A Complete Guide to The Steak and Eggs Diet

A Complete Guide to The Steak and Eggs Diet

The steak and eggs diet has been considered the best! This is because all you have to do is eat a big plate of steak and eggs and watch your belly fat disappear. With all the trend diets today, this article will focus on a diet that dates from the 1950s. Apart from its delicious taste, it is also simple and effective.


A Complete Guide to The Steak and Eggs Diet

This diet is not different from the carnivore diet, zero carb diet or an all-meat diet. It is all about healthy fats and protein and will help you lose fat and develop more lean and ripped muscles.

It only consists of steak and eggs and defies the mainstream beliefs about healthy dieting, veganism and another plant-centred carb-heavy diet.

Eating only steak and eggs every day is absolute because it practically eliminates all other foods like veggies and fruits.

This diet will make your body to burn the extra fat as the only source of energy.

This diet consists of only two meals a day. You will have to eat these meals within an 8-hour window period to harvest the maximum benefits.

It is no secret that these days most people eat nutrient-void foods, which cause systemic inflammation. Systemic inflammation plays a key role in the occurrences of diseases such as cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases and many more.


Before diving any further, it is only necessary we look at the origin of the steak and eggs diet. As mentioned earlier in this article, this diet dates back to the 1950s, from a champion bodybuilder named Vince Gironda.

He was a trainer to renown celebrities such as Arnold Schwarzenegger and Denzel Washington. Gironda attributed his bodybuilding success to his diet.

According to him, almost 80% of a bodybuilder’s success depends solely on the food they eat. He developed the diet based on our ancestors’ survived for a millennium: animal meat and organs. His goal with the steak and eggs diet was to blast off body fat much faster.

Weird as it may sound, Vince got to the point of taking 36 eggs in a day! This he compared to a cycle of steroids.

As it is, steak and eggs are two of the most anabolic foods in the world. This is because they increase cholesterol, have a high protein content and a complete amino acid profile.


To understand how this diet works, you have to put the ancient caveman in mind. During those times, there were no food drive-ins where one could obtain foods from. Most of their calories came from animal meat and organs and not from the plants they came to discover later.

The following are ways how this defiant diet works.


This is probably the biggest reason why this diet is successful. It eliminates all the other foods, getting rid of all the inflammation culprits. These include sugars, vegetable oils and carbs.

We are most tempted to add in the nest superfood to our diets, not knowing that the secret actually lies in eliminating all the bad foods.

Cutting these foods will help you to reduce your system’s activation and inflammation. If you thought that going the plant way is safest, you would be shocked to find out that plants, too, just like any of us, produce their “weapons” to fight off predators like you.

Leptins, saponins and oxalates produced naturally by plant foods all have a key role in disease. Almost every single plant has one of these traps.


The other primary method of action that makes the steak and eggs diet so effective is ketosis. This action involves shifting your body from glycogen as it’s the main source of energy to burning fats instead.

When your body uses glycogen, fructose, lactose and other carb-based foods for energy, it fully relies on glycolysis to break these foods down.

However, when your body fails to take in any form of carbohydrates, it will result in an alternative method of generating energy. It needs to support its metabolic processes.

This is where your stored fats in the form of weight come in. Your body will begin to metabolize these fats to generate energy.

According to a piece published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, ketones have several benefits, including reduced oxidative damage, increased cognitive function and reduced DNA damage in the brain. They are considered the ultimate super fuel.


This is feeling fuller for longer after eating and is one of the tools used by the steak and eggs diet to blast off those extra fats in your body.

Satiety will come from your brain, recognizing that your body has taken in heavy nutrients, hence shutting off. This shutting off will, in turn, shut off hunger pangs to allow you to feel fuller for longer.

Most people who feel like they really need 3 meals in a day to survive are usually confusing signals from their brains, thinking that they need food more than nutrients.

This diet seeks to correct this notion, creating awareness of your body that you need nutrients more than food.

This diet will help you defy the norm that “a calorie is a calorie”. Try eating, say, 2000 calories of Doritos and the same number of calories of eggs to prove this.

The ones from Doritos will disappear within a movement of a muscle, while the ones from eggs will sail you through for a bit longer.

Most foods that you may be eating may be poor energy sources. Immediately you eat them. They provide no nutritional value for both your body or brains.

This will result in your body sending more hunger pangs, prompting you to eat more of these foods.


In as much as this diet may sound exciting, you could have problems during the first days.

This may be because you are not used to eating steak and eggs and, therefore, developing cravings for the foods you are consuming.

It is completely okay to cheat during the first few days of this diet. Allow yourself one cheating day in a week to eat the foods you crave for. However, try as much as possible to avoid carbs during your cheating days.

There are a lot of downsides associated with this diet. Alternatively, could you not listen to all of it? Rather listen to your body and make adjustments accordingly.

If you have any underlying conditions such as obesity, consider consulting your doctor before embarking on the diet.

Consider going for a top round steak while making your steak. However, this is optional. You also have the liberty of having your eggs scrambled or boiled.

Feel free to season your steak with your favourite seasonings. You can also marinate it for up to 1 hour.

Every meal should contain between 4- 6 eggs and 0.75- 1.5 lbs. of steak.

The diet consists of only two meals a day: either breakfast and dinner or lunch and dinner. You can choose which one you are comfortable with.

Consider setting your cheat days in windows of 6 days.

You can stay on the diet until you get your desired results.


The steak and eggs diet may be popular, but it is too restrictive. As much as it may result in fast weight loss, you will probably not go for it over the long-term. Excluding other foods from this diet may also cause malnutrition. As so, before deciding on it, consider seeking your doctor’s advice.

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