10 Dangerous Toradol Shot in Buttocks Side Effects

It’s about time we discussed Toradol shot in buttocks side effects.

Toradol, scientifically known as ketorolac tromethamine, belongs to a class of drugs known as nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) that are popular for being fast-acting painkillers.

It stops the production of a compound that causes inflammation, fever, or pain.

This drug is usually used to relieve moderate-to-extreme pain in adults, especially after surgery.

However, it can also be used to relieve migraine pain.

Toradol usually takes an intravenous or intramuscular form when administered as an injection.

If it takes the intravenous form, it is injected directly into a vein, while in the intramuscular form, it is given in the prominent part of the hip or upper arm area.

Most times, the hip area is preferable because of its large muscle mass, which makes it less painful than the arm.

In the hip area, the glutes (aka buttocks) are the most preferred because of the muscle size.

Most people do not know that administering this particular shot in the gluteal area could have dangerous side effects.

This article discusses all you need to know about the Toradol shot in buttocks side effects.

Read on to find out everything you should have known ages ago about Toradol shot in buttocks side effects.

How long does a Toradol shot stay in your system?

When administered as an injection, the effects of Toradol can last anywhere from 4 to 6 hours.

It works quite fast, usually after about 30 minutes of administration.

However, it can take up to 3 hours to feel its full effect.

Does Toradol put you to sleep?

Some users of Toradol claim that it makes them feel drowsy. This happens to about 10% of its users.

However, you should try not to sleep for 15-30 minutes after you take it. This will help prevent irritation that may make it difficult for you to swallow.

Can you drive after the Toradol injection?

If this medication makes you feel dizzy or drowsy, you should not drive or operate heavy machinery after taking it.

It would generally be safer to find out how this drug may affect you before you use it.

Talk to your doctor about it if you can.


We have discussed a lot of about what this drug does, and now is a good time to talk about the Toradol shot in buttocks side effects.

Toradol shot in buttocks side effects

#1. It can lead to kidney failure

Your kidneys fall under the category of vital organs in your body.

Their function is to eliminate the excess fluid and waste in your body.

Additionally, they help maintain a healthy balance of minerals, water, and salts to promote the optimum functioning of your cells.

Unfortunately, one of the Toradol shot in buttocks side effects is that it can compromise the functioning of your kidney.

Research suggests that taking this shot can put you at risk of acute kidney failure, especially if you have a risk factor that makes you prone to it.

#2. It may inhibit platelet function

Taking a Toradol shot in the butt can put you at risk of experiencing platelet dysfunction.

Platelets play the primary role of stopping bleeding during injury by clumping together to plug a hole in an injured blood vessel.

This drug can make you bleed more by inhibiting the aggregation of your platelets. Such inhibition may prevent them from performing their primary function, stopping your bleeding.

If you are prone to bleeding a lot, it is in your best interest to avoid taking Toradol injections in the butt.

#3. It can trigger suicidal tendencies

Although relatively uncommon, this is one of the most dangerous Toradol shot in buttocks side effects that you should be very wary of.

A few people report experiencing depression after using Toradol.

In some cases, depression may make someone develop suicidal tendencies.

If you are experiencing such tendencies while on Toradol, you should talk to your doctor to figure out an alternative.

Talking to a therapist can also help you navigate such thoughts safely and healthily.

#4. It increases the risk of QT Prolongation

QT is a potentially life-threatening condition that occurs when the heart rhythm is altered. It occurs when there is an extended time between the heart resting and contracting.

It shows that there is a problem with how the ventricles are sending signals.

Taking Toradol puts you at risk of experiencing a prolonged QT interval, which can be fatal if it makes your heartbeat irregular.

In most cases, this condition results from taking Toradol alongside other drugs contributing to QT prolongation.

Additionally, overdosing on this drug can put you at risk of developing this condition.

#5. It may raise your blood pressure

Have you been experiencing random bouts of nosebleeds and shortness of breath?

Or are you having sudden vision problems, yet you cannot seem to figure out why?

Chances are your blood pressure is high.

If you are taking Toradol and you experience these symptoms, then you should know that it could be the reason why.

Talk to your doctor as soon as possible and get medication to stabilize your blood pressure and avoid further severe complications.

#6. It may cause gastrointestinal infection (GI)

Do you have peptic ulcers that act up every so often? If yes, then you should steer clear of this shot.

It worsens your attacks and puts you at risk of experiencing other forms of GI, like acid reflux.

Other symptoms that may point to GI include bloody or tarry stools and spitting up or vomiting blood.

#7. It can result in indigestion

Taking this shot in the butt may make it slightly difficult for your digestive tract to digest the food you eat.

Sometimes this side effect is accompanied by vomiting, diarrhea, and general stomach discomfort.

#8. It can cause aseptic meningitis

Meningitis is a highly fatal condition that causes inflammation in the membranes of the brain and spinal cord.

Usually, it is caused by a virus or bacteria. However, in some cases, it can come about as a result of other factors that do not involve bacterial or viral infection.

In such cases, it is known as aseptic meningitis.

Research suggests that it is possible to develop this form of meningitis due to taking NSAIDs like Toradol.

This risk can be increased by using ibuprofen alongside Toradol.

#9. It may cause liver problems

Although not very well researched, there is a link between using Toradol and developing liver issues.

If you are on this drug and you notice your urine getting darker, your eyes or skin turning yellow, or your stool looking paler, you should talk to your doctor about it.

#10. You can get a skin rash

You may want to use this drug cautiously if your skin is sensitive.

It has been reported to cause skin rash and itching in some cases.

Be sure to see your doctor if you experience skin discomfort while using this drug to rule out the possibility of an allergic reaction.


There’s a lot to learn from this article about Toradol shot in buttocks side effects.

Most of these side effects are potentially fatal and should be known by everyone who uses or is planning to use the drug.

Should you experience any of them, let your first stop be at the doctor’s so you can figure out how to manage them or find a more suitable alternative.

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