10 Alarming Vive Organic Immunity Side Effects

This article talks in-depth about the immunity product but mainly focuses on the Vive Organic immunity side effects.

Our immune system comprises an extensive network of organs, white blood cells, antibodies, and chemicals.

These work together to protect us from foreign microbes like bacteria, viruses, parasites, and fungi that invade our bodies from our environment and cause infections, illnesses, and diseases.

Notably, from time to time, our immune system weakens for various reasons like consuming saturated fats, sugar, salt, smoking, and drinking alcohol.

In addition, too much or not enough physical exercise, lousy hygiene, stress, and lack of fun and relaxation contribute to weak immunity too.

One of the best-proven methods of strengthening our immunity is keeping good gut health and observing hygiene.

We could also take immunity boosters which are available in a large variety.

This brings us to today’s topic about an immunity booster called Vive Organic.

What is Vive Organic Immunity

This drink boosts your immunity with a cayenne shot packed with organic roots, fruits, and flowers for the ultimate daily immune strengthener.

How to take Vive Organic Immunity

Taking one shot daily or up to 3 shots are recommended if you are looking for a boost.

You can take these shots 4-5 times per week, which can be taken at any time.

Some recommend mixing it with a smoothie to relieve the harshness of the shot.

Vive Organic Immunity should be taken cold. If they’re refrigerated, they can stay out of the cold for at least two hours.

Do Vive shots work?

Wellness shots contain concentrated nutrition. They contain more vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants than normal supplements.

They’re frequently marketed to boost immunity and treat mild ailments. But there isn’t enough evidence to support their use in treatment.

You also can’t use immunity shots instead of a healthy and well-balanced diet. They can be used when traveling but can’t access all the nutrition you need.

Vive Organic has harsh ingredients that can hurt the throat but are full of anti-inflammatories and anti-oxidants.

After taking the shot, it can leave you feeling rejuvenated and reduces brain fog and bloating. Vive Organic Immunity helps you listen to your body better.

However, ensure that you still maintain a healthy and balanced diet.

Vive Organic Immunity Ingredients

Vive Organic Immunity drink is made up of the following ingredients;

  1. Organic pineapple juice

Pineapple is high in Vitamin C, protecting the body against the common cold.

It also contains enzymes that activate a healthy immune system response.

A study conducted shows that pineapples boost your immunity.

  1. Organic ginger root juice

Ginger is a known antibacterial and anti-parasite.

It is also a stress resistance and DNA reconstruction and enhances the production of B12 in our bodies.

  1. Organic turmeric root juice

It is a powerful herb with over 300 nutrients including beta-carotene, ascorbic acid, calcium, flavonoids, fiber, iron, potassium, and zinc.

Research shows that turmeric aids good immunity.

  1. Organic lemon juice

Lemon juice contains vitamin C which boosts your immunity.

Compared to other fruits with vitamin C, the best part of lemon juice is that it does not have sugar like the other fruits.

        5.Organic Echinacea purpurea juice

This fruit contains polysaccharides that trigger the activity of the immune system.

It treats colds, upper respiratory-track infections, urinary transmitted infections, and slow-healing wounds.

  1. Organic black pepper

Black pepper contains active compounds that boost white blood cells, which the body uses to fight bacteria and viruses.

Benefits of Vive Organic Immunity

The benefits of Vive Organic Immunity include;

  1. It is a great source of vitamin C.
  2. It boosts and strengthens your immunity.
  3. Moreover, it prevents easy infection of diseases.
  4. It is Non-GMO
  5. It is organic

Vive Organic Immunity Side Effects

Despite the product being beneficial to the body, there are also some shocking Vive Organic Immunity side effects which include;

  1. Acidity

Acidity is one of Vive Organic Immunity side effects, as the Lemon and pineapple in this drink are sources of ascorbic acid.

Therefore, drinking this drink might give you a lot of acidity in the stomach, which can be lessened by drinking water.

A study done on taking lemon water confirms acid reflux problems.

  1. Abdominal pain

The lemon juice in Vive organic drink contains Vitamin C, which produces acid.

The acidity burns your stomach and might cause severe abdominal pains.

It is advisable to take this drink after eating.

  1. Headaches

The lemon in the drink triggers headaches because of the tyramine found in the lemon juice.

Taking too much of the drink will trigger minor migraines.

As per a study conducted, lemon is linked to headaches.

  1. Constipation

Another one of the Vive Organic Immunity side effects is constipation.

The Echinacea purpurea used in the Vive Organic Immunity has components that lead to slow bowel movement.

Having too much of the drink can bring up such side effects.

  1. Heartburn

This drink is spicy and concentrated because of the pineapple, lemon juice, ginger, and black pepper.

All these ingredients can give you heartburn and, eventually, stomach pains.

  1. Nausea

This Vive Organic Immunity has a very strong taste.

The pineapple and the Echinacea in it trigger a feeling of nausea.

  1. Mouth sores

The ascorbic acid concentration in this Vive Organic Immunity drink is intense and might give you mouth sores if you hold it for a long time.

There is a study that links lemon juice to canker sores.

If the taste is too strong for you, follow up with water after a shot.

  1. Allergic reactions

Some people get allergic reactions like hives because of the high concentration of the ingredients in this drink.

The pineapple in it might give you allergies.

Do not try it if you are allergic.

  1. Vomiting

The drink is sometimes too hot and spicy for some people. This is on top of the Echinacea in it that causes nausea.

Some people end up vomiting.

Constipation could also lead to vomiting.

  1. Diarrhoea

This is the last on the Vive Organic Immunity side effects list.

The ginger in this drink increases heat generation in the body. This could cause diarrhea.

Ginger contains compounds like Gingerols that speed up food passing in the intestines.

Vive Organic Immunity Reviews

Some of the positive reviews include;

  1. It has great flavors.
  2. It gives your body a powerful kick.
  3. Further, it is very refreshing.
  4. It is delicious.
  5. It is perfect for an immunity boost.

In addition to the Vive Organic Immunity side effects, some of the product’s negative reviews are;

  1. It is expensive.
  2. It has a burn effect on your throat.
  3. Also, it is strong and concentrated.
  4. It causes nausea.


As reviewed by its users, Vive Organic Immunity has several good reviews as it is organic, vegan, Non-GMO, and heals soar throats.

It also helps heal colds and coughs, apart from boosting your immune system.

However, it is good to start with single shots to avoid the discussed Vive Organic Immunity side effects like heartburn, acid reflux, constipation, and headaches.

You can take up to three shots a day, depending on the extent of your wellness. Don’t take more than three to avoid severe side effects.

However, many experts suggest not taking more than five shots a week.

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