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back and bicep workout for women

Best At-Home Back and Bicep Workout for Women

If you want to tone your arms and back, this article will show you the best back and bicep workout for women.

Most women don’t do strength training. And those who do only focus on butt and leg exercises.

In this article, you will discover the best at home back and biceps workout for women #back #biceps #workout #flabfix

To burn fat and develop a good figure you need to train the upper body. This back and bicep workout will tone your arms and back muscles.

If you look around the web you’ll notice that most back and bicep workouts for women are quite challenging. Only fitness models and bodybuilders can perform them.

This workout is perfect for the not-so-fit women who just want to tone their bodies but don’t want to be muscular. But that’s not all. You don’t need weights or any equipment to perform this workout. This means you can do it at home or anywhere.

If you’re a beginner perform this workout once a week. Then after 4-6 weeks, you can start doing it twice a week. Feel free to use dumbbells if you don’t find the exercises too challenging.

Back and Bicep Workout for Women

  1. Good mornings – 3 sets
  2. Bird dog crunch – 2 sets (for each side)
  3. Inverted rows – 3 sets
  4. Bend over rows – 3 sets
  5. Isometric biceps curls – 2 sets (for each arm)
  6. Planks with arm raises – 3 sets

Do each set until failure – this simply doing the exercise until you can’t do one more rep while maintaining proper form.

Talking of proper form, here’s how to perform these exercises properly.

Good mornings

Good mornings are a great exercise for toning the back muscles. Good mornings also work the glutes and hamstrings.

How to perform

Stand upright and keep your feet shoulder-width apart.

Bend both hands and place them on the chest. Keep the knees slightly bent.

Tighten the core then slowly bend the torso forward without moving the thighs or knees.

Bend forward until the torso is parallel to the floor then slowly lift the torso back to starting position and repeat.

Remember to keep the back arched throughout.

Holding dumbbells on each hand will make this exercise more challenging.

Bird dog crunches

This exercise will tone your back muscles and strengthen the core. It will also help tone the abdominal muscles.

How to perform

Start in the all fours position. Keep the neck aligned with the back.

Simultaneously lift the right arm and left leg and raise them until they’re parallel to the floor.

Slowly lower them and crunch in until the right elbow touches the left knee.

Repeat the movement without resting them arm or leg on the floor.

Switch legs and do the same number of reps.

Inverted rows

There aren’t many bicep exercises you can do without weights. But the inverted rows have got you covered.

Inverted rows work the biceps, lats, and upper back muscles.

How to perform

Place a broomstick on two chairs and leave some space between the chairs.

Lie on the floor between the chairs and grab the broomstick with a grip wider than shoulder width.

Keep the knees bent then pull yourself up until the chest almost touches the broomstick then lower yourself until the arms are almost straight then pull up again.

Keeping the legs straight will make the exercise more challenging.

Bend over rows

Most people perform this exercise with weights but it’s also beneficial without weights. It will tone the biceps and back muscles.

How to perform

Stand upright, keep your feet shoulder-width part and knees slightly bent.

Slightly lean forward and keep the back arched.

Squeeze your arm muscles then slowly pull the arms upward until the fists touch the rib cage.

Lower the arms to starting position and repeat.

Isometric bicep curls

The isometric bicep curls will strengthen your biceps and forearm.

How to perform

Strand upright and keep the feet a few inches apart.

Bend the right elbow at 90 degrees then grab the right wrist with the left arm.

Tighten both arms and try to curl the right arm as you press it down with the left arm.

Do this for as long as you can then rest and repeat.

Planks with arm raises

This exercise will tone your upper back muscles and strengthen the core.

How to perform

Get in the straight arm plank position and keep the neck in its neutral position.

Tighten the core then lift one arm off the floor and raise it sideways until it’s parallel to the floor.

Lower it to the floor and lift the opposite arm. Keep alternating the hands.

Perform this exercise until failure then rest and repeat.

Final word

This workout will help tone your upper body and make you stronger. Just remember to warm up before every workout. Doing jumping jacks for 3 minutes will get the blood flowing.

Will you add this workout to your routine?

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