10 Surprising Diamond Glow Facial Side Effects 

The diamond glow facial is a unique cosmetic procedure meant to rejuvenate your skin and place you on the path to better skin health. However, it has some side effects you should beware of. Let’s find out what those side effects are. 

The diamond glow uses a three-step procedure to exfoliate, cleanse and rejuvenate the skin. 

In turn this provides benefits such as younger-looking skin, helps with conditions such as acne, and evens out skin tone. 

This is done through the introduction of a revitalizing serum. Additionally, a diamond tip is also used to exfoliate by lifting dead skin cells.

As a result, the suction opens the pores up by loosening the oils clogging up the skin openings.

How Does The Treatment Work?

As mentioned above, the diamond glow facial involves cleansing, exfoliation, and serum infusion.

The wand used in the procedure is made with a diamond tip hence the name of the treatment.

First, the wand is used over the skin to clear the outer skin layer. 

This is because the outermost layer is exposed to environmental damage which affects its appearance i.e., the formation of wrinkle lines.  

Once your skin is exfoliated, the wand uses its suction mechanism to vacuum all the murk that might be stored in your skin.

This includes excessive sebum oil that might be clogging your skin and causing acne.

Afterward, the skin is injected with a serum meant to complement the rejuvenation process. 

However, the serums used aren’t one size fits all. They are customized as per your exact needs. 


Diamond Glow Facial Benefits

Reduces Wrinkles 

There are multiple ways for people to develop forehead wrinkles. Some of these reasons  include age, genetics, environmental conditions, and lifestyle among many other things.

That said, wrinkles aren´t exactly permanent. There are ways to mitigate and reduce the speed at which wrinkles form.

The diamond glow facial treatment steps in by doing away with the damaged, dead skin cells and triggering the rejuvenation of a revitalized underlying skin layer.

As a result, the wrinkles on your face will be less pronounced. 

Evens Out Skin Pigment 

Skin damage can have a huge influence on how your skin appears, this is inclusive of pigment. 

Sun damage causes the clumping of melanin which makes other parts of the skin seem darker than others.

However, when you undergo the diamond glow facial, the exfoliation and cleansing process clears away the dead and clumped cells causing pigmentation.

This is replaced by a healthier underlying even-toned skin layer.

Opens Up Skin Pores

As mentioned above, the diamond glow facial involves a cleansing process. Cleansing is a great way to unclog the skin’s pores.

When you cleanse the skin, the sebum oil slackens, which in turn allows it to slide out of the way allowing the skin to breathe.

Consequently, this leaves you with healthy skin and prevents conditions such as acne. 

Helps with Acne

Acne forms when the sebum oil produced by the skin clogs up the skin pores, leading to the trapping of material such as hair follicles.  

Consequently, this results in a skin condition known as acne. However, the 3 step diamond glow process unclogs the skin pores.

As a result, this reduces the chances of getting acne.

Brightens the Skin

Exposure to harsh external conditions dulls the skin over time. Therefore if you don’t do away with the damaged external skin, it is possible for your skin to look dull.

However, exfoliating and scrubbing away dead skin cells exposes the healthy underlying skin which is naturally undamaged and brighter.

Diamond Glow Facial Side Effects

Mild Stinging 

The diamond glow facial uses a three-step process in order to achieve rejuvenated skin. First is the process of exfoliation which involves the exposure of the underlying skin.

Exfoliation, however, can be harsh on the skin in certain cases leading to dryness. 

In isolated cases, dehydration leads to mild stinging as one of the diamond glow facial side effects.   


The diamond glow facial is centered around rejuvenating the skin as the name suggests. As such, there is a huge amount of activity that is undertaken on the skin.

Consequently, this leads to a lot of blood flow within the facial area. Therefore this causes redness of the face due to the rise of blood in the face.


As mentioned above, diamond glow facials go through a three-step process that involves exfoliation, extraction, and skin serum infusion.

However, if done incorrectly, exfoliation and cleansing can lead to diamond glow facial side effects such as scarring.

The exfoliation process involves the use of a wand to peel away dead skin cells. 

As a result, the forceful exposure of underlying skin can lead to scarring as one of the diamond glow facial side effects in certain instances.

Allergic Reactions 

After exfoliation and cleansing, a lightning serum is injected into the skin in order to liven the skin and give it a youthful glow.

The serum is made from amla and dandelion which contain properties that are great for the skin.

However, this isn´t always the case as the amla fruit can trigger allergic reactions. 

Although rare, people allergic to amla experience scratching, itching or swelling around the mouth.

Similarly, there are other people who are allergic to dandelion. In these cases, people who are allergic to dandelions experience effects such as stomach upset, diarrhea, or heartburn.

Therefore, as a result of the diamond glow facial treatment, it is possible to experience allergic reactions as one of the diamond glow facial side effects.


The diamond glow facial rejuvenation process puts the skin under a lot of pressure as a result of the exfoliation, cleansing, and injection procedure.

As a result of the amount of activity done on the skin, there is a chance that your skin might be left feeling tender as one of the diamond glow facial side effects.

Skin Irritation

Our skin´s level of sensitivity varies per person. This means that how you exfoliate isn’t one size fits all.

There might be instances where the intensity used by the cosmetologist needs to be adjusted.

Additionally, the serum used to facilitate youthful exuberance can cause skin irritation as one of the diamond glow facial effects especially if you are allergic.

Other diamond glow facial side effects include:




Stomach Upset


-It Is a Comfortable Procedure. “The diamond glow facial procedure was intense but i didn’t feel discomfort at any point during the procedure. I was very comfortable“

-Little Downtime. “I got the procedure done over the week and i was able to attend a wedding over the weekend. 

-Customizable. “I have flare-ups during my period on top of nasty hyperpigmentation, but the esthetician was able to customize the procedure to my skin’s exact needs” 


Expensive. ”I got an offer for the diamond glow facial, but after one visit I saw no change yet I’m supposed to go for more visits”

Slow Process. “Didn’t see any change at first yet I’m supposed to go numerous times to see change.


As a treatment, the diamond glow facial treatment combines luxury with science as a marketing strategy and to be fair it’s genius.

In a field where you want the aspiration of luxury as your biggest advocate, it makes sense to use something as prestigious as a diamond.

That said, the science does seem to back it although it’s nothing revolutionary. However that doesn’t always have to be the case as long as it gets the job done.

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