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The Best Bodyweight Butt Workout (Beginner to Advanced)

If you’d like to make your butt firmer or bigger, use this workout. It’s a simple bodyweight butt workout fit for anyone, from beginner to advanced trainees.

These exercises won’t just build your butt muscles, they’ll build leg muscles and burn excess fat. In fact, this can also be used as a leg workout.

Take 90 seconds rest between the exercises. And feel free to divide the exercises into several sets if you can’t complete the reps in one set. Do the workout 1-2 times a week.

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Best Bodyweight Butt Workout

best bodyweight butt workout

The workout

40 Donkey kicks (each leg)

45 Glute bridges

45 Sumo squats

20 Side lunges (each leg)

15 Split squats (each leg)

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