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Intense short cardio workout you can do in your living room

7-Minute Cardio Workout You Can Do In Your Living Room

You don’t have to go outdoors or to the gym to get a good cardio workout. This short cardio workout will make you sweat buckets in your living room.

You’d be wrong to think that cardio has to be long and boring to deliver results. This 10-minute cardio workout is better than regular cardio workouts that only focus on endurance. It will boost your endurance and tone your muscles at the same time.

Don’t be lazy when doing this workout. Perform each exercise with intensity and try to do as many reps as you can in each set.

Read the pointers below the video to learn how to perform each exercise properly.

Home Cardio Workout

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Here’s a breakdown of the cardio workout you can do in your living room.

Marching in Place – 40 Seconds

Standing Mountain Climbers – 20 Seconds

Rest 15 Seconds

High Knees – 30 Seconds

Wall Push Offs – 60 Seconds

Rest 15 Seconds

Cross Jump Rotations – 30 Seconds

Lateral Arm Raises – 60 Seconds

Rest 15 Seconds

Cross Jacks – 30 Seconds

Half Squat Jab Cross – 30 Seconds

Jumping Jacks – 30 Seconds

Rest 15 Seconds

Quick Feet – 20 Seconds

Marching in Place

Many people assume that marching in place is easy but it’s not, especially when you swing your arms.

Lift your knees as high as possible and swing your arms fast. Also, keep the core tight and torso upright.

Standing Mountain Climbers

It’s time to try something new if you’re used to doing mountain climbers on the floor. This mountain climber variation is more rewarding.

Make sure you land on the ball of your feet and keep the knees slightly bent.

High Knees

This popular exercise activates your lower body and core. Perform it fast and raise your knees as high as possible.

Keeping your hands in front of your stomach will force you to raise your knees high in each rep.

Wall Push-Offs

This simple exercise will tone your triceps, shoulders, and chest muscles. Stand two steps away from the wall. Place your hand on the wall at shoulder-height and keep them shoulder-width apart.

Keep your body aligned in a straight line. You can make this exercise more challenging by standing further from the wall. Standing closer makes it easier.

Cross Jump Rotations

You’ll need some space to perform cross jump rotations. The important thing to remember is to keep your feet close together and land on the balls of your feet after you jump.

Lateral Arm Raises

I would discourage you from doing this exercise with weights. It strains the shoulder joint. But it’s okay to perform it without weights.

Keep your arms straight and control your motion as you lower the arms. Don’t just let them fall.

Cross Jacks

Cross jacks will give you a full body workout and improve your explosiveness. Remember to keep your ab muscles tight throughout.

Half-Squat Jab Cross

Throwing punches while in the half-squat position will engage your arms, shoulders, core, and leg muscles.

Throwing the punches side to side will also activate your oblique muscles if you keep your abs tight.

Jumping Jacks

Frankly, it’s hard to mess up jumping jacks. Just remember to keep your core tight and land on the balls of your feet.

Quick feet

Does this exercise look easy to you? Well, it’s not. Try to do it as fast as possible for 60 seconds.

There you have it. A short cardio workout you can do in your living room. Now, I love cardio but you have to mix it up with strength training to transform your body fast.

The fat blaster sequence is the perfect combination of cardio and strength training. Take a keen look at it now.

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