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Full-Body Exercise Equipment for Home Workouts

12 Best Full-Body Exercise Equipment for Home Workouts

If you are committed to fitness, it is essential for you to do full-body workouts. These are workouts that involve the entire body including hands, legs, the abdomen, and chest. Not only do these prevent plateaus, but they also transform the body rapidly.

If you only have a few days a week to exercise (like 2 or 3) then full-body workouts would be a great option. Additionally, they give your body room to recover since you will not be doing them back to back.

In this study, it was shown that exercises involving full-body movements engaged more muscle groups and thus enhanced fitness levels.

Finally, they add diversity to your workout thus ensuring you don’t get bored. If your training regimen is interesting, you are more likely to stick to it.

Doing compound exercises is the way to go. In case you would like to reap all these benefits from the comfort of your house, here are some exercise machines to consider.

Full Body Exercise Equipment for Home Workouts

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1. The Air Bike

An air bike differs from other exercise bikes because it has handles that move as you peddle. This way, you get a full-body workout involving both the legs and arms.

Also, this bike relies on the wind rather than the flywheel for resistance. The more you work, the greater the resistance becomes. You can increase the intensity of your workout to almost infinite levels.

Furthermore, the total body workout will not take a toll on your joints because it’s low impact.

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2. Bowflex Home Gym

This refers to a resistance exercise machine manufactured and owned by Bowflex Inc. The machine works by engaging the pulley cable system. These come from some long, movable rods at the back of the machine.

When you start out, the workout may not be difficult but as you go along, it increases in tension and thus complexity. There are various upper and lower body exercises you can do.

Some versions can allow you to try up to 90 exercises. These include bench presses, seated lateral rows, crossover rear rows, bicep curls, and lateral crunches.

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3. Power Cage

The power cage is sometimes called a power rack and is ideal for weight training. This machine comes with 4 posts placed vertically. They each have horizontal bars that may are sometimes called rails, pins or catches.

The machine has several attachments that allow you to customize them. Most people like to do squats on the power cage. However, these are combined with other exercises like deadlifts and lockouts.

Apart from allowing you to do many exercises, the rack keeps you safe from injury while you work out.

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4. Suspension Bodyweight Trainer

This equipment consists of suspension training straps that have anchors for attachments anywhere. They are helpful in core workouts, strength training, burning fat and muscle-building when moving.

The 7 foundational moves people perform on them are squats, pulls, planks, hinges, rotations, pushes, and lunges. It works by you placing the straps on doors or beams, trees, poles or rafters.

The lightness of the trainer means that you can take it anywhere. Additionally, you can use it indoors or outdoors.

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5. Elliptical Machine

An elliptical machine is a full-body machine that you won’t miss in any gym worth its salt. The reason is that it gives your body a myriad of benefits.

The elliptical machine increases endurance and stamina through aerobic exercise. In this study, it was shown the device is low impact and prevents injuries on the joints and knees. The outcome is possible by keeping your feet on the peddles throughout.

Most importantly, this machine gives you upper and lower movements through its peddles and handles. That way, your biceps, triceps, chests, core, glutes and hamstring muscles are engaged.

Here are the 5 best affordable elliptical machines.

6. Fit Rider

A Fit Rider machine is like a stationary bike with more resistance and handles for engaging the hands. It is ideal for toning different muscle groups and sculpting your legs or glutes.

Most people also love the way it engages the core. Every movement allows you to exercise the upper and lower body. It is also low impact and great for long cardio sessions.

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7. The Indoor Rowing Machine

The indoor rowing machine mimics the motions of a real rower. This means that you move your hands, legs, thighs and other muscle groups as you row.

The machine is a great cardio exercise tool and strength trainer. Generally, rowers have strong hands and core. Your endurance is likely to increase without compromising on safety as the machine is low impact.

Here’s a review of the 5 best rowing machines.

8. Vertical Climber

This climbing machine allows you to build resistance through your own weight. Users have reported leaner legs and well-toned arms after using the climber.

As the name implies, the vertical climber is for those who would like to practice hill climbing in the comfort of their homes. You would build core, lower and upper body strength sufficiently.

You can thus combine aerobic and resistance training and reap the benefits in terms of your body mass. It is also easy to collapse and transport it.

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9. Total Gym 1100

This machine consists of a glide board that has handles. It also has leg and wing attachments for arm and leg exercises.

The manufacturer claims that the machine can give you up to 60 different exercise options. There is a pulley system to help with height adjustment.

Some of the exercises you can do include side planks, resisted crunches, leg pull-ins and leg curls.

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10. Vibration Platform Machine

This machine makes your body vibrate as you sit or lie or stand on it. The energy transmitted to your body causes your muscles to contract and relax several times a second.

It helps in strengthening your muscles as well as in losing weight. The machine can also reduce muscle soreness and build strength.

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11. Power Trainer

Most customers enjoy muscle building and training when they use the machine. This way, you can reduce the duration of your workouts and still enjoy the many benefits of the device.

If you don’t know what exercises to do, check out their manual which offers close to 20 options. In case you have challenges with wobbly parts, consider using this trainer.

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12. The Multi-Workout Bench

Think of this device like a decline or flat bench with attachments. The bench allows you to do strength and resistance training.

On the other hand, the attachments enable you to do sit-ups, back extensions, and others. Some multi-workout benches come with hand attachments that facilitate bicep curls. However, these tend to occupy more space and should only be chosen if you have lots of room to spare in your home.

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Final Word

Some of the fittest people have done all their workouts at home. Thanks to the above options, you too can become flexible or lose weight in the comfort of your home. Choose a machine based on your budget, available workspace as well as the cost of the machine.

Most importantly, select the kind that would help you achieve your fitness goals in the easiest way possible.

If you prefer to do bodyweight workouts, these 28 stunningly simple short workouts will transform your body rapidly.

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