10 Surprising Innovo Side Effects Most People Don’t Know

If you are curious about Innovo side effects, you have come across the right article. Innovo is a pelvic floor-strengthening exercise that involves the contraction of pelvic floor muscles through electrostimulation to treat symptoms of incontinence. 

This is done through the innovo shorts that are worn and used to generate electric stimulation.

As a result, this exercises the pelvic floor consistently enough to reinforce the pelvic floor muscles.

Consequently, innovo shorts can thus be used to reduce the effects of incontinence. Some of the symptoms of incontinence include a variety of problems while urinating.

Strong pelvic muscles ensure that pelvic organs such as the bladder and private parts are adequately supported.

Therefore, a strong pelvic floor helps deal with issues such as bladder leaks and other urinary issues.


How Does Innovo Work?

The innovo shorts address the fact that it can be difficult to intentionally focus on exercising your pelvic floor muscles consistently.

As a result, it provides you with the option to have your pelvic floor muscles contracted whilst through electric stimulation.

The targeted current that runs through the pelvic area instigates about 180 contractions within a 30-minute period.

This exercises the target region long enough to see a build-up in strength and control of your pelvic organs.

Incontinence is mostly experienced by women as a result of experiences such as childbirth. However, strong pelvic muscles are just as beneficial to men as they are to women 

In order to achieve the desired results, it is recommended that you use the device every 5 days for 12 weeks.

How To Use The Innovo Shorts

The Innovo shorts are worn just like regular shorts. It is recommended that you keep any other accompanying piece of clothing light.

Before putting the shorts on, a lubricating spray is applied to the electrodes.

Afterward, ensure that the leads and sockets are properly connected before using the device

The Innovo shorts are made from an elastic material. They engage the pelvic muscles in what certain sections users describe as an out-of-body experience.

This means that the device works independently of you. You can use the device in a variety of positions including while standing or lying down.

However, reviews indicate that it is better to use the innovo shorts while lying  – it is bound to be less uncomfortable

Some of the innovo side effects include:

1.) Pain

The innovo shorts strengthen the pelvic floor muscle by squeezing and tightening the engaged muscles.

It also creates room for varied intensity through the settings that can be adjusted on the device,

This is the trigger that can lead to pain as one of the innovo side effects. As humans, our pain tolerance levels differ.

Therefore while using the device is meant to be painless, certain intensity levels can be too high for different people

As a result, this causes short bursts of pain as one of the innovo side effects. However, this is temporary after the body adjusts to the contractions.

2.) Bleeding

Innovo uses electric stimulation to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. This means that there is likely to be involuntary movement by the muscles as a result of the contraction.

Although these electrical stimulations are targeted, it still requires moderate amounts of current in order to see results.

The generated current can therefore reduce how specific the targeting is. As a result, this causes bleeding among a host of other innovo side effects.

3.) Shaky Legs 

When you wear the innovo shorts, an electrical current is applied to the motor nerves. As a result, this triggers independent muscle contraction.

Therefore, it facilitates an out-of-body experience that can cause shaky legs as one of the innovo side effects.

4.) Skin Irritation

The constant electrostimulation from the innovo device can affect the skin. This is a result of the high-frequency currents which act as one of the innovo side effects.

Consequently, skin irritation can cause conditions such as eczema or skin burns.

5.) Muscle Spasms

Muscle spasms refer to reflexive muscle contractions that often occur involuntarily as a result of the stimulation.

When the Innovo device is used for extended periods, it can cause muscle spasms. This is due to the principle behind Innovo which forces the muscle to relax and contract

6.) Burning Sensation

Electricity naturally generates heat no matter the intensity. Therefore whenever you put on the innovo shorts, minimal heat is generated which is harmless.

However, when left on for too long, this can lead to a burning sensation as a result of the generated heat.

7.) Disorientation

When the body is forced to perform any activity involuntarily it is highly likely to get disoriented.

As mentioned above, the innovo shorts are based on the principle of involuntary muscle movements.

Therefore, this can lead to disorientation as one of the innovo side effects when worn for too long.

Some of the other innovo side effects include:

  • Vaginal Infection
  • Vaginal Irritation
  • Urinary Tract Infection 

Innovo Shorts Benefits 

It Improves Bladder Control

Poor bladder control often points to weak pelvic floors. There are a lot of reasons that instigate such a condition.

As mentioned above, for women, childbirth is the number one reason. However it is not the only causal effect. 

Aging, medical procedures such as surgery, and excessive strain on the pelvic area are all possible incontinence triggers.

That said, a strong pelvic floor means ensures that the pelvic organs remain in place and means that you will now be able to have full control of your urinary system.

Relieves Back Pain

The pelvic floor is considered the foundation upon which the core is built. This is one of the most crucial parts in terms of facilitating the motor functions of the body.

However one of the most notable functions of the core is to relieve pressure and strain from the spine and back.

When the pelvic floor is weak, the core is affected. As a result, this can mean more strain on the back which consequently leads to back pain.

Similarly, when the pelvic floor is strong, the core is provided with a steady foundation and as a result, reduces the strain on your back, therefore, reducing back pains.

Strengthens Your Core

The pelvic floor and the core are intricately linked. As previously mentioned, the pelvic floor is the foundation upon which the core is built. 

Improves Libido Levels

As mentioned above, the pelvic floor holds the sexual organs. A weak pelvic floor affects a number of things including sex drive.

However, once you develop a strong pelvic floor, there is a general improvement in sensation within the sexual organs.

As a result, it increases sexual drive and pleasurability. 


The innovo shorts are a great invention, especially for women who have given birth and are struggling with incontinence.

Innovo side effects are few and in theory, it is relatively simple to use and favors efficiency. According to the manufacturer, all you have to do is apply the lubricating gel, wear the shorts and let it work its magic

However, numerous users need to be more raving about its simplicity. Understandably, there are a mixed number of reviews both positive and negative.

That said, the major issue is the error message that pops up for a number of users while undergoing the procedure.

Although unproven, it points to a build quality issue. As such, the results are largely dependent on the quality of the product you get.

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