Total body workout for weight loss

7-Minute Total Body Workout for Weight Loss

You can lose weight exercising for only 7 minutes a day. However, your workouts need to be intense and challenging, like the workout below.

Today’s workout targets your entire body, which will allow you to burn lots of calories in a short period.

Now, there’s no reason for you to skip workouts. You can do this total body workout anywhere, at home, at the beach, at work, or in the park.

The workout has a few classic exercises such as squats and reverse crunches, which means you won’t struggle to learn proper form.

Enjoy the 7-minute total body workout for weight loss.

Total Body Workout for Weight Loss

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Here’s a breakdown of the routine:

Split jump squats – 40 seconds

Rest 10 seconds

Elbow plank with leg lifts – 60 seconds (30 seconds each side)

Rest 10 seconds

Side plank dips – 60 seconds

Rest 10 seconds

Good mornings – 60 seconds

Rest 10 seconds

Deep squats – 60 seconds

Reverse crunches – 60 seconds

Split jump squats

This exercise mainly targets your leg and glute muscles. It burns lots of calories because you have to perform it with lots of intensity.

Make sure you control your movement as you bend your knees. If you don’t your knees may hit the floor.

Elbow plank with leg lifts

Doing the regular plank all the time can get boring, that’s why we’re switching to plank with leg lifts.

This exercise engages your ab muscles and activates your glutes. Keep your glutes and thigh muscles tight as you lift the leg off the floor.

Plank dips

Plank dips help activate your oblique and rectus abdominis muscles. The goal of this exercise is to move your hips from one side to the other without moving your shoulders.

Good mornings

This exercise mainly targets your lower back, hamstrings, and glutes. Keep your back slightly arched as you bend forward in order to engage the lower back muscles.

Also, avoid that bending your knees too much as that will reduce the activation of your hamstrings.

Deep squats

Deep squats are more rewarding than regular squats because they have a wider range of motion. However, it may not be easy for you to perform them if you lack flexibility. In that case, use these stretches to improve lower body flexibility.

Reverse crunches

Reverse crunches target your lower abdominal muscles. Make sure your lower back lifts off the floor while doing this exercise.

If you want to get in shape using total body workouts, follow the Fat Blaster Sequence. This sequence will make you leaner and stronger in the shortest time humanly possible.

Follow the Fat Blaster Sequence

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