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How to Burn More Calories While Walking

12 Easy Ways to Burn More Calories While Walking

Are you searching for a free low-impact workout? Show up for a walk! You don’t have to walk miles. Start small, make it a habit, and there you go. Almost anyone can perform this amazing exercise.

Regular walking offers excellent potential health benefits, including weight loss. It’s one of the ancient methods of exercise proven to improve health without much effort.

Walking Benefits

Taking a walk can lift your mood, notably if you are doing an outdoor hike. A study done by the American journal of preventive medicine revealed that women doing sufficient walking had a better health-related quality of life compared to those who did not.

Are you stuck and need new ideas? Take a walk. Walking can boost creative thinking. American Psychological Association carried research on: ‘The positive effect of walking on creative thinking.’ Four experiments demonstrated that walking increases creative ideation in real-time and soon after.

Walk off allergies. Are you diagnosed with Exercise-induced Asthma? Talk to your allergist before you start any exercise. However, walking, swimming, golf, hiking, and swimming are less likely to cause asthma. A study released in the journal of the American Academy of Allergy and Asthma and Immunology reveals.

Walking decreases metabolic syndrome (MS). A study published in Nigeria Medical Journal reveals that increasing daily walking time is an effective way of preventing metabolic syndrome.

Walking can improve your health in many other ways. But today we’ll focus on how you can maximize your calorie burn every time you go for a walk, in order to lose weight faster.

How to Burn More Calories While Walking

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1. Climb Some Hill

As you walk, select a hilly route. You lose burn calories on sloping ground that a flat surface. Climbing a hill increases the intensity, and more calories will be burned while walking.

Walking uphill means that you are pulling and pushing your body weight even more. Additionally, you are engaging your hamstrings and glutes. Conversely, when you walk downhill, you will engage quads as well as your whole-body stability.

A study published by Psychological Science was comparing an interaction with natural verse urban environment. The experiment showed that walking in nature can improve direct attention. Urban setting requires too much attention.

2. Power Walking

Race walking or power walking is not a natural motion. It’s a general technique of fast walking that uses arm motion for speed.

Just like any other cardio workout, speed up to burn more calories. You may not sustain high speed initially but with the time you will build it up. You can interchange high intensity walking with short intervals of slower walking.

In power walking, you will cover more ground in less time as compared to a regular walk.

3. Add Some Strength Building Exercises

Adding on some strength training can help you build lean muscle mass and burn more calories while walking.

Incorporate quick strength training session every 10 minutes on your walk. You could do a few reps of squats, lunges, planks, pushups, and crunches.

Do some bicep curls or shoulder presses using light hand weights. Carry them in a backpack (do not carry them in your arms).

Alternatively, you can perform one of these extraordinary home workouts after every walk to burn more calories and build muscle.

4. Aim for More Steps Each Day

A study carried out in 2016 agrees that 10,000 steps per day are ideal. The review was on the effects of 10,000 steps a day on physical and mental health in the overweight participant.

People who desire to burn more calories while walking should hit 10,000 steps each day.

You can intentionally increase your daily steps by walking on the staircase instead of taking a lift.

5. Join a Walking Partner/Group

Walking alone can sometimes be boring. But having someone with similar goals will ensure that you stay on track.

An extra partner or group of people will come with a variety of ideas that will motivate you to burn more calories as you walk together.

You can join a local group in your area. Or form your group and ask friends, relatives, or co-workers to join you.

6. Embrace a Healthy Competition

Are you walking in a group? Then why not challenge your group members to set up a competition? Ten thousand steps a day challenge will be an excellent place to start!

But still, group members will be accountable to each other as well as increase motivation.

7. Use Interval Walking

Interval walking includes a short burst of very fast-paced walking alternated with short bursts of moderated-paced walking.

You’ll end up burning more calories using this strategy compared to walking at a constant rate.

Set a timer for interval walking so that it is not too long lest you get exhausted. After each fast walking burst, a short recovery should follow to allow you to breathe and recover.

8. Set Regular Goals

Being able to set goals is fundamental to your success. Aim at the end product. And in this case, the end product is to burn more calories while walking.

Set specific, realistic goals. Some goals may be unrealistic. For example, doing one-hour power walking isn’t practical, however, you can start with 15 minutes race walking three to four times a week. It’s more specific and realistic.

9. Take Your Dog for a Walk

Can you burn more calories by taking your dog for a walk? Of course, you can! Both of you will reap the benefits. You can burn more calories and keep your dog healthy as well.

Dogs are always ready to go, a better motivator, and tirelessly hardworking.

10. Take Your Child with You

Walking is an ideal exercise for postnatal mums. Try this with your baby in a front carrier or a stroller. A stroller will enable you to walk at a faster pace.

Look for a place with many hills where you can walk up and down. Try a moderate, comfortable pace. You will naturally slow down as you push the stroller uphill and gain speed as you walk downhill.

Rolling hill walk will burn about 100 calories in ten minutes.

11. Warm-Up and Cool Down

Start with a warm-up and end with a cool down to avoid injuries.

A proper warm-up can pump oxygenated blood into your muscles and can speed up your heart rate and breathing. This will allow you to burn more calories while walking because the warm-up puts your body in workout mode.

A proper cool down after workout will allow the heart rate to return to normal. An adequate cool-down re-circulates the blood throughout the body hence reducing the chances of fainting and dizziness.

12. Include a Rest Day

A successful workout is not complete without a rest. The rest day is as important as a workout day. Regular breaks allow your body to repair and recover.

Final Word

Walking is a better workout alternative for those with knee, ankle, and back problems and also for people who are overweight. Make your every step count and keep walking.

Remember that you need strength training to keep your metabolism elevated. Therefore, combine walking with these stunningly simple home workouts to stay lean and strong.

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