10 Surprising Mona Lisa Touch Negative Side Effects

Have you heard about Mona lisa touch treatment. If your answer is yes, do you know its negative and positive side effects? Well, in this article, i will talk about those side effects and partically, the negative ones.

The Mona lisa touch treatment is a cosmetic procedure that involves the use of scarring to trigger cell regeneration.

How Does The Procedure Work?

Mona Lisa touch treatment involves the use of a tiny wand and laser energy. In certain cases, anaesthetic is used to alleviate any sort of discomfort.

The procedure involves the insertion of the wand into the vagina after which laser energy is emitted.


This laser triggers minimal scarring within the vaginal walls that triggers cell rejuvenation. As a result the mona lisa touch treatment leads to the following benefits:

Mona Lisa Touch Benefits 

Rejuvenates Vaginal Wall Tissue 

The need for rejuvenation of the vaginal wall is a necessary requirement for women especially those in the menopause stage.

As a result of menopause, the vagina becomes dry and thin due to the reduction of oestrogen levels which is what facilitates sexual drive.

Additionally, it also oversees the development of the human reproductive system. Therefore the lack of oestrogen results in symptoms such as low sex drive and thin, dry vaginal walls 

Therefore, when you undergo the mona lisa touch treatment, you revitalise the vaginal walls which leads to an increase in your sex drive. 

Helps Treat Symptoms of Vaginal Atrophy

Vaginal atrophy refers to the drying and thinning effect of the vagina as a result of the lack of oestrogen.

As mentioned above, low oestrogen levels are a common effect of menopause. 

Symptoms of vaginal atrophy include a burning sensation, discomfort while urinating, and recurrent urinary tract infections.

The mona lisa touch treatment is therefore used to cope with these symptoms in order to provide reprieve.

Stimulates Collagen Production

The mona lisa touch treatment uses targeted laser energy to trigger natural healing by initiating injury within the vaginal wall lining. 

As a result of the injury, the body responds by directing regenerative stem cells toward the vaginal lining.

This leads to collagen production which keeps the vaginal walls healthy.

Makes The Vaginal Wall Tissue Firmer & Tighter

Once the mona lisa touch treatment is complete, there is a general resuscitation within the vaginal walls.

The resultant resuscitation results from the body’s repair mechanism after injury. 

The regenerated stem cells produce stronger collagens which lead to firmer and tighter vaginal wall tissue.

Facilitates Natural Lubrication 

The laser energy from the mona lisa touch treatment is all-encompassing. This means it stimulates the vaginal wall from within.

As a result of a healthy wall lining, the vagina is able to self sufficiently generate sufficient moisture and elasticity.

Improves Blood Flow To The Vaginal Area

The overall regeneration of the vaginal wall instigates the generation of new blood vessels.

Consequently, this means that more blood flows toward the vaginal area which improves blood flow.

Good blow flow within the vaginal area is also important as it helps with arousal and sexual drive.

Helps With Symptoms of Lichen Sclerosus

Lichen sclerosus refers to a condition that leads to thin, itchy vaginal skin often characterised by discoloured and patchy skin.

Its symptoms also include inflammation. However, the mona lisa touch treatment reduces the inflammation making it less itchy.

Side Effects 

Keyword: Mona Lisa Touch Negative Side Effects  

Causes Vaginal Discomfort

The mona lisa touch treatment can be administered with the help of an anesthetic. 

That said, it can still be uncomfortable and lead to mona lisa touch negative side effects.

As mentioned above, the treatment involves using a tiny probe inserted into the vagina.

Consequently, this introduction of a foreign object to your private parts can lead to discomfort within the mentioned region.

Facilitates Light Bleeding or Spotting

When the probe that is inserted into the vagina is turned, a laser is transmitted. 

Although the manufacturers assure that it only emits gentle energy, it is still strong enough to facilitate changes such as new collagen.

Therefore, it can also cause minimal bleeding considering it triggers regeneration. This is what leads to light bleeding or spotting as one of the mona lisa touch negative side effects.

Leads To Emission of Brown Discharge 

As a result of vaginal bleeding, brown discharge from the vagina might be emitted after the procedure. This is often a sign of “old blood”.

Blood turns brown when it undergoes a process known as oxidation whereby it is exposed to oxygen.

Therefore, considering the uterine walls are oxygen-rich, when the blood is shed it immediately undergoes oxidation thus appearing brown in color when discharged. 

Allergic Vaginal reactions

As mentioned above, there are instances when an anaesthetic is used while the mona lisa touch treatment is being conducted.

Considering how sensitive the vagina is, introducing a foreign substance such as an anesthetic can lead to anaphylaxis.

This refers to the body’s natural reaction to a foreign substance to protect itself. 

It is often facilitated by the immune system which triggers an allergic reaction in this case, within the vaginal region.

As a result, the protective actions of the body cause allergic reactions as one of the mona lisa touch negative side effects.

Painful Urination

In order to trigger regeneration, the mona lisa touch treatment incorporates the use of a laser which in turn emits energy.

Although these facets of the treatment are measured, they can still cause injuries within the vaginal region.

In such a situation, when the resultant wounds and urine interact, it causes pain every time you urinate thus making it one of the mona lisa touch negative side effects. 


The laser from the treatment transmits energy onto the vaginal wall. As a result, this triggers regeneration. 

However, for regeneration to occur, minimal scarring needs to happen in order to trigger the process. 

Consequently, this can cause swelling as one of the mona lisa touch negative side effects. 


Redness and swelling often come about at the same time. As such, it makes sense that they are both mona lisa touch negative side effects.

This flush in colour comes about as a result of the fact that blood is rushing to the skin’s surface in order to support healing and regeneration efforts. 

As such it is one of the mona lisa touch negative side effects that are painless and are not an indication of anything serious.

Some of the other mona lisa touch negative side effects include:

Causes Itching 

Instigates vaginal soreness

Leads to Irritation 


On paper, the mona lisa touch treatment seems to be a low risk high reward cosmic procedure.

Its side effects are minimal and short lasting, most of which occur as a result of overexposure to the treatment.

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