10 Surprising Gabapin 300 mg Side Effects 

Gabapin 300 is an effective medication, but has several side effects. The medication is common among people with nerve damage pains arising from conditions like diabetes, thyroid issues, and cancer. 

If not, do not worry. In this article, I will share with you some of those surprising Gabapin 300 mg side effects.  

Let us get started.  

Gabapin overview 

An antiepileptic drug called gabapin 300 mg Capsule is used to treat neuropathic pain. Numerous illnesses, including diabetes, cancer, spinal diseases, thyroid issues, and HIV infection, can cause nerve damage.

When such nerve damages occur, using Gabapin 300 MG, can reverse the situation. In addition, it can be combined with other medications to treat epilepsy.

The mechanism of action of gabapin 300 MG capsule is to decrease aberrant electrical activity and stop the transmission of pain signals to your brain. 

You can take it with or without food, but for the best results, take this medication at the same time every day. Your illness and how you react to the treatment will determine the precise dosage and length of time.

Your physician will likely begin this medication at a low dose and gradually increase it. Note that the medication may not start to function immediately.

However, expect to see some improvements within a few weeks of beginning the medication. Follow your doctor’s advice and continue taking it as prescribed until they tell you to stop. If you skip a dose, your illness could get worse. 

What is Gabapin 300 mg Used for? 

Gabapin acts as a monotherapy. Hence, it can treat partial seizures in adults and people aged twelve and above. Adults with painful diabetic neuropathy, post-herpetic neuralgia, and other peripheral neuropathic pain conditions may also benefit from gabapentin treatment. 

Gabapin 300 mg side effects 

While Gabapin 300 mg is vital for the treatment of illnesses like diabetes and seizures, it is not entirely safe. It has some undesirable side effects. Below are some Gabapin 300 mg side effects:  

1. It can expose you to viral infections 

Gabapin 300 mg identifies as an antiepileptic drug. This is a good thing because it will help prevent unpleasant seizures. However, the problem begins when it starts to expose you to infectious diseases, like viral infections.  

According to this study conducted by the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology, antiepileptic drugs may increase your risk of contracting viral infections.

Particularly, they can modify the immune system. as a result, they can weaken the immune system, thereby, exposing it to viral infections.  

2. It can cause sleepiness 

Like other antiepileptic drugs, also known as AEDs, they can cause frequent drowsiness. Studies show that Gapabin, like other AEDs, cannot maintain wakefulness among its users. Hence, it is likely to force them into sleeping most of the time.  

3. It might cause impaired coordination 

Among Gabapin side effects is impaired coordination. According to this research conducted by the journal of clinical neurology, Gabapin, among other AEDs, can cause impaired psychomotor speeds.  Besides, the literature insists that Gabapin not only affects coordination, but also other cognitive functions, like attention and vigilance.  

4. Fatigue

Another common Gabapin side effect is Fatigue. Fatigue is common among people taking AEDs, like Gabapin. This is because those drugs tend to cause depression in the Central Nervous System, which is responsible for inducing fatigue.

Note, however, that depending on the dosage the level of fatigue you experience may differ from the level of fatigue another person may experience. 

5. Fever

In addition to the mentioned Gabapin side effects, it can also cause fatigue among its users. Specifically, it induces Anticonvulsant Hypersensitivity Syndrome (AHS).

AHS is often accompanied by hepatitis, fever, and rush. In fact, this study by Medsafe claims that 90% of AED users report suffering from fatigue.

Note that fatigue can last for years. Hence, be prepared to suffer this side effect if you are on the drug.  

6. It might trigger mood changes 

Also, AEDs tend to cause mood changes. Note that this does not apply to all AEDs. However, Gabapin is not among those AEDs that do not cause mood swings.

In actuality, it causes mood swings. However, this effect will not last and might even go away as you adjust to the medication. If you experience this side effect, do not be scared to share it with your doctor, for further directions.  

7. It can cause blurred vision 

While conducting studies on the effects of AEDs, such as Gabapin, PubMed discovered that it causes blurred vision. Specifically, Gabapin can cause neurotoxic visual and non-specific-retino abnormalities.

Even though such abnormalities rarely occur, they can manifest if you overdose on the AEDs. Likewise, they can manifest if you use AEDs for prolonged durations.

To avoid this problem, adhere to the recommended dosage. Also, regulate your usage of the drug. 

8. Headaches

Another common Gabapin 300 side effect is a headache. How it triggers headaches is still unknown and needs further research.

However, based on the reviews left on the product’s website, some of its users reported suffering serious headaches after using the drug.

Others reported suffering from neuropathic pain syndrome, which is sometimes accompanied by headaches.  

9. Weight gain 

Another serious Gabapin 300 side effect is weight gain. Like other AEDs, Gabapin 300 can make you gain weight by making you eat more often. Eventually, it might make you obese leading to other harmful health effects.  

10. An uncontrollable feeling of hunger 

Among the harmful side effects of Gabapin is uncontrollable hunger. This side effect is not exclusive to Gabapin, but can also be experienced in other anti-seizure medications.

Note that this side effect is more pronounced among children. When it occurs, it increases the rate at which one eats, thereby, leading to weight gain, and probably, obesity.

For this reason, it is vital to watch your usage of Gabapin.  

Precautions to consider when taking Gabapin 300  

Gabapin 300 does not go hand-in-hand with alcohol. Mixing the two can result in drowsiness and fatigue. Therefore, if you are a drinker, you might as well avoid this medication.  

Also, Gabapin 300 is not suitable for people with kidney illnesses. If you are on this medication and are suffering from kidney disease, visit your doctor to adjust your dosage accordingly.  

Additionally, drivers should not take this medication. Since it is associated with drowsiness, it can make you fall asleep behind the wheel. As a result, you can cause accidents. Hence, it is advisable to avoid Gabapin if you are a driver.  

Also, pregnant mothers should avoid this medication, unless instructed to take it by their doctors.  


Gabapin 300 is a powerful anti-seizure drug. It is also effective for other illnesses like migraines, and neurological damage.

However, in treating those illnesses, you might experience some of the adverse effects mentioned in this article. If you encounter any of them, you need not worry because most of them are temporary.

However, should they persist, seek your doctor’s advice.  

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