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Does Testosterone for Weight Loss Work?

Does Testosterone for Weight Loss Work?

If you are female and older, you may start to experience challenges in losing weight. This could be a result of the loss of testosterone.

Contrary to popular belief, testosterone is not just a male hormone. Women have considerable amounts of the hormone in their early years that are produced by their ovaries.

However, as you get older, levels of this hormone diminish especially around menopause. Other reasons why testosterone levels in females are lower than normal are adrenal problems or even endometriosis (which is a menstrual condition).

A shortage of testosterone in women leads to mental fog, excess fatigue, persistent weight gain or hardship in losing weight, hot flashes, moodiness, weak muscles, low bone density as well as diminished interest in sex.

When medics increase testosterone in women, it often reduces most of these symptoms and conditions.


Does Testosterone for Weight Loss Work?

Yes. This is because doing so would not be introducing something unnatural. It would simply be restoring female testosterone levels to their original levels.

You as a woman require a certain amount of testosterone to be mentally and physically healthy, so testosterone therapy is quite a plausible option for you.

You should however be wary of the nature of administration. If you use synthetic oral hormones, you could predispose yourself to several side effects like blood clots.

On the other hand, if you employ bioidentical testosterone then you should be safe.


Additionally, if you take testosterone without medical supervision then this could be risky. Testosterone dosages for females must be closely monitored and not overdone otherwise they could cause adverse side effects.

There are indeed limitations to the diagnosis of low testosterone in women. In this research, it was reported that the measurement of total testosterone needed to be done through certain protocols that were no being adhered to by medical practitioners.

One of the reasons that necessitate the consumption of testosterone includes low sexual desire. In this study, it was shown that when there is androgen insufficiency and women underwent testosterone replacement, their libido tended to improve.


Testosterone for women weight loss could also be another reason. When it has already been seen that there is a deficiency of testosterone mostly because of the onset of menopause then there should be a consideration of additional testosterone.

On occasion, you may experience premature ovarian failure this would make you an ideal candidate for testosterone therapy. You may also have hormonal problems that are linked to being premenopausal.

Sometimes the above may have connections with endometriosis.

In case you have hormonal imbalances that lead to bone loss, you should also consider testosterone for women weight loss. The testosterone would not only rectify bone density loss but could also eliminate the weight loss stall that you are experiencing.

Androgens often have an effect on your mood and mental health; however, these symptoms should not be the only reason why you take the drugs.

In men, depression often sets in when their testosterone reduces, so increasing the number of hormones in the body may have an effect on your mood and other associated illness.


According to this scientific study, it was reported that masculinization is a common side effect. Since testosterone is predominantly a male hormone, then taking it can predispose some women to the development of masculine characteristics.

Some of these traits include a deepening voice, acne or excessive enlargement of the clitoris, which is known as clitoromegaly. You may also grow excess hair on your body and face (a condition known as hirsutism) or experience male pattern baldness.

If you are already predisposed to these symptoms, then your medical practitioner should be extremely careful about the dosing they administer and should ascertain that the adverse conditions do not manifest.

It is also possible that you could retain fluid in your limbs and other parts of the body. In these circumstances, whenever you press your skin with your finger, you will see an indent there.

Chances of developing breast cancer are also heightened when taking testosterone for women weight loss. In this study, it was proven that women who had high levels of free testosterone were at a greater risk of developing breast cancer than those who did not.

There may be some changes in your body composition as well. Your lean body mass may increase while the total body mass will reduce; however, the overall body mass index will usually stay the same.

Some people have reported alterations in their blood flow as well as blood clots. This is because the deviation in oral testosterone has the capacity to reduce anticoagulant effects of estrogen.

You may also experience damage to some of your cells as reported in this analysis. However, this damage is only plausible when women take high doses of a particular type of testosterone (17-alkylandrogens).


One of the most direct and effective ways of increasing testosterone in the body is by taking dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA). DHEA is a steroid hormone that is essential in making testosterone.

The hormone comes in the form of a supplement, so your doctor needs to tell you what amount you should consume. Often testosterone for women weight loss could be around 100mg per day for roughly 1 month.

If you take this amount of DHEA, you should start to experience changes in testosterone levels.

The above supplement comes in the form of pills. However, a woman injecting testosterone or the female testosterone cream are all plausible alternatives.

In addition to medical interventions, testosterone for women weight loss should also be coupled with exercise.

In this study, it was shown that women who engaged in aerobic exercise-induced an elevation of their testosterone levels. This was attributed to increases in androgen production as well as the diminished degradation levels of the hormone.

Apart from aerobic exercise, resistance training and weight lifting in women also increase testosterone levels. Therefore, if you are taking synthetic hormones, you may want to boost those testosterone levels by this type of exercise.

In this experiment, it was found that female subjects tended to increase testosterone after engaging in resistance training. The researchers affirmed that their bodies adapted to their environment which required elevated levels of the hormone.

You may also consider nutrition to increase testosterone levels. Certain foods help your body to produce the hormone as they are rich in protein, magnesium, zinc and vitamins.

These foods include eggs, green leafy vegetables, beans, pumpkin seeds and almonds. Salmon and other types of fish are also helpful in boosting testosterone naturally.


Testosterone for women weight loss is a plausible strategy. However, this should only be after it has been proven that reduced testosterone levels caused your weight loss.

It is a myth to assume that only men need testosterone as women make it naturally. Shortages often result from being menopausal or pre-menopausal as well as malfunctions in hormone production.

Usually, testosterone is taken through a DHEA supplement but may be enhanced through proper nutrition and exercise.

Side effects like the formation of masculine traits can occur but may be averted by careful monitoring of testosterone dosages.

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