10 Surprising PT – 141 Side Effects

PT -141 is a synthetic peptide used to treat and manage sexual dysfunction in men and women. However, it can expose you to some effects. This article will focus on those PT-141 side effects.

Also known as bremelanotide, PT-141 treatment works by getting rid of erectile dysfunction and increasing libido in both male and female users.

PT-141 was initially intended to induce tanning and darken pigmentation on the skin.

However, with time its users realized that it had the effect of increasing sexual arousal and more companies started manufacturing it for this particular purpose.

Like almost every other drug, every person responds differently to PT-141.

What you may experience while on it can be totally different from what someone else experiences.

However, there are some commonly reported PT-141 side effects that everyone who plans to start using it should know about.

If you keep reading this article, you will find out about 10 little-known PT-141 side effects which your doctor may fail to mention to you.

We will take about these PT-141 side effects shortly but before we do, here are the answers to a few other questions you may have about it.


What does PT-141 do for men?

For male users, PT-141 boosts libido by increasing blood circulation to the genital areas, which on turn increases physical arousal.

When is the best time to inject PT-141?

The best time to inject this drug is at least 45 minutes before engaging in sexual activity.

You should not use more than one dose of it within 24 hours, or else you risk overdosing.

Additionally, the maximum number of  doses you should use per month is 8.

Taking more than 8 doses increases the risk of experiencing PT-141 side effects.

Where do you inject bremelanotide?

Bremelanotide is injected either at the front of the thigh or the area around the stomach.

This is because it works best in areas where there are deposits of fat on the body.

Take care not to inject it into the skin within the 2-inch region around your navel.

Also, make sure to avoid any area of the skin that is irritated, bruised, sore, inflamed or scarred.

PT-141 side effects

If you are looking to start using this drug, these are the PT-141 side effects that you know about.

Your lower back may hurt a bit

Lower back pain is a symptom commonly reported by users of PT-141.

If your lower back frequently hurts due to certain conditions or past injuries, you need to keep off this drug.

It may cause certain areas to darken

As mentioned earlier, PT-141 was originally intended to tan the skin by darkening pigmentation on the skin.

This was until its users discovered its aphrodisiac effect and more manufacturers starting marketing as a sexual performance enhancer.

In light of this information, keep in mind that this drug may darken certain areas of your skin, especially your gums, face and breast.

Note that if you have darker skin, you are more at risk of experiencing this side effect that people with lighter skin tones.

You may experience pain at the injection site

Injections for PT-141 are usually administered in the areas of the body with fat deposits.

As much as this may make it less painful, some people still experience pain at the injection site.

Aside from pain, you may also experience irritation at that site.

It can make you sleepy

You may want to avoid getting a PT-141 shot in the morning if you have several activities planned for the day.

This drug has the effect of making you feel sleepy and sluggish.

It is best recommended for use at night when you will likely sleep shortly after getting the injection.

You will probably get a headache

Don’t take a PT-141 if you’re trying to avoid a headache.

Many users of the drug report that it causes a headache that goes away after a short time.

However, if you get a headache that is a bit too uncomfortable and lasts longer than a few hours then you should see a doctor and discontinue the drug.

It may make you feel nauseated

Nausea is one of the most common PT-141 side effects.

It may occur after any of your injections, but most times it occurs after the very first one.

Thankfully, it goes away after a very short time so you don’t need to worry much about it.

You may throw up too

If you experience nausea after taking this drug, there’s a good chance you are going to actually throw up too.

This does not happen to everyone who gets the shot but it is a pretty common side effect especially for first time users.

You may experience flushing

Flushing happens when your skin turns red due to warm temperatures, spicy food, exercise, nervousness or some drugs like PT-141.

Skin conditions like atopic dermatitis and rosacea also cause it.

It is often a short-lived reaction that does not last for long, unless there’s an underlying condition causing it.

Studies suggest that it is also one of the PT-141 side effects that most users are likely to experience.

You may sweat a bit more than usual

Be prepared to sweat a bit more than usual if you choose to use this drug.

And if you use it during the day, it would be better to wear something light so that you are able to bear all the sweating that comes with the shot.

You may experience muscular pain

Aside from the pain you experience on the injection site, it is also likely that you will experience pain in your muscles.

This side effect is fairly uncommon, but some people report experiencing it after getting the shot.


Anyone who wants to use a drug has the responsibility to find out everything they need to know about the drug.

Lucky for you, this article has done half of the work for you by telling you the PT-141 side effects you probably had no idea about.

Note that this is by no means an exhaustive list of the side effects of the injection.

If you have any concerns regarding the drug, ask your doctor about them.

Also, if you have a reason to believe that you may be allergic to it, make sure you don’t use it without getting a go-ahead from the doctor.


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