Full body bodyweight workout

At-Home Full Body Workout (Beginner and Intermediate Level)

If you want to get lose fat or build muscle, this article will show you a full body workout you can do at home.

You will be leaner and stronger by the time you complete this full body workout. In fact, there’s no reason to skip a single workout. This program has exercises you can do anywhere – at home or on the road. Plus, you’ll get to train all muscle groups in one workout.

The exercises in the routine are for beginners and intermediates. If you are an advanced trainee this may not be the best routine for you.

With that said, this routine can help anybody lose fat, build muscle, and increase strength.

Full Body Workout Description

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I have divided the workout into 2 parts. Workout A and Workout B. You should start with workout A, which has beginner exercises then later advance to workout B, which has intermittent exercises. Do workout A for the first 4 weeks then advance to workout B.

Since it’s a full body workout – you’ll repeat the same exercises in every workout session.

The number of reps: Do each set to failure – the maximum number of reps for each exercise and maintain proper form.

Rest between sets: Take 1 minute rest between sets.

The number of workouts per week: Repeat this routine 3 times a week. Later, I will show you how to spread the workouts to get enough time to rest and recover.

Equipment needed: The only equipment you need is a pull-up bar. Buy one if you don’t have (they sell bars you can hook on any door) – no exercise can replace pull-ups.


Progression is a must for anyone who wants to increase strength and muscle mass. Adding reps after each workout is one of the best ways to progress. For instance, if you do 8 reps of pull-ups in one workout, do 9 or 10 reps in the next workout.

Now, it’s not possible to increase reps after every workout – sometimes you’ll stall. But you should always put maximum effort. Muscles grow when they are strained and challenged.

Advancing from workout A to workout B is progression too. But please be careful, and follow the program. Foolishly rushing to do advanced bodyweight exercises can cause injury.

Make sure you track your workouts. Keep a record of the number of reps you do for each exercise. This workout log will make it easy for you to track the workouts.

Don’t Forget Diet

It’s true that most folks focus on exercise but care less about what they eat. That’s too bad for them because it doesn’t work like that. Diet should come first – watch what you eat and how much you eat.

Stick to healthy eating habits regardless of whether your goal is to lose weight or build muscle. If your goal is to lose fat, get the Refocus Formula. I will show you how you can lose fat fast and steadily, without hitting plateaus.

If you want to build muscle – eat more calories than you burn. But still, keep it healthy.

The other important thing is to stay hydrated before, during and after the workout. So, keep a bottle of drinking water around.

Full Body Workout Plan

Monday – Workout

Tuesday – Rest

Wednesday – Workout

Thursday – Rest/ Cardio

Friday – Workout

Saturday – Rest

Sunday – Rest

Feel free to rearrange the workouts to fit your schedule. Either way, make sure you take a day off between workouts.

Warming up

Warm up for 5 minutes before each workout.

5-minute jump rope

5-minute spot running

Workout A (Week 1-4)

Push Ups – 2 sets

Pull-ups/ Horizontal pull ups – 2 sets

Burpees – 2 sets

Jump Squats – 2 sets

Bench dips – 2 sets

Bicycles – 2 sets

Exercise Notes

Push-ups: This exercise will build the chest, triceps and shoulder muscles

Pull Ups: Pull-ups are great for training the latissimus dorsi, upper back muscles, and the biceps. Do horizontal pull-ups if pull-up sare challenging for you. In fact, you can use a table to do horizontal pull ups.

Burpees: Burpees are a full body exercise, and they will improve your cardiovascular health.

Jump squats: Jump squats build the leg muscles and increase explosiveness

Bench dips: Bench dips work the triceps. You can make this exercise easier by doing it with the knees bent

Bicycles: Bicycles build the abdominal muscles and strengthen the core

Workout B (Week 5- 8)

Decline Pushups – 2 sets

Pull Ups – 2 sets

Burpees – 2 sets

Split Squats – 2 sets

Bench dips feet elevated – 2 sets

Hanging knee raises – 2 sets

Exercise Notes

Decline push-ups: This is a harder variation of the classic push-ups, it’s great for activating the pectoralis minor (upper chest).

Split squats: Split squats activate all the leg muscles and mainly focus on the glutes, quads, and hamstrings.

Hanging knee raises: This is a great exercise for activating the abs, especially lower abs.

Final word

Using a full body workout has its own advantages. For one thing, you don’t need to learn proper form for many exercises. And you’ll burn a whole lot of calories.

The key to having success with this workout or any other is consistency and progress. Don’t skip workouts.

Go ahead and start doing this routine. Keep me updated on your progress in the comments section.

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