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12 Genuine Reasons You’re Not Losing Thigh Fat

Thigh fat is one of the most stubborn forms of body fat to lose. Women are especially vulnerable to this problem because of their genetic makeup.

As a female, your body is wired to store fat in the thighs and rear because of child-bearing. In fact, you may have to adopt a good weight loss regimen for you to see any results in this area.

Thigh fat can reduce only if you adopt a multi-pronged approach. You need to make changes in your diet predominantly.

However, you should also exercise and do so in a proper manner. Some mindset issues also have to be addressed. If you are doing any of these, your thigh fat may be here to stay.

Reasons you are not losing thigh fat

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1. You eat too much

The battle to lose fat anywhere in your body begins in the kitchen. You must lose weight all over your body to strip off fat in your thighs.

Even though you may have experienced some form of weight loss, you need to rev it up to see changes in stubborn areas like your thighs.

To get to the next level, you need to increase your calorie deficit. We lose weight when the number of calories we consume is less than the number of calories we use.

The simplest way to create this deficit is by reducing the amount of food you eat. Avoid foods packed with calories like high-fat or high-sugar foods.

2. You take too many carbs

When your body has an excessive supply of carbohydrates, it will always use it for energy. This means that your system is less likely to burn fat for energy supply. The result is fat preservation especially in those stubborn areas like your thighs and belly.

Consider cutting down on starches since these are quite easy to metabolize. In this study, subjects treated obesity through carbohydrate reduction.

This tip does not imply completely cutting off all your carbohydrates. You still need carbs but consider reducing the quantity and eating quality carbs. Whole grains that are rich in fiber are a good alternative.

3. You have not incorporated lunges

The first thing you should note is that spot reduction does not work. However, exercises that target that part are helpful in firming up your thighs.

Lunges come in different forms, and you should try as many of them as possible. The curtsy lunge involves curtsying by bending and extending one leg at a 45-degree angle from a vertical plane. The other leg should be bent but it shouldn’t dip like the one you are curtsying.

Combine simple lunges with dumbbells. Extend one leg forward and extend the other one towards the back. Try side lunges by extending one leg on the same horizontal plane. Lean towards the opposite side and bend it slightly. These exercises are all helpful in toning your inner thigh.

How to do alternating lunges

4. You don’t take enough protein

You need to watch your protein intake if you’re not losing thigh fat. For one, proteins cause your body to work harder when metabolizing them. This means that you will lose more weight all over your body. This could translate into slimmer thighs.

Additionally, eating fish, legumes, beans, and dairy increases your metabolism, according to research.

Lastly, protein is essential for muscle growth. As you may know, muscles increase fat loss by boosting the resting metabolic rate.

5. You haven’t tried high interval training

You may need to try a different workout approach if you’re exercising but not losing thigh fat.

High-intensity interval training may be helpful because it burns lots of calories and boosts your metabolism.

You should mix fast, intense sessions with scheduled rest periods. You may do pushups, lunges, or planks for about 60 seconds then combine it with 30 seconds of rest. This approach will increase your cardiorespiratory fitness. It will also increase your fat loss and help you to build lean mass.

6. You’ve been skipping fruits and vegetables

Green leafy vegetables and fruits are rich in vital mineral elements like magnesium, calcium, and potassium.

When you have a sufficient amount of these elements in your body, you are likely to fight inflammation. This means that your metabolic rate will be high and you will be more likely to lose fat all over your body, including your thighs.

7. You haven’t realized squats are your friend

Squats are especially useful for toning your quadriceps (front thighs).

The classic squat involves placing your legs apart. Bend your body downward until your hips go below your knees. Make sure your hands are clasped as you bend. The plie squat is also an interesting variation you could do. Stand with your legs apart and feet spread outward. Place your hands on your waist and bend downwards.

How to do plie squats on toes

8. You haven’t diversified thigh exercises

When doing any of the above-mentioned thigh exercises, make a point of combining them. Do your best to do workouts that work inner, outer and back thigh fat.

As a final addition, consider adding the supine inner thigh lift. Lie on your back, and lift both your legs vertically. Then flex one leg to the right and do 15 reps. Then turn to the other leg and repeat the same for the other side.

9. You don’t do cardio

Exercise is a critical component of fat loss. You want to aim for 3 aerobic sessions a week. One way you can achieve this is by climbing stairs or doing step box exercises.

You may also do other types of exercises like skipping rope, swimming, and running. Set aside about 30 minutes for this and do it as part of high interval training.

Feel free to take on this stair climbing challenge.

10. You haven’t incorporated weights

If you’ve been battling fat retention in your thighs, it is important to add weights into the mix. In this study, it was shown that resistance training and diet decreases body fat.

This can start with light dumbbells incorporated with other thigh exercises like lunges or squats. At first, the weight might seem heavy. As you continue to feel comfortable, make the weight lifting session more challenging by increasing your weights by about 2 pounds.

This strategy helps to keep you pushing your body, it builds muscles and torches fats in turn.

11. You need a mindset adjustment

Some women are so hard on themselves because they are not informed about how thigh fat is formed.

If cellulite is the way you are gauging your thigh fat, then you may be misguided. Some thighs will always have cellulite no matter how small they are.

Additionally, you may have unrealistic expectations. It takes time to get rid of fat in stubborn areas.

Don’t try the above tips and think that you’ll see changes immediately. Practice patience as you embark on this journey.

12. You are not hydrated

Increasing water intake can be helpful to anyone who’s not losing thigh fat. Water helps to control hunger.

As a result, it reduces the chances of overeating or binge eating. Sometimes making these few alterations can make a world of difference.

The Bottom Line

Not losing thigh fat can be frustrating. But you can get rid of it by losing fat and toning your thigh muscles.

Incorporate strength training in your regimen and eat low-carbs, high-fiber, and high-protein meals. With consistency, you’ll see results sooner rather than later.

You don’t have to guess the best workout for burning fat and toning muscles. These stunningly simple home workouts have been proven to make busy people lean and strong.

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