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10 Easy Ways of Burning 1000 Calories a Day

There is a lot to say when the subject of burning 1000 calories a day comes up.

It is a fiery debate with explosive findings. It is possible to burn 1000 calories a day.

However, it is not a walk in the park. You are required to put your body to action to trigger the burning of calories.

To embark on this journey, it is only fair and proper to understand that there are exercises that burn 1000 calories a day.

Exercises are a sure way of burning 1000 calories a day. For this to happen, though, how hard you hit your exercise choice determines how much you burn.

The best advice is to get to a training routine you will enjoy as you shed off the 1000 calories.

The chemistry behind burning 1000 calories a day is great for those looking for an effective way to lose weight.

When the body burns 1000 calories in a day, a week is enough to lose at least two pounds. Burning 3500 calories will make you lose two pounds.

Science states that one pound is equal to 3500 calories. This means that when burning an estimated 1000 daily, you will lose 7000 calories, which are equivalent to two pounds.

If you decided to hit the treadmill, be aware of this; the difference between how hard you think you are exercising and the reality of how much you are exercising makes the real change.

In one term, this is referred to as the rate of perceived exertion (RTE), which exists mostly in your thinking than in your muscles.

A study published in the International Revue of Sport and Exercise Psychology cited that a great playlist alleviates RTE and improves the body’s energy levels. In essence, you work out more.

Psychologist Mike T. Nelson adds that a great playlist helps you remain on this routine longer.


10 Easy Ways of Burning 1000 Calories a Day

The mention of burning 1000 calories a day is likely to shock you, but it is easy. The secret is in exercising under the guise of fun activities which you would undertake at any given time.

Here are 10 of the best ways to burn calories, and you won’t even realize it.


It sounds like a lot of fun, and it really is. You can never go wrong with hiking.

The thrill to know more about a place, get challenged by its terrain, and push yourself to higher heights makes a big difference in your health.

Unknown to you, hiking can be a great way to burn 1000 calories in a single day.

According to Mike Donavanik, C.S.C.S., creator of Extreme Burn DVDs, hiking gets the lower body working profusely more than it would ever work in the gym.

He says that when climbing up a hill and coming down, the weight on your back and different steps you take are enough to burn 1000 calories in at least 120 minutes of hiking.


This is the ultimate challenge for travelers. Each of us has an innate wanderlust feeling, and when you finally get to your destination, chances are you may want to explore more or enjoy the surrounding while biking.

This is an excellent choice for burning 1000 calories in a day. Besides working the glutes, core, and quad muscles, you put in more energy to maneuver through different terrains.

So effective is biking that your body burns 1000 calories in about 80 minutes. Compared to a stationary bike, moving the bike peddles in the real world is greatly rewarding.


Are you a football fan? If you are, the good news is running after that ball in the field is effortlessly rewarding.

The fast movement when chasing the ball spurs up your energy levels in burst-like and explosive movements.

The aftermath is that you burn calories efficiently whilst building muscles. In 85 minutes, it is possible to burn 1000 calories. The football session is not just about fun but a great health reward.


Fitness expert Mike Donavanik explains that Kayaking enthusiasts tend to advantageous when the burning of calories is involved.

Kayaking will get your upper body working and core muscles deep in action.

“Kayaking works your upper body and core strength all the way Half of your body is pretty much taken out of the equation, so now you have to balance the kayak in the water while navigating and propelling yourself forward. You’re constantly pulling and pushing,” he explains.

When pushing through currents, the body uses more strength. In 135 minutes of kayaking, you can be sure of burning 1000 calories.


Rock climbing is a supercharger for burning 1000 calories a day. The constant supply of energy to climb the rocks burns calories fast. You also get muscular gains from all this.

A 60-minute rock climbing session is a guarantee you will burn 100 calories.


A 90-minute session in the court playing basketball will burn 1000 calories. The movement from all directions, mild sprints are great for you.


Soccer is another form of a sprint. Very effective in the sense that it ups your metabolism. How you handle the ball involves firepower in your legs and the energy to sprint, which is why 80 minutes of a soccer game will burn 1000 calories.


A Lazy man’s sport is what scuba diving is known as but in the hypothetical laziness; you have a guarantee of burning 1000 calories a day. When swimming, calories are burned to give you energy and maintain a constant body temperature. In 95 minutes, you will have burned 1000 calories.


When winter sets in and snows coats all surfaces, skiing is the ultimate sport for the season.

What you did not know is that in 200 minutes of skiing, your body burns 1000 calories. The real deal is uphill skiing. You burn 25 calories every minute due to the high amounts of energy required to give the body thrust.


Hockey is a unique sport because it is less of running and pushing the body laterally.

This means glutes, quads, and hamstrings are greatly involved and suck up a lot of energy to keep them in action.

Because it involves the working of the lower body and upper body muscles, more calories are burned to provide energy for the game.

A good look at hockey players points to chiseled bodies, a testament the sport can keep you in great shape.


Doing what you have passion for, be it in sports or killing time when out on travel, could be your holy grail to burning 1000 calories in a single day.

It is possible to burn the calories effortlessly as you take a stroll on your bike in the estate or any other place you visit.

If you are looking forward to losing weight in what can be described as an “effortless weight loss journey,” try doing what you love in physical activities.

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