10 Shocking Velovita Side Effects

Considering the number of MLMs out there, Velovita being one of them, it is vital to know its side effects.

MLM companies sell products that aid various areas of our lives. In our case today, Velovita specialises in health products.

Health MLMs have quite an array of benefits ranging from the health benefits themselves to even earning you a quick buck if you join their affiliate programs.

For the purposes of this article, however, we will focus on the health aspect and in this case, velovita side effects.

Their products claim to have benefits ranging from boosting mood to aiding in burning fat as you sleep.

What is Velovita?

Velovita is an MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) company that produces and sells health supplements popularly known as snaps.

They have quite a flashy website and global reach having the capacity to ship to over 70 countries worldwide.

If you mention Velovita you are probably talking about either of these three flagship products; Velovita Brān, Velovita Uüth or Velovita Zlēm.

Here is a quick run-down of what each of these products does and its associated benefits.

  1. Velovita Brān

    This right here is Velovita’s nootropic product and is arguably their most purchased product.

    If you are not aware, nootropics basically enhance cognitive function and efficacy. Brān has natural ingredients such as green coffee bean extract, PEA, GABA and Alpha GPC which are all proven to be effective in that regard.

    Brān promises an array of benefits;

    • Boosting mental energy.
    • Improving overall mood.
    • Enhancing focus and alertness.
    • Supporting positive thinking.

    It comes in a variety of flavours including but not limited to; chocolate sea salt, lemon drop and chocolate mint.

    It is also worth noting that this product will contribute to most of the velovita side effects. Do not get me wrong, it is not a bad product. That being said, its overdose will have the most punishing consequences of all the products on this list.

  2. Velovita Uüth

    This is Velovita’s anti-ageing product.

    The active ingredient is collagen peptides which are proven to improve skin elasticity, hydration as well as density.

    Its possible benefits include;

    • Improving nail health.
    • Hydrating skin.
    • Reducing fine lines and wrinkles.
    • Enhancing the overall feeling of wellness.

    Velovita also states that it boosts nitric oxide in the body which could suggest that it has aphrodisiac properties, i.e, it could increase libido.

    This could however be wrong since we do not know the exact amount of S7™ nitric oxide used in the product because Velovita has a proprietary formula.

    It would not be advisable to substitute this for approved aphrodisiacs like Viagra for men or flibanserin for women.

    It comes in the Superberry flavour.

  3. Velovita Zlēm

    This is Velovita’s blend that acts as both a sleeping pill and a fat burner. This is primarily owing to the fact that L-BAIBA or Mitoburn is one of the active ingredients.

    Zlēm promises to improve sleep patterns for a more stable sleep cycle. It is also said to help balance serotonin levels as well as reduce sleep-related stress.

    It comes in two flavours; red velvet and chocolate strawberry.

How to Take Snaps?

Now, it is worth noting that all of these products are sold as snaps. Snaps are basically small packets of liquid that are taken orally.

Velovita recommends about 1-2 snaps a day. It is however unclear whether it is safe to take different brands of these snaps at a time.

I would not risk doing that to avoid experiencing possible velovita side effects.

Velovita Side Effects

Before we begin listing the host of possible velovita side effects, I want to give a quick disclaimer.

Velovita products are made with natural ingredients. This means that for the most part, there will be little to no velovita side effects experienced.

That means that the velovita side effects that will be listed here will only be experienced in case of overdose or very rare conditions. These conditions will be clearly stated.

It is also worth noting that this list will encompass all three of the flagship products unless clearly stated.

  1. It May Cause Rapid Heartbeat

    Caffeine is considered a soft drug and should be taken moderately. Velovita Brān has green coffee bean extract as an active ingredient.

    It is a proven ingredient used in most nootropics due to its stimulating properties.

    The green coffee bean extract basically acts as a stimulant to most vital organs, the heart included.

    This Velovita side effect may mess with the systolic cycles if taken in large quantities.

  2. You May Experience Nausea

    This is another one of velovita side effects related to excessive caffeine intake. This is especially true for Velovita Brān.

    Excessive intake of Velovita snaps may result in nausea or vomiting due to the presence of green coffee bean extract as an active ingredient.

  3. Respiratory Depression May Be Noted

    GABA, one of the ingredients in Velovita Brān and Zlēm, is a powerful receptor clinically used on therapeutic medication for substance abuse.

    That can already tell you that it has addictive properties if overdosed. Not only that but also result in respiratory depression due to increased GABA signalling in the medulla of the brain stem.

  4. Alpha-GPC Related Side Effects

    Now Alpha-GPC is an ingredient, not a side effect. It is relatively safe for most people.

    However, it may cause a host of problems in some cases ranging from heartburn, headache, insomnia, dizziness, skin rash and confusion. This becomes more prevalent if taken alongside some medication.

    A study also showed that people that used Alpha-GPC were at a higher risk of getting a stroke than subjects who did not.

  5. It Could Cause Convulsions

    This is a Velovita side effect that is the forerunner of the next one on this list.

    Studies done by the FDA show that caffeine intake of over 400mg in quick succession had serious side effects like convulsions.

    That means that you should not take more than the daily limit of 2 snaps.

  6. Death in Severe Cases

    Yeah, I know.

    Death is a bit of a stretch but this is actually backed by studies.

    Yet again, caffeine is the culprit.

    The FDA found that 1200 mg of rapid intake of pure caffeine was too much and would result in severe symptoms … including death.

    To overdose on snaps however you would have to take about 12 snaps in quick succession. (each snap has about 100mg of caffeine)

    So yeah, you don’t want to take these snaps like snacks.

Velovita Side Effects on Discontinued Use

These side effects could be experienced by sudden discontinuation of using the products.

   7. A Sudden Increase in Weight May Be Experienced

When using any fat burner, Velovita Zlem included, discontinuation of use of the product has a non-trivial chance of causing an unexplained increase in weight.

This is one of the more common velovita side effects that is especially true if used for a prolonged period of time.

A quick disclaimer though.

Fat burners are not habit formers so this rebound effect is not guaranteed but it does occur in some cases.

     8. It May Lower Your Morale

This is one of the velovita side effects linked to the discontinuation of the use of supplements that contain caffeine like the case of Velovita Brān. It is however more prevalent in higher doses of caffeine like in pre-workout supplements. (150-250mg per serving)

A study shows that withdrawal symptoms of caffeine like low morale, irritability and depressed mood may be experienced when discontinuing intake of caffeine when you are accustomed to about 400mg of caffeine a day.

There is about 100mg of caffeine in a Velovita Brān snap, meaning there is a reduced chance of experiencing these symptoms if you stick to the recommended dose.


Velovita uses natural ingredients in their products which is quite commendable as this reduces the chance of side effects.

The chance of side effects occurring is negligible and this is especially true if you stick to the recommended daily dose. This essentially means that the benefits outweigh the potential velovita side effects.

There is no doubt that Velovita is one of the better MLMs out there with multiple great reviews. However, that alone is not a valid metric of the efficacy of the products.

Be sure to use these products to enhance your health regimens rather than as an end-all and be-all solution.


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