10 Frightening Senior Flu Shot Side Effects

When considering them, it’s important to know senior flu shot side effects.

As we age, our immune system weakens because of the reduced production of B and T cells in the bone marrow and thymus and the diminished function of mature lymphocytes in secondary lymphoid tissues.

Our bodies no longer respond to immune challenges as well as when we are still young.

Since 2020, the flu has become a serious crisis that leads to 70-85% of flu-related deaths from 50-70% in the previous years.

This is why senior flu shots were introduced to help older people, specifically those 65 years and above, boost their immune systems and protect them against influenza, also known as Flu or COVID-19.

What are Senior Flu Shots?

Flu is another name for influenza, a highly contagious respiratory infection caused by the influenza virus.

Senior flu shots are a vaccine administered to older people containing a high dose of adjuvant to boost the immune system in older people.

The senior flu shot contains the same antigens as a standard-dose flu shot. The high-dose flu shot contains 3-4 times higher flu antigen, the part that triggers the immune system.

What are the Symptoms of a Flu

Symptoms are similar to common colds, like sneezing, cough, sore throat, and chest congestion.

The symptoms of influenza are more severe, and you might also feel fever, body aches, chills, and headaches.

How Senior Flu Shots are taken

Flu vaccines are updated each season to keep up with changing viruses.

Immunity against the virus decreases over a year, so annual vaccination is needed to boost your immunity.

How Senior Flu Shots Work

The adjuvant in these shots creates a stronger immune response in the body.

With a stronger immune, the Senior Flu Shots are more effective.

Ingredients in Senior Flu Shot

The senior Flu Shot has the following ingredients in it;

1. Egg protein

Growing viruses inside fertilized chicken eggs make many flu vaccines.

The aim of this is to grow enough viruses to make the vaccine.

However, the amount of egg protein in the vaccine is negligible. Studies show that people with egg allergies will have no reactions and should still get the shot.

2. Preservatives

Preservative thiomersal is added to prevent contamination and increase shelf life. It’s only included in multi-dose vials.

Pre-filled syringes, single-dose vials, and nasal sprays don’t need preservatives.

It comes from ethylmercury and has been safely added to vaccines since the 30s.

3. Stabilizers

Stabilizers are added to keep the vaccine effective after manufacturing.

Examples of stabilizers used are sugar and gelatin.

4. Antibiotics

These are for preventing contamination by bacteria during the production and storage of the vaccine.

5. Polysorbate 80

This is used as an emulsifier.

6. Formaldehyde

Formaldehyde is usually found in the body during digestion. In high doses, it’s fatal to consume it. But in vaccines, it’s in harmless amounts.

This compound is used to kill toxins that may contaminate the vaccine.

7. Adjuvant

These are aluminum salts. This ingredient is added to boost the body`s response to the vaccine. It enables the vaccines to carry inactivated variants of the influenza virus.

This is the ingredient that differentiates these Senior Flu Shots from the rest.

8. Influenza viruses

Vaccines carry trace amounts of the inactivated microbe they’re trying to protect the body against. The viruses can also be dead to eliminate the risk of infection.

They trigger immunity, making the body release antibodies to fight the infection.

The senior flu shot depends on the flu during that season.

 Benefits of Senior Flu Shot

The benefits of a Senior Flu Shot include the following;

  1. It reduces the risk of heart attacks.
  2. It also reduces the risk of flu-related strokes.
  3. Moreover, it reduces the risk of flu-related deaths.
  4. It keeps you from getting sick with the flu.
  5. It reduces the severity of the influenza infection.

Senior Flu Shot Side Effects

Senior Flu Shots may have different side effects on different people.

Let us look at some of the possible senior flu shot side effects.

  1. Body aches

This is the first of the senior flu shot side effects. You might experience body pains days after getting vaccinated, which might last a week.

  1. Fever

Another possible Senior Flu Shot side effect is a week-old fever.

The vaccine gives you these symptoms as it works through to kill the flu virus.

  1. Chills

Having chills is another of the senior flu shot side effects. You will feel rapid muscle contraction and relaxation. This happens because your body produces heat when it feels cold.

After the shot, you might get chills just before the fever kicks in.

  1. Muscle pain

This is a Senior Flu Shot side effect on the area of most surrounding areas of administration.

Other muscles, too, might be painful.

A study shows this is a possible side effect on people who received high-dose shots.

  1. Headaches

Another of the senior flu shot side effects is mild to severe headaches.

A study conducted shows people who received a high dose can get headaches.

Flu shots contain proteins that stimulate the immune system to make antibodies against influenza.

  1. Soreness

Additionally, soreness is another senior flu shot side effect, especially around the area where you get injected.

The area might remain sore for days but goes away with time. Topical pain creams can eliminate any soreness. Contact your doctor if the redness or swelling doesn’t clear after a few days.

A study done on a group of people shows soreness is one of the possible side effects.

  1. Fatigue

This is also another of the senior flu shot side effects. Your body might feel tired, which is a flu-like symptom.

A study shows fatigue side effects from people who receive the high dose.

  1. Nausea

This is also one of the senior flu shot side effects.

After the shot is administered, you might feel nauseous.

A study shows that high doses of the vaccine can cause nausea.

  1. Vomiting

Another one of the possible senior flu shot side effects is vomiting. As discussed above, some people can get so nauseous that they vomit.

This vaccine affects everyone differently.

  1. Dizziness

You might also experience dizziness after the shot. This feeling does not last long, mostly a day.

It feels like lightheadedness or spinning of the head.


Positive reviews

Some of the positive reviews include;

  1. Eventually, it reduces the flu symptoms.
  2. It is effective.
  3. Also, it works great.
  4. It reduces the risk of death and heart attacks.
  5. It boosts your immune system.

Negative reviews

Some of the negative reviews include;

  1. It gives you coughs and a sore throat.
  2. It makes you sick.
  3. Further, it makes your body ache.
  4. It gives you headaches.
  5. It gives you a fever.


Older people are the main target for the product because their immunity is weaker. In simple terms, it helps to boost their immunity.

They have adjuvants that boost the body`s response to the vaccine.

These shots are beneficial because they eventually reduce the severity of the flu. They can also reduce the chances of getting infected.

Furthermore, they reduce the chances of other fatalities like deaths.

However, Senior Flu Shots have side effects like fever, headaches, and body aches.

Despite these side effects, prevention is better than cure. You should get the shots to boost your immunity.

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