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12 Proven Tips on How To Lose 40 Pounds Fast

How To Lose 35 Pounds For A Woman

Diet is everything that determines how to lose 35 pounds for a woman.

For some ladies, shedding off the excess weight is a milestone they celebrate to full length.

They see it as a path to regaining self-confidence and happiness. For others, though, this is a route they take to better their health.

The biggest discovery on your journey on how to lose 35 pounds is that theory sounds easier than the real work, which is what determines if or not you lose weight.

If losing weight was as easy as it sounds on the internet, the flourishing multi-billion diet entities across the world wouldn’t be in existence.

The fact that they exist points to how hard it is.

The bitter truth is that the journey on how to lose 35 pounds is long and requires patience. It doesn’t happen in a fortnight. You didn’t put on 35 pounds in just two weeks.


How To Lose 35 Pounds For A Woman

Thirty-five pounds are equal to 15 kgs. Losing this could take several months to the minimum.

It takes longer because a slow weight loss process protects your body against myriad health risks that come with weight loss.

Drastic weight loss, according to the Weight-Control Information Network, poses many health risks. 

Your body becomes strained and ends up battling gallstones, nutritional deficiencies, low immunity, among others.

The ideal weight that you should lose in a week should not be more than two pounds. Anything more than this tilts the scale to a danger zone.

The weight loss calculator is a great tool. You can calculate the time it would take on how to lose 35 pounds.

For example, 3,500 calories are directly proportional to one pound, meaning, for you to lose one pound, the body had to burn more calories than it is getting.

These simple mathematics are what makes losing 35 pounds a painful and slow process that calls for patience.


Losing 35 pounds for a woman is no mean feat. It calls for dietary changes and increased physical activity.

With a proper diet and active lifestyle, the excess fat in your body begins to wear off gradually. Before long, you hit your goals, which is losing 35 pounds.


The first step you take on how to lose 35 pounds is to cut the binding ties with all processed foods.

Many women are lovers of processed foods, not excluding the easy-to-prepare instant noodles, potato chips, crackers, among others.

Fast foods, sweetened beverages, soft drinks are no exemption either. They are high-calorie foods void of crucial nutrients needed by the body.

Studies conducted, women consuming these foods are more prone to weight gain, which leads to obesity.


Avoiding high-calorie foods is the first step on how to lose 35 pounds.

Ensure your daily calorie intake does is between 500 to 1,000. The body works optimally with this level.


Eating more proteins is your second step in your diet overhaul. A high protein breakfast is recommended. It suppresses ghrelin, a hormone that triggers the feeling of hunger.

Doubling your protein intake daily effectively reduces carbs in your diet. It helps in the reduction of body weight and fat mass for just 12 weeks.

Healthy protein options include lean meat – mutton and beef, fish (salmon, tilapia, shrimp), seafood, and poultry such as eggs and yogurt.

Soy Milk, Almond milk, and Kefir milk are other good options for breakfast. Whole foods are also recommended.

They are low in carbs and take longer to be absorbed by the body, making you feel full for longer.


Soluble fiber should be incorporated into our diet. Fiber mainly found in plant foods absorbs water in the body and are not easily digested. They help in keeping your body feeling full for longer.

A diet rich in fiber stabilizes blood sugar levels in your body, which trigger the feeling of hunger.

A woman wondering how to lose 35 pounds should also take high fiber beverages just before taking meals. It keeps you off from taking huge portions of food.


Taking at least eight glasses of water acts as a big boost in the weight loss journey. Taking a glass of water before a meal reduces calorie intake. This translates to healthy weight loss.

Studies have shown that taking 500ml of water before breakfast reduces calorie intake by 13%. Further, it speeds the burning of calories in the body.


Unknown to many, getting enough sleep is a major player when it comes to how to lose 35 pounds.

Lack of enough sleep or deprivation of sleep all together could make a woman add more weight.

At least eight hours of good sleep promotes weight loss.


Another trick to hack into this daunting journey on how to lose 35 pounds is watching the portions of foods that you take.

The heavier you feed, the higher chances of adding more calories to the body, especially on cheat days.

Cheat days could have you munch the whole bar of chocolate instead of just a single piece.

Cognizant that it is in human nature to fall into temptations of cravings, self-control is paramount.

Studies also show that eating quickly has a direct collaboration with the number of calories one takes.


Achieving weight loss cannot be done on a diet alone. Exercising is part of the routine to burn more calories.

Cardio is recommended. A study found out that women who had cardio at least five times a week lost more weight with time.

Ideally, 20-30 minutes of cardio daily should do the trick. You flex your body when walking, jogging, swimming, cycling, hiking, and boxing. All these are aerobic exercises that improve your cardio.

Cardio helps the body burn more calories without you having to struggle much.

High-intensity interval training HIIT is part of the exercise routine to demystify how to lose 35 pounds.

HIIT oscillates between intense exercises and moments of rest, which elevates the heart rate.

Studies recommend 20 minutes of HIIT thrice a week. It burns belly fat very fast. In 12 weeks, belly fat is gone so is the total fat mass in the body, translating to a healthy weight loss model.

HIIT exercises include skipping, push-ups, and burpees (high jumps).


Psychologically, reducing stress levels aids in weight loss. Stress leads to emotional eating and binge drinking, both of which are terrible for weight loss.

Stress knocks you off your mental balance. You lose focus on the weight loss journey. Before long, you have made no progress in losing even a single pound.


How to lose 35 pounds is not as complicated as you may think. All that is required is patience, discipline, exercise, and a healthy meal low on calories.

Besides, training is not as intense as you would imagine. You could perform the basic exercise walking or cycling or skipping at home for at least 20 minutes.

Don’t you agree this is doable?

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