10 Dangerous Amethyst Biomat Side Effects

The amethyst biomat is a mat designed to improve your core body temperature using Far Infrared Rays (FIR) and negative ions. We talk about amethyst biomat side effects in a short while, but first, here is how it works.

These rays cause vibrations within your body and increase your cells’ energy production without needing your muscles to contract.

It has four different settings; blue, green, orange, and red settings.

Each of these settings comes with different temperatures ranging from 35⁰C to 70⁰C. Blue represents the lowest range (35⁰C to 45⁰C), while red represents the highest range (65⁰C to 70⁰C).

Additionally, every setting has its own set of alleged benefits and a particular duration you should use it for.

Also, it is made with amethyst stones which send a heating current into your body when you turn it on.

It is also noteworthy that the amethyst biomat has been approved by the FDA due to some benefits you will learn of shortly.

Now that we have discussed its operating mechanism let’s talk about everything you need to know.

We will also include some amethyst biomat side effects while at it.

What does the Amethyst Biomat do?

Before we get into discussing amethyst biomat side effects, here are a few things its manufacturer claims it can do for you:

It improves overall blood circulation

When this mat heats up your body, it reacts by causing the blood vessels in your cardiovascular system to dilate and increase the oxygen supply to organs and muscles.

It does this without causing additional stress within your body.

It enhances the absorption of nutrients in your body

Improving your blood circulation, it makes it easier for your blood to transport nutrients to your cells more efficiently.

This can also enhance the ability of your cells to absorb vital nutrients from the blood.

It reduces fatigue and stress

Some massage parlors include amethyst biomat therapy as part of their stress-relieving massage sessions.

The heat released by the mat warms up your muscles in readiness for your massage, making it easier to release tension from them.

You can also lie on it for about 15 minutes after a busy day to decompress and feel less tired.

It can speed up muscle recovery

If you are an athlete or a person involved in fitness activities, then the amethyst biomat may be a worthy addition to your recovery regimen.

You can lie on it to help relieve your post-workout soreness and speed up your recovery before your next session.

Can you lay on your stomach on the Biomat?

Yes, you can.

You can lie on your tummy, your side, or whichever way you’d like.

The heat will likely get to all your muscles either way, but you probably get to heal more when you focus on the area you intend to get relief.

Amethyst biomat side effects

So far, you have learned pretty much everything you need to know about this therapy, save for amethyst biomat side effects.

Here are some amethyst biomat side effects you’ll be glad you knew about before you jumped on the infrared therapy bandwagon:

It may cause slight fevers

Many people report their overall body temperatures increasing after using the amethyst biomat.

The manufacturer attributes this to the effects of detoxification when the therapy is getting rid of toxins from your bloodstream.

You may suffer mild burns

It may not happen every single time, but there’s a slight risk of getting burnt while using the amethyst biomat.

The risk is even higher if you use it at the highest setting, up to 70⁰C.

It can cause mild dryness on your skin

Using amethyst biomat can make your skin develop mild dryness, especially if it is sensitive.

Make sure to chat with a dermatologist if your skin is sensitive before you start using it. Find out if you can use lotions to prevent your skin from drying out.

You can also apply serums or oils after using it to restore moisture to your skin.

You may develop a bit of scaling

Some regular users of amethyst biomat complain that it causes scaling on the face.

For this reason, people with skin conditions that make them prone to scaling should avoid it or use it under the direction of a dermatologist.

It can make your skin red

Before you start using the amethyst biomat, beware that it can cause your skin to get inflamed and turn red.

This condition is scientifically known as erythema.

Thankfully, the inflammation is usually mild and goes away with time.

It can make perioral dermatitis worse

Perioral dermatitis is characterized by small, red rashes resembling acne around the mouth.

If you suffer frequent bouts of this condition, you may want to keep off amethyst biomat.

It can contribute to premature aging of the skin

Using the amethyst biomat regularly exposes your skin to a significant amount of infrared radiation, which alters the structural proteins of your skin.

Such changes on your dermal structural proteins may speed up your skin’s aging process, making you look older than you should.

It can worsen melasma

According to research, exposure to infrared radiation can worsen melasma.

Melasma is a condition characterized by brown patches on the face, usually caused by hormonal changes or exposure to the sun.

If you suffer from it, you should ensure your face doesn’t interact with the heat from the biomat.

Exposing your face or head to this kind of radiation is generally not advisable.

Keeping your face away from it helps reduce the risk of damaging the sensitive organs within your head.

It is not ideal if you have a metal implant

If, for any reason, you have a metal implant anywhere within your body, the amethyst biomat may not be ideal for you.

The heating from the mat may overheat the implant and cause pain or discomfort in the area with the implant.

It poses a risk to your cells

You should know that you may be risking your body cells by heating your body up with the amethyst biomat.

This is especially likely when you use it at temperatures not conducive to your cells for a long time.

Who should not use an infrared heating pad?

Several categories of people should avoid infrared radiation, including those with arthritis, psoriasis, edema, pain, joint stiffness, and frequent muscle spasms.

Additionally, it is not ideal if you suffer from eczema, tuberculosis, photosensitivity, and tumors.


Don’t let the hype around this mat make you start using it before you learn anything about the amethyst biomat side effects.

There are quite a number of amethyst biomat side effects that remain unknown to most users.

This is because its manufacturers often fail to address them adequately.

Let this article be your reference point if you need to know anything about these side effects.

Also, make sure to consult a doctor before you start using this mat.

This would be particularly necessary if you are susceptible to the amethyst biomat side effects.

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