a weight loss supplement that helps athletes get in shape and build muscle mass.

However, not enough is said about superdrol side effects.

Lucky for you, in this article we have put together 10 little-known superdrol side effects that will help you know more about the drug.

Aside from superdrol side effects, we also talk about its benefits and a few more things you need to know about it.

How fast does superdrol work?

Most users report noticing the effects of superdrol within the first few weeks of use.

Some even claim that it may start to work within two hours or less and others,  within three days.

But in most cases, noticeable gains will occur within about a month of consistent use.

How long should you take superdrol?

You should use superdrol for short cycles for a few weeks to minimize the risk of its side effects.

This is because it is incredibly potent being a steroid, and this means you don’t need more than about 20 mg per day for a few weeks.

Superdrol benefits

We will get to superdrol side effects in a short while, but in the meantime let’s see what it can do for you:

It can increase muscular gains

One of the primary reasons for using steroidal drugs like superdrol is to increase the ability of the body to build muscle mass.

Most steroids work by increasing the effect of testosterone which in turn boosts muscle growth in your body after a heavy workout.

It may increase libido

By increasing the effect of testosterone in your body, superdrol can help improve your overall sexual performance if you are a man.

This can be especially helpful if you suffer from hypogonadism which hampers the adequate production of testosterone in the body.

It is great for losing fat

If you are looking to build lean muscle mass by cutting back on fat, superdrol can help you with that.

This product allows you to develop muscle mass fast while helping you get rid of excess pounds.

It can help build strength

Like most steroids, superdrol has an effect of increasing muscular strength within a short time.

Some users report significant strength gains of up to 30% after only one cycle of use.

Now that you know what good it can be to you, it is only proper that we also talk about superdrol side effects.

Superdrol side effects

It can cause liver toxicity

One of the most serious and potentially fatal superdrol side effects is that it can be toxic to the liver.

Being a highly potent steroid, superdrol can cause injury to your liver, which varies from mild to serious toxicity depending on dosage and duration of use.

This means it is a no-go for anyone with liver problems.

Similarly, you should avoid it if you are prone to liver complications.

Your body may start to retain water

When you use superdrol, you put your body cells at risk of retaining excess water which can cause them to malfunction.

Most times, water retention goes undetected.

You may look like you are bulking up but in real sense your body is really just holding on to water that should be flushed out.

It puts you at risk of developing prostate cancer

Prostate cancer is a slow-growing type of cancer that begins by abnormal cell growth in the prostate gland, which may gradually spread to other organs.

Taking anabolic-androgenic steroids like superdrol, especially for a long time, puts you at risk of developing this illness.

This drug may not be ideal for you if you are prone to developing cancer in your prostate glands.

You may lose your appetite

Have you been feeling like you have no desire to eat since you began a superdrol cycle?

Well, superdrol may be responsible for that.

While this could help you shed some pounds, it may also cause significant gaps in your nutrition which poses a health hazard to you.

It can cause erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is every man’s worst nightmare.

Not only does it drastically affect your sexual performance but it can also put a dent on your self esteem as a man.

If you are a regular user of superdrol, you should be aware that it can cause erectile dysfunction.

Use it only when you have to and if you think you are prone to developing erectile dysfunction, consult your doctor before you use it.

It may contribute to hair loss

If you absolutely adore your hair and would like to keep for long, superdrol may not be for you.

There have been reports of people experiencing hair loss while using superdrol, presumably due to hormonal changes in the body.

You may experience some mood changes

Many users report negative mood changes while on a superdrol cycle.

You may feel more irritable, hostile and aggressive than usual when on this drug.

If you already suffer from mood disorders like bipolar disorder, using superdrol can make the symptoms worse and unbearable.

You may notice your voice getting deeper

This drug can have the effect of making women develop masculine features.

This can be attributed to the increase in testosterone which can cause hormonal imbalance and reduce the effect of estrogen.

It may cause gynecomastia

Gynecomastia is the scientific term that refers to an increase in the growth of breast glands in men.

It is usually caused by an imbalance of testosterone and estrogen.

Using superdrol can cause you to develop breasts by increasing the amount of testosterone in your body to levels above normal.

Thankfully, this side effect never lasts long. Most times it goes away without you having to treat it.

But if it gets severe, a doctor can help you figure out the right way to treat it.

Your skin may break out

Superdrol is not ideal for people with acne-prone skin, especially if your acne is hormonal in nature.

As we discussed before, superdrol increases testosterone in your body.

This can throw your hormones off balance and cause you to have a breakout on your skin.


The user experience of superdrol varies from person to person.

While some people experience most of these superdrol side effects, others may not encounter any of them.

Either way, you should be aware of all of superdrol side effects that you are at risk of experiencing when you use it.



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