Upper body and core workout for beginners

10-Minute Upper Body and Core Workout for Beginners

Do you want stronger arms, shoulders, and core? Then this is the perfect workout for you. It’ll strengthen your upper body and increase muscle mass.

The workout may feel easy as you start but it gets challenging after 3 minutes. The first two exercises will warm up your upper body and get you in workout mode.

You have to train progressively in order to gain upper body strength fast. Therefore, do this workout for one week and then advance to more challenging upper body workouts.

Instead of doing long workouts, do short and challenging workouts. A 10-minute pull-up workout is effective than a 30-minute treadmill workout.

Therefore, use this workout to increase your upper body strength. Eventually, you’ll be able to do more rewarding exercises like decline push-ups and pull-ups.

Do the 10-minute upper body and core workout with lots of energy and intensity. Below the workout, are demonstrations on how to perform each exercise properly.

Upper Body and Core Workout for Beginners

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Here’s a breakdown of the upper body and core workout:

2 Rounds of

Arm Pumps – 40 Seconds

Scissor Chops – 20 Seconds

Rest 15 Seconds

Good Mornings – 30 Seconds

Wall Push Ups – 30 Seconds

Rest 15 Seconds

Plank Walkout – 30 Seconds

Elbow Plank – 30 Seconds

Rest 15 Seconds

Ab Curls – 30 Seconds

Glute Bridges on Toes – 30 Seconds

Arm Pumps

Keep your arms straight and chest muscles tight while doing arm pumps. Also, maintain a full range of motion. Raise your arms until they’re over your head and then quickly lower them until your elbows touch your lower belly.

Scissor Chops

This simple exercise strengthens your shoulders. Do scissor chops fast and remember to keep your arms straight.

Good Mornings

Good mornings activate your lower back muscles, which consequently strengthens your core.

Control your motion while doing this exercise. It won’t be very rewarding if you do it fast. Lastly, keep your back arched throughout.

How to do good mornings

Wall Push-Ups

Every beginner should take advantage of wall push-ups. They’re easy yet very rewarding. They strengthen the arms, shoulders, and core muscles.

The difficulty of wall push-ups depends on how close you are to the wall. The closer you are, the easier the exercise. The farther you are, the more challenging and rewarding the exercise is.

How to do wall push ups

Plank Walkouts

Plank walkouts strengthen the arms, shoulders, and core muscles. Walk out as far as possible in order to get the most out of this exercise. Remember to keep your body aligned in a straight line.

How to do plank walkouts

Elbow Plank

This exercise builds the abdominal muscles and helps stretch your hip flexors. Keep your knees, hips, and torso aligned in a straight line while holding the plank.

Avoid lowering your head. Keep the neck in its neutral position.

How to do elbow plank

Ab Curls

Ab curls will build your ab muscles. Make sure you lift your upper back off the floor for greater activation of your abs.

How to do ab curls

Glute Bridges on Toes

Glute bridges build the glutes and lower back muscles. Doing this exercise on your toes will activate your calf muscles as well.

Remember to squeeze your butt muscles every time you raise your hips.

You probably know that you have to train your entire body in order to burn fat and build muscle fast. For that reason, you should mix this workout with full body workouts like the ones in the fat blaster sequence.

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