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Everything You Need to Know About Libido Max for Women 

Women can also have low libido. There are supplements designed to help them regain their sex drive. Libido Max for Women is one such product.

Specifically, the formula helps balance hormonal levels, especially during menopause. 

Moreover, the supplement promotes sexual desire and instincts in the user. Therefore, it also ensures that the user attains the desired sexual pleasure. 

The product has various ingredients and features that potential users should know.

Customer commentaries also help give relevant information on a product that can influence people to purchase. 

This article highlights all these aspects of the product.

What Does Libido Max Do To Women?

Libido Max for Women helps improve women’s sexual health. Specifically, the supplement increases sexual desire and pleasure in women.

It also balances hormones, especially as a result of menopausal symptoms. 

Furthermore, it promotes a warm feeling while relaxing the mind.

Therefore, the product ensures that the users enhance enjoyment and performance during sexual intercourse. 

When Should I take my Libido Max? 

Libido Max for Women works best when taken consistently. For instance, the manufacturer recommends 2 tablets per day.

However, users can also take the supplement for a more immediate response. In such as case, the user should take 4 tablets 1 hour before sexual activity. It is vital to note that users should not take more than 4 tablets in a day. 

How long does Libido Max Pink Last?

The manufacturer recommends users not exceed using these pills for 90 days without a two-weeks break.

Take 4 soft-gels for one hour. The effect lasts about an hour.

Libido Max for Women Side Effects

Libido Max for Women can have some side effects. Some of the possible symptoms include:

  1. It can cause low blood pressure.
  2. In addition, it can cause fainting.
  3. It can also cause headaches.
  4. It can lead to dizziness.
  5. Finally, it can make users feel sleepy.

Users should see a doctor if any of the above symptoms persist. 

Libido Max for Women Ingredients

The main ingredients of this supplement are:

1. Maca powder (root)

Maca root is the main active ingredient in this supplement. Studies show that it improves sexual function for people who lost their libido due to depression.

Taking maca root increases sex drive after six weeks of use.

2. Damiana powder (leaf)

Damiana is a leaf extract used as an herbal remedy. It’s used to manage multiple conditions, such as bedwetting, headaches, and providing stamina.

It provides a slight high that can also act as an aphrodisiac.

3. Velvet Bean extract

Velvet bean extract has antioxidants. It can also treat male infertility and act as an aphrodisiac.

4. Schisandra powder

This powder is an extract used in Chinese remedies to treat coughs, and is an adaptogen.

Additionally, it can balance hormones naturally.

5. Eleuthero powder

Eleuthero is a type of ginseng.

It boosts adrenal gland function and relieves stress which can boost libido.

6. Theobromine

It’s an alkaloid found in chocolate.

Additionally, it lowers blood pressure, and harmful cholesterol levels. It also reduces anxiety.

7. Ashwagandha extract

It is an herb used to boost sleep, fertility and sexual drive.

8. L-Theanine

This is an amino acid found in tea and a few mushrooms.

It supports sleep, relaxation, and can also keep you alert and focused.

9. Asian Ginseng extract (root)

Asian ginseng is a supplement that improves physical stamina, concentration, and memory.

Furthermore, it stimulates immune function, and lowers depression and anxiety.


This supplement also contains soybean oil, gelatin, glycerin, soy lecithin, beeswax, and titanium oxide to provide color.

Libido Max for Women Reviews

It has a rating of 3.5 stars.

Positive reviews state:

  1. The product is fantastic and works effectively.
  2. The supplement helps enhance sex life.
  3. It helps make women happy.
  4. Furthermore, the supplement works excellently when it is taken an hour before sexual performance.
  5. Finally, the product is effective in improving sexual pleasure.

However, there are a few clients who are dissatisfied with the product. Some of the negative commentaries include:

  1. It does not work for everyone.
  2. In addition, it does not give value for money.
  3. The pills are too large.
  4. The effect is too mild.

Order on Amazon.

Libido Max for Women Alternatives

There are several Libido Max for Women alternatives on Amazon. Some of the available options include:

 1. Bella Donna Female Enhancement

Libido Max Women alternative: Bella Donna Female Supplement

This supplement ensures increased energy for women. In addition, it boosts confidence and promotes blood flow. The formula also helps balance hormones in the body. 

Many Amazon customers approve of the supplement. For instance, a client points out that the supplement promotes sexual desire.

However, there are a few dissatisfied customers. For example, a buyer claims that it is a waste of money. 

It has a rating of 3.4 stars out of 5 on Amazon. 

Order Bella Donna Female Enhancement on Amazon. 

 2. NIWALI Estrogen Pills for Women

Libido Max Women alternative: NIWALI Estrogen Pills for Women

This supplement helps improve menopausal symptoms. Specifically, it boosts estrogen levels in the body. The formula also supports hot flashes and difficulty sleeping. 

Many customers have also given commentaries on the product on Amazon. Most of these thoughts from buyers are positive.

For example, a satisfied client points out that the product is very effective in boosting libido in women, and the price is also excellent. 

However, there are a few dissatisfied buyers. For instance, a client claims she did not experience any changes after using the product. 

It has a rating of 4 stars out of 5 on Amazon. 

Order NIWALI Estrogen Pills for Women on Amazon. 

 3. ProEstro Estrogen Supplement for Women

ProEstro Estrogen Supplement for Women

This supplement also helps reduce menopausal symptoms. In addition, it increases estrogen levels in the body. The formula also improves hormonal balance in females. 

Furthermore, many Amazon customers approve of the formula. For example, a satisfied buyer claims it effectively balances hormones, especially post-birth control. 

However, there are a few dissatisfied customers. For instance, a client claims that the supplement is disgusting and makes one feel sick.

It has a 3.2-star rating on Amazon.

Order ProEstro Estrogen Supplement for Women on Amazon. 


Libido Max for Women helps boost sexual desire and performance in females. In addition, it supports hormonal balance, especially as a result of menopausal symptoms. 

However, the supplement can have some side effects. In such a case, the users should stop taking the formula. It is also vital to seek medical advice from a physician.

Overall, this product is safe and effective in promoting women’s sexual health. 

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