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Standing Workout for love handles

8-Minute Standing Workout for Love Handles for Men and Women

Do you want to get rid of ugly love handles? Well, doing this standing workout several times a week can flatten your love handles.

You see, this workout won’t just build your oblique/ side ab muscles, but it’ll also lower your body fat percentage. A lower body fat percentage will shrink your waistline and tighten your entire body.

It’s worth noting that standing exercises are more effective than lying exercises because they engage more muscle groups.

For instance, standing elbow to knee crunches activate your ab, oblique, and leg muscles while bicycle crunches only activate your ab and oblique muscles.

Make sure you read the instructions and watch the demonstrations below the video before doing the workout.

Standing Home Workout for Love Handles

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Here’s a breakdown of the standing home workout for love handles:

Side-to-Side Punches – 60 Seconds

Rest 15 Seconds

Standing Elbow to Knee Crunches – 60 Seconds

Rest 15 Seconds

Standing Side Crunch – 60 Seconds (30 Seconds Each Side)

Rest 15 Seconds

Half-Squat Torso Twists – 50 Seconds

Rest 15 Seconds

Squat to High Kick – 60 Seconds

Rest 15 Seconds

Side Step Squats – 40 Seconds

Rest 15 Seconds

Sumo Side Crunch – 60 Seconds

Side-to-Side Punches

Punching is a more challenging exercise than many of us realize. It strengthens shoulder muscles and activates oblique muscles, especially when you punch side to side.

Keep your ab muscles tight and punch as fast as possible. Hold a pair of light dumbbells to make this exercise more challenging.

How to do Side to Side Punches

Standing Elbow to Knee Crunches

As I mentioned above, this exercise builds your abs, oblique, and leg muscles. Make sure your elbow touches your knee in each rep.

Keep your ab muscles tight to get the most out of this exercise.

How to do Standing Elbow to Knee Crunches

Standing Side Crunch

This exercise will tighten your midsection and improve your balance. If you find yourself losing balance, hold on to a wall for support.

Raise your knee as high as possible after each rep and keep your oblique muscles tight.

How to do Standing Side Crunch

Half-Squat Torso Twists

You probably know that doing half-squat is a great way of activating your quadriceps. When you add a twist to this exercise, your oblique and ab muscles are activated as well.

Keep your torso upright and tighten your abdominal muscles. Then twist your torso from left to right without moving your head.

How to do Half squat torso twists

Squat to High Kick

Even though this exercise doesn’t target your oblique muscles, it’s will burn lots of calories.

Squat as low as possible in each rep. Try to do as many reps as possible in 60 seconds.

How to do Squat to High Kick

Side Step Squats

Side step squats activate your quads, hamstrings, glutes, and lower back.

You can make this exercise more challenging by holding weights or wearing a weighted vest.

How to do Side Step Squats

Sumo Side Crunch

This exercise targets the quads and oblique muscles. It’s important to pause for 1 second at the middle and squeezing your abs before crunching to the other side.

How to do Sumo Side Crunch

It’s worth noting that you need to activate your “Metabolism Ignitor Muscles” to get rid of love handles rapidly.

Activating these muscles will put your metabolism and allow you to burn fat while sitting, resting, or sleeping.

Learn more about the “Metabolism Ignitor Muscles”

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