herbal appetite suppressants that work

10 Best Herbal Appetite Suppressants That Work

If you want to control hunger and suppress your appetite, this article will show you herbal appetite suppressants that work.

Most people fail to lose weight because they can’t stay away from the unhealthy foods they crave. Surprisingly, folks crave these foods even when they’re not hungry.

Drinking lots of water is an easy way to control your appetite. But you may need herbal appetite suppressants to curb your appetite for good.

Even though herbal appetite suppressants are natural, they can have side effects if overused. So do get too excited and take huge amounts – practice moderation.

The herbal appetite suppressants below can help you control your appetite, especially when combined with high-fiber foods and lots of water.

Herbal Appetite Suppressants That Work

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1. Alfalfa

Alfalfa has lots of health benefits. It aids digestion, helps control cholesterol, and controls blood sugar levels.

Alfalfa can control your appetite because it regulates blood sugar levels. Most times we crave sweet foods due to low blood sugar levels. Once blood sugar is balanced the cravings reduce.

I may also note that saponin, the active ingredient in this herb, has been shown to make fats more soluble.

2. Chickweed

Chickweed has long been known to aid weight loss. In fact, this herb is usually an ingredient in most weight loss supplements and appetite suppressants. Plus, it is also known for its ability to break down fat molecules for better absorption

You can either eat it raw in your salad or sprinkle it on your main meals. It is advisable to consume it with burdock root.

While chickweed breaks down fat molecules, burdock root balances fats with oils in the body. In addition, the burdock helps remove fats from the body. This is why the combination promotes digestion, curbs cravings and in turn, facilitates healthy weight loss.

3. Burdock root

This herb helps boost metabolism and it also has the ability to act as a diuretic. It has three active ingredients which are non-hydroxy acids, polyphenolic acids, and inulin.

The best way to take this herb is to add it to water and then drink it. Boil 3 cups of water then add 3 teaspoons of burdock root to the water. Let the water cool down then drink the mixture between meals.

It’s also worth noting that this herb is good for your blood. It helps purify it and detoxifies the lymphatic system. It contains a lot of iron and it provides the blood with hemoglobin.

4. Cascara Sagrada

Did you know that cascara sagrada is used in slimming teas to aid weight loss? This herb is a mild laxative and a diuretic and it is better taken as a capsule.

People with undiagnosed abdominal pain and breastfeeding mothers should avoid this herb.

5. Licorice root

Licorice helps suppress appetite by regulating blood sugar levels. This herb also contains glycyrrhizic acid, a compound which has been shown to lower leptin (hunger hormone) levels. Lower leptin levels mean less appetite.

To enjoy the effect of this herb, you should take 2 sticks a day. Alternatively, you can take licorice tea or extract.

6. Dandelion Root

Dandelion root can curb your sugar cravings and boost your metabolism. Research shows that taking dandelion tea before meals can promote fat and cholesterol breakdown.

Adding dandelion leaves to salads and meals can also help you control appetite and lose weight.

7. Cinnamon

Cinnamon is one of the top recommended herbs for diabetics since it helps regulate blood sugar levels. As I’ve mentioned, controlling blood sugar makes it easier to suppress appetite.

Sprinkle cinnamon powder to your meals or use cinnamon oil.

8. Green tea

This herb is a natural stimulant which acts like coffee but it is more advantageous than coffee because it contains antioxidants and vitamin C.

While you can get it in capsule form, it is more effective and works faster in liquid form.

After a study was conducted at the University of Geneva in Switzerland, it was discovered that green tea increases rates of metabolism and it also facilitates fat oxidation. Giving it ability to increase energy expenditure – green tea can help you shed fat and lose weight fast.

9. Nettle

This herb has lots of benefits due to its high nutrient content. It contains potassium, silica, iron, magnesium, calcium, and vitamins like E and C, all these collectively help to strengthen the bones and also heal broken bones faster. They also heal tendon injuries and muscle strains.

That is not all, the herb also helps to clear toxins from the body. Last but not the least, nettle reduce cravings and it curbs hunger which in turn facilitates weight loss.

10. Fennel

This herb increases energy, suppresses hunger and acts as a diuretic.

To make fennel very effective, you can mix a teaspoon of fennel seed with two teaspoons of nettle leaves and three cups of water. If you prefer this method, do not use more than one teaspoon of fennel as it is quite toxic. It should be taken moderately.

Here is another method. It is called fennel seed tea. To prepare fennel tea, you need to add 4 teaspoons of fennel seeds in 2 pints of boiling water and you allow it to simmer for about 5 minutes. Pour it into a covered container and allow it to cool down completely. You can now strain the seeds from the tea.

All you need is to take a cup three to four times a day. You can take it hot or cold depending on your preference.

Final Word

These herbal appetite suppressants are very effective, but they won’t work unless you get adequate sleep. Managing stress is also important. As you may know, stress triggers emotional eating.

As I said at the start of the article – drink lots of water. And remember to eat enough healthy fats and protein. Research shows that high-protein diets help suppress appetite.

Lastly, avoid sugar and processed foods since they increase appetite. Get your carbs from whole foods live veggies, fruits, and legumes.

Which herbal appetite suppressant has worked for you?

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