How Students Can Stay Healthy while Studying Online at Home

The Coronavirus pandemic has altered the traditional education process. Many institutions have moved online, and students have had to isolate themselves from the teeming society of their peers and sit at home alone with their computers screens and themselves. It’s easier for them to cheat and find cheap essays online but harder to stick to schedules and a healthy lifestyle.

So how do you create that perfect study and healthy life balance when you study online at home?

The influence on isolated studies

Self-isolation and lockdown harm emotional and psychological health — this is a proven fact. It depends on the person, but research confirms that isolation causes emotional instability, increases anxiety, and causes insomnia.

Psychosomatic disorders arise in the background of constant emotional tension. That is, psychological factors lead to problems with the body and internal organs.

How not blame yourself for failing while others are successfully learning online?

Blaming ourselves, criticizing ourselves, giving ourselves commands like “pull yourself together, you wimp” is the worst thing we can do.

This approach is totally unproductive and will not provide you with energy and strength.

We cannot change the situation, so we have to learn to change our attitude, adapt to the new reality, and create a routine that allows us to have a healthy lifestyle at home. Whoever learns to adapt faster but in their mode will also be more successful in the future.

How to keep your emotional health by studying online at home?

Psychological health has a great influence on our physical condition. If we are psychologically drained, we won’t have the energy to study or the motivation to follow a healthy lifestyle.

Structuring your tasks and analyzing what you completed at the end of the day will positively affect your emotional state. It’s good for our brains to make lists and check off boxes about their accomplishments, so it’s easier for us to praise ourselves.

The following tips will also help you stay afloat:

  1. Make up certain rituals for yourself: coffee in the morning with a book, talking with loved ones, meditating, observing nature, taking a walk with your pets, or jogging in the park. You can create any rituals and change them, depending on your mood. The main thing is that you feel good, and it lifts your spirits.
  2. Communicate with your family and friends by phone or video chatting on any messenger. If the lack of communication with your university friends puts too much pressure on you, suggest making group calls in Zoom to discuss study issues or work on group projects. These simple steps will help you not feel socially isolated.
  3. Read books. It reduces anxiety, improves sleep, and develops the brain. You don’t have to read a lot — 30 minutes a day will be enough.
  4. Do something you’ve been planning for a long time but never had enough time to do: sort through the file folders on your computer, go through the photos, make a photo album, go through the stuff in the closet, sort it out, make room for the new stuff. Any change in our space triggers a flood of change in our lives.
  5. And lastly, if you are unable to do anything at all except study, just relax the rest of the time. Your main job is to sleep, drink tea, and rest. Our bodies need that kind of reset, too.

Imagine a computer that has overheated, and if you keep running programs on it, it won’t hold up. The same happens to your body.

How to maintain a healthy lifestyle without leaving home

Healthy routine

Don’t forget to watch your sleep schedule, even if you no longer have to get up early every morning and drive to campus, and your study schedule has become flexible. The habit of getting up and going to bed at the same time disciplines us and greatly affects our physical and psychological health. Circadian rhythm disruption is devastating to your hormonal system, and it is very difficult to recover.

Healthy eating

In fact, watching your diet at home is even easier than at the university cafeteria and fast-food cafes. Choose fresh foods, don’t forget about breakfast, and don’t overeat. Try to keep your diet varied, with vitamins and the necessary amount of protein, fats, and carbohydrates. Avoid very fatty and spicy foods. It is not as difficult as it seems at first sight, and the absence of problems with digestion will give you a good mood and lightness.

Water balance

Many people remember this rule only when it gets hot. Nevertheless, it is worth remembering to drink water regardless of the surrounding circumstances. It’s a good habit to drink a glass of water right after bedtime to get your body going. Do not try to drink 2, 3, 4 liters, as various sources advise. Drink as much as you need. Let it be at least 2-3 glasses, but daily. If your body is dehydrated, you may suffer from headaches, increased fatigue, and a feeling of constant exhaustion.


For most people, a healthy lifestyle is inseparably associated with running and fitness centers. But now you don’t have to leave home to get the body of your dreams. A lot of apps (both paid and free), video workouts on YouTube, IGTVs on Instagram, and your desire can replace expensive gym membership and individual training.


Don’t forget the vitamins! In the absence of sunshine and fresh air, the body needs nutrients. Look for them in fruits, vegetables, and herbs. If you know that your body is deficient in specific vitamins, you can order them on iHerb or buy them at your nearest pharmacy. We do not recommend taking vitamins uncontrollably and without taking tests or a doctor’s recommendation.


The fact that you don’t have to go to a campus anymore is no reason to get sloppy and smelly. Our immune system is directly related to our general state of health. In addition, your mood clearly improves when you just get out of the shower and put on fresh clothes. By the way, don’t forget to wash your clothes regularly and change towels, linens, and other textiles you use.

Break bad habits

Being at home is a great chance to get rid of bad habits, not a reason to exacerbate them. Think about the patterns that harm your health. Explore ways to get rid of them and challenge yourself. Play a game with yourself using willpower, motivation, and psychological tricks.


As you can see, there is no single reason why a healthy lifestyle at home is less accessible. Keep this in mind and improve every day.

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