10 Surprising Trazodone Erectile Side Effects

Trazodone is a medication that helps treat depression. Read on to know the Trazodone erectile side effects.

The formula is an antidepressant that should be taken a few hours before sexual activity. The supplement is meant to maintain and prolong erection during sexual intercourse. 

Many customers have also given reviews about the supplement. Most of these commentaries are positive. However, some customers point out several possible Trazodone erectile side effects.

These symptoms are based on research and online customer reviews of the supplement. Therefore, knowing them before deciding to buy or use the product is essential. 

How Long Does Trazodone Take to Work for ED?

The rate at which antidepressants usually work differs from one person to another. For example, in the case of Trazodone, it can take between 1 and 2 weeks to start seeing positive results.

However, the user should take the product for between 4 and 6 weeks to realize full benefits. 

There can also be some initial side effects when using the supplement. However, the user should feel better with subsequent intake. 

How Much Trazodone Should a Man Take?

Each Trazodone package has the recommended dosage. Specifically, the manufacturer recommends 150 mg per day. However, a qualified medical practitioner can adjust the doses if needed. 

It is also vital to note that one should take at most 400 mg daily. 

Who Should Avoid Trazodone?

Like other medications, certain people should avoid this.

Users with heart disease, psychiatric conditions, pregnancy, and those breastfeeding should avoid Trazodone.

Furthermore, it shouldn’t be taken by people under 25. Folks over 60 should also avoid it.

People on migraine medication, including fentanyl, tryptophan, and lithium, should also avoid Trazodone.

What is in Trazodone that makes you sleep?

Taking 25-100mg of Trazodone can create a hypnotic effect.

This is because Trazodone can inhibit alpha receptors, among other compounds.

As a result, this enables users to sleep without resulting in grogginess in the morning.

At low doses, Trazodone’s sleepiness effect lasts 3-6 hours.

Trazodone Ingredients

Trazodone contains several ingredients. The main ones include:

1. Trazodone Hydrochloride

As the main component, this ingredient helps treat depression and anxiety.

In addition, research shows that the ingredient helps treat erectile dysfunction. The component works by increasing the noradrenaline and serotonin levels of the user.

2. Silicon Dioxide

This ingredient helps boost the immune system. In addition, it enhances bone, joint, and heart health. The component also hastens the healing process and reduces digestive disorders.

For many tablets, it’s used as an anticaking agent. Furthermore, it’s used as a flow agent to make the tablet easier to swallow.

3. Lactose Anhydrous

This ingredient promotes healthy intestinal flora.

It also encourages the growth of good bacteria in the stomach. In addition, a study shows that the component is valuable in pharmaceutical applications, such as forming tablets. 

4. Magnesium Stearate

This ingredient is vital in the breakdown and adsorption of medication. Specifically, the component ensures that medicine goes to the correct bowel area. The part also acts as a lubricant in the pharmaceutical industry. 

5. Microcrystalline 

This ingredient helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels in the body. The component also supports gastrointestinal function. In addition, it supports lipid metabolism health. 

6. Sodium Starch Glycolate 

This ingredient is essential in the pharmaceutical industry, especially in forming capsules and tablets. According to research, the component also absorbs water rapidly, which makes it easy to dissolve the medicine.

In addition, it ensures faster disintegration of tablets and granules. 

10 Surprising Trazodone Erectile Side Effects

#1. Priapism

Priapism is one of the surprising Trazodone erectile side effects. A study points out that the condition is where the user of the supplement has a prolonged, painful erection. This situation can last for hours. 

In case of adverse symptoms, the user should stop taking the supplement for some time. The user should also seek medical advice from a qualified physician. 

#2. Tiredness

The feeling of tiredness is also one of the surprising Trazodone Erectile side effects. This symptom typically occurs in first-time users. However, the side effect should diminish with time. 

Tiredness is the body’s reaction to some of the medication’s components. The best remedy is to rest and take plenty of fluids. However, this side effect is not alarming. 

#3. Headache

Some reviews of the supplement also show that users can experience persistent headaches. This condition also mainly affects first-time users. Besides, it is allergic to some of the formula’s components.

This symptom is also one of the surprising Trazodone Erectile side effects, even though it is not very alarming. The best remedy, in this case, is to hydrate frequently and rest. 

#4. Nausea

Nausea is also one of the surprising Trazodone Erectile side effects. This feeling is brought about by allergic reactions to some of the components.

Specifically, Trazodone Hydrochloride can cause Nausea, especially for first-time users. 

For adverse cases, the user needs to stop taking the supplement. It is also necessary to seek medical help to avoid escalation to an alarming illness. 

#5. Dry Mouth

Some users can also experience dry mouth after taking the formula. However, this symptom is also one of the surprising Trazodone erectile side effects that are not alarming.

Besides, moth dryness is also a reaction to some of the components in the tablet. 

Therefore, the best remedy for this condition is to hydrate frequently. 

#6. Constipation

Constipation is also one of the surprising Trazodone side effects. This condition is also common in first-time users and should diminish with time. In most cases, the situation should go away with subsequent intake. 

The best remedy for constipation is taking plenty of water. Constipation medication can also be administered for adverse cases. 

#7. Ejaculatory Inhibition

Some users have reported ejaculatory inhibition as one of the surprising Trazodone erectile side effects. This condition is alarming and may require medical attention.

In addition, a study shows that the situation can cause penile pain. 

Therefore, if this symptom persists, it is vital to stop taking the supplement and see a doctor. 

#8. Urinary Inconsistence

Urinary inconsistency is also one of the surprising Trazodone Erectile side effects. Unfortunately, this kind of consistency can also lead to urinary tract infections.

The best remedy for this symptom is to take plenty of fluids. 

It is also vital to seek medical help in case the symptoms persist. 

#9. Dizziness

Another possible side effect of Trazodone Erectile is dizziness. This symptom is also due to an allergic reaction to some of the supplement’s components. However, the condition should diminish with subsequent intake. 

The best remedy for dizziness is resting and taking plenty of sleep. Besides, dizziness can also lead to tiredness. 

#10. Blurred Vision 

Blurred vision is also one of the surprising Trazodone Erectile side effects. This symptom goes hand-in-hand with tiredness, headaches, and dizziness.

However, the side effect is only expected for first-time users and should disappear with time. 

The best remedy for this symptom is drinking plenty of water and resting. 


Trazodone is very beneficial to men’s health. Besides treating erectile dysfunction, the medication helps with anxiety, depression, and other related complications. 

In addition, the pills improve mood, sleeping patterns, appetite, sexual health, and emotional well-being.

However, men should be aware of Trazodone erectile side effects that users should understand. These symptoms are primarily a result of users’ allergic reactions to some of the components. 

In normal circumstances, the side effects should diminish with subsequent intake; hence, the supplement is generally safe. 

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