10 Surprising Side Effects of Glucerna

Before using it as a meal replacement, be aware of the potential side effects of Glucerna. Abbott primarily makes Glucerna for people with type 2 diabetes

However, patients with prediabetes and type 1 diabetes can also benefit from it. Due to its low calorie, low sugar, and high protein content, Glucerna is said to aid in blood sugar management. 

Artificial sweeteners like sucralose and acesulfame potassium are also present in Glucerna. Sadly, sweeteners have the potential to pose health risks. 

Even though people with diabetes can use the product as a meal replacement, it’s best to be aware of the potential side effects of Glucerna. Therefore, the article will focus on 10 surprising side effects of Glucerna. 

Ingredients of Glucerna

Managing your blood sugar is the most important part of diabetes management. Glucerna contains manageable carbs levels. It uses ingredients that have a low glycemic index.

It contains

1. Water

Water is added to meal replacement shakes as a no-calorie option. It also makes it easier to digest.

2. Vegetable oils

Canola oil is rich in monosaturated fat. It also contains omega-3 fatty acids. In addition, it contains phytosterols which reduce the absorption of bad cholesterol.

High oleic sunflower oil is a source of energy for the cells. It contains omega-9 fatty acids. Additionally, it reduces the risk of heart disease.

Corn oil is about 30-60% linolein fats which are omega-6 fatty acids. It’s rich in vitamin E, which has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits.

3. Milk proteins

Glucerna contains sodium caseinate, calcium caseinate, and soy protein isolate. Sodium and calcium caseinate is derived from casein milk protein.

Soy protein isolate is derived from soybeans. It reduces the absorption of bad cholesterol.

4. Minerals and vitamins

Glucerna contains various minerals and vitamins that improve the nutritional profile of the drink.

Side Effects of Glucerna

You can use Glucerna as a meal replacement or nutritional supplement if you have diabetes. It

helps you manage your blood sugar levels. 

However, did you know that Glucerna can have some surprising side effects? If you’re considering taking it, you should know a few things about the potential side effects of Glucerna. 

While it’s generally considered safe, it can cause some surprising side effects in some people. Here are 10 of the most surprising side effects of Glucerna that you should be aware of.

It Can Cause Nausea

Among the possible side effects of Glecerna is Nausea. You’ll or may experience nausea when taking Glucerna. The sickness mainly results from the high carbohydrate content in Glucerna.

You May Feel Tiredness and Anxious

One of Glucerna’s customers reports experiencing extreme tiredness 10 minutes after drinking the product. According to her statement, taking Glucerna causes fatigue. 

This is especially true after taking too much of this product. The fatigue results from the high sugar content, which could lead to an energy crash after consumption is complete.

Additionally, using Glucerna may make you feel anxious and irritable. Your body becomes abnormally sensitive, and you get annoyed easily.

You May Experience Constipation

It’s recommended to drink a lot of water when you’re using Glucerna. Otherwise, you’ll experience constipation caused by the fiber found in Glucerna. 

You should, therefore, take it with enough water or other fluids. 

The Gas May Embarrass You

One customer says she noticed stomach bubbles and a lot of gas. She goes on to say that just standing up produced embarrassing results. 

Glucerna produced extreme gas all day, making it difficult to interact with others. It was not painful, but very uncomfortable. 

Yes, there is a possibility of having gas after taking Glucerna. The carbohydrates and fiber, some of the ingredients in Glucerna, can cause gas or bloating in some individuals. The condition worsens, especially when taken regularly. 

The bloating is due to indigestion from using too much of the product. Glucerna has a high concentration of fructose that causes indigestion.

It Can Cause Diarrhea

“I take Glucerna, and I have acid reflux and, within a couple of hours, extreme diarrhea,” says one customer. He continues to say that diarrhea becomes spontaneous and uncontrollable in extreme cases. 

Gluten causes your stool to become loose. The condition may worsen if you have symptoms of irritable bowel disease. One of Glucerna’s ingredients is carrageenan. 

The ingredient is highly problematic, especially if you have digestive issues.

Possible Allergic Reactions

If you’re allergic to certain ingredients, such as corn syrup solids or maltodextrin, avoid taking Glucerna. If you do take the supplement, you may experience an allergic reaction, such as swelling of the lips. 

Additionally, you’ll experience an itchy throat when exposed to these ingredients via Glucerna products. One customer reports experiencing a very itchy throat and non-stop sneezing. 

They also developed hives all over their body, from head to toe. He continues to say he not only itched severely but also experienced pain. 

You May Experience Low Blood Sugar

Glucerna helps manage blood sugar levels. Simultaneously, you can encounter low blood sugar from using it. 

Your blood sugar levels could drop extremely low due to using Glucerna. A condition known as hypoglycemia hence the need for caution. 

This mainly happens when you fail to take the supplement as directed or when you take it with other medications.

Possible Headaches and Dizziness.

Experiencing headaches and dizziness are among the side effects of Glucerna. The product contains too much fructose corn syrup, which can cause headaches for some users.

You May Observe Unexpected Weight Gain

Fructose corn syrup is still the culprit that causes this weight gain after using Glucerna. It is always apparent that sugar intake causes obesity. 

Furthermore, fructose is said to promote the most harmful type of body fat, known as visceral fat. Fructose promotes the accumulation of visceral fat around your organs. 

This type of fat has been linked to health issues like diabetes and heart disease. Therefore, you may experience weight gain when taking Glecerna. 

The high levels of calories and carbohydrates in the product also cause fat accumulation.

Similarly, eating too many Glucerna products hinders your weight loss efforts, especially when added to your diet. Make sure to use them as meal replacements instead! 

It May Increase Your Sugar Cravings

Glucerna has been shown to increase sugar cravings due to the presence of sweeteners. Additionally, sweeteners lead to overeating. 

Overeating and taking in a lot of sugar can harm your health, especially if you have diabetes. Furthermore, if you have pre-existing liver conditions, the product can worsen them. 

There is a possibility of impaired liver function due to the long-term use of the product. Even though it is uncommon, impaired liver function is due to the high sugar content in the product. 

It can damage pre-existing liver conditions or put you at risk of developing them down the line.


Most people have for a long time taken Glucerna as a healthy drink. Yes, it helps manage your blood sugar levels, but do you know the risks involved?

Like most people, you have probably also used Glucerna as a healthy drink to manage your blood sugar levels. However, you may not know that there are hidden side effects of Glucerna. 

Now you do. Therefore, if you’re considering taking Glucerna to manage your diabetes, you must consult your doctor first! 

Discuss any potential side effects of Glucerna you may experience while using it. Later, decide whether or not Glucerna is right for you!

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