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Bodyweight workout for runners

8-Minute Bodyweight Home Workout For Runners

Contrary to popular belief, strength training doesn’t lower running performance.

It actually boosts performance in so many ways. It improves your VO2 max, strengthens your bones, lowers the risk of injury, and helps you run faster.

Whether you’re running to lose weight or just to stay in shape, strength training can offer tremendous benefits.

Today’s workout is terrific. It’s short and works out your entire body.

It doesn’t require any equipment, which means you can do it at home or outdoors.

Make sure you perform each exercise properly. Read the instructions below the video on how to perform the exercises in this routine.

Bodyweight Workout for Runners

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Here’s a breakdown of the 8-minute bodyweight workout for runners:

Reach Through Crunches – 30 Seconds

Crab Kicks – 30 Seconds

Rest 10 Seconds

Single Leg Glute Bridges – 60 Seconds (30 Seconds Each Side)

Rest 20 Seconds

Lunge and Punch – 50 Seconds (25 Seconds Each Side)

Rest 20 Seconds

Lunge Mountain Climber – 50 Seconds

Rest 20 Seconds

Plank Hand Walkout – 40 Seconds

Rest 20 Seconds

Incline Push Ups – 30 Seconds

Rest 20 Seconds

Prisoner Squats – 30 Seconds

Rest 10 Seconds

Squat Hold – 30 Seconds

Reach Through Crunches

Reach through crunches will build your abs and strengthen your core. As you may know, core strength makes running easier and helps in maintaining proper form.

It’s important to lift your upper back off the floor in each rep. And perform the exercise slowly.

Crab Kicks

Crab kicks strengthen your arms, core, and leg muscles. Keep your ab muscles tight throughout.

If you can’t support your upper body with one arm, simply do the kicks without lifting the hand off the floor.

Single Leg Glute Bridges

Building your glute muscles will help you run faster, especially when sprinting. This exercise also activates the hamstrings and lower back muscles.

It is also good for relieving lower back pain.

Lunge and Punch

Lunge and punch will build your quads, hamstrings, calves, glutes, arm, and shoulder muscles.

Perform this exercise fast but not too fast that you mess up your form.

Lunge Mountain Climber

This exercise will loosen your hamstrings. As a result, you’ll be able to make wider strides and runner faster.

It’ll also activate your leg and core muscles. Avoid raising your hips as you lunge forward.

Plank Hand Walkout

Regular planks are amazing but this variation is even better. It will strengthen your core, arms, and shoulder muscles.

Keep your body aligned in a straight line and the neck in its neutral position. Keep the hand-strides narrow.

Incline Push Ups

If you’re new to strength training, chances are you won’t be able to perform regular push-ups properly.

Luckily, incline push-ups are easier to perform. They’ll strengthen your arms, shoulders, chest, and core muscles.

Prisoner Squats

Prisoner squats activate all lower body muscles. They require more balance than air squats since your hands are behind the head.

Squat Hold

Squat hold is a great isometric exercise for building your quads. Keep your thighs parallel to the floor and extend your hands out in front.

Make sure your knees don’t extend past the toes.

This simple workout can make you a better runner. And if you want to get in the best shape of your life, combine running with the fat blaster sequence.

This sequence will make you lean and strong. In fact, if you’re consistent, you can start seeing results in less than 7 days.

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