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Total abs workout for a flat stomach

The 7-Minute Total Abs Workout for A Super-Flat Stomach

Would you like to have a flat stomach or ripped six-pack abs without going to the gym?

It’s totally doable!

You’ll be amazed by how quickly you can turn belly flab into abs at home if you do this workout consistently.

Your belly will become tighter within a week. And you may start seeing abs after 3 to 4 weeks if you have a low body fat percentage.

Unfortunately, this workout alone may not be enough to give you a flat stomach if you have excess belly fat. You’ll have to make dietary changes. First, maintain a calorie deficit. Secondly, get most of your calories from unprocessed foods.

Before you start the workout, read the instructions and watch the demonstrations below the video to learn how to perform each exercise properly.

7-Minute Total Abs Workout

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Here’s a breakdown of the 7-minute total abs workout for a super-flat stomach:

Crunch Reaches – 40 Seconds

Rest 15 Seconds

Reverse Crunches – 50 Seconds

Rest 15 Seconds

Sitting Twists – 40 Seconds

Rest 15 Seconds

Plank Knee Tuck with Twist – 40 Seconds

Straight Leg Bicycle Crunches – 30 Seconds

Rest 15 Seconds

Reach Through Crunches – 40 Seconds

Rest 15 Seconds

Side Jackknife – 60 Seconds (30 Seconds Each)

Crunch Reaches

Crunch reaches are a fun exercise. Remember to keep your neck in its neutral position and reach higher after each rep.

Engage your ab muscles by slowly lowering your upper-back to the floor instead of letting it fall.

How to Do Reach Crunches

Reverse Crunches

Reverse crunches are good for people with lower back pain. Make sure you lift your lower back off the floor in each rep. And slowly lower it to the floor.

How to Do Reverse Crunches

Sitting Twists

Leaning back while sitting down engages the rectus abdominis. And twisting your torso from side to side activates the oblique muscles.

Keep your back straight and chin up – avoid looking down.

How to do sitting twists

Plank Knee Tuck with Twist

You probably know that holding the plank activates your ab muscles. Well, adding the knee tuck and twist will activate the ab and oblique muscles.

Keep your neck in its neutral position and body aligned in a straight line.

How to Do Plank Knee Tuck with Twist

Straight Leg Bicycle Crunches

Most people agree bicycles crunches are one of the best ab exercises. But doing the same variation repeatedly can get boring.

For this variation, keep your legs straight and make sure your elbow touches the knee in each rep. Also, slowly raise and lower your legs to fully engage your ab muscles.

Reach Through Crunches

This exercise is simple. Just lie on your back, bend your knees and then slide your hands through your thighs as far as you can.

Avoid doing the exercise too fast, as that will make it less effective.

How to Do Reach Through Crunches

Side Jackknife

This exercise mainly targets the oblique muscles. Raise the top leg high and bend your torso until your elbow touches the leg.

how to do Side Jackknife

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