10 Surprising Biocidin Side Effects

If you are taking Biocidin, the you have the right to know some Biocidin side effects.

Conversely, if you are using the supplement, but are still curious to know its side effects, this article is for you.

Here’s a brief overview o9f the medication.

Biocidin is a medication that helps with several conditions. For instance, you can treat your gut, flu, cold, skin infections, and other diseases. Some people might use it as a slimming agent.  

While it comes with all these advantages, it can pose serious side effects to your body. In this article, I will discuss some of those side effects.  

Let’s get started. 


Biocidin Side Effects

You can experience the following side effects from using Biocidin.

1. It can irritate the stomach

Biocidin is meant to reduce the number of pathogens present in the gut. This is a positive effect, right? Of course, it is.

However, it can present an unpleasant Biocidin side effect. Let me explain.  

While deleting the pathogens, they may fight back by attaching and forming a biofilm to protect themselves. As a result, removing them could be extremely difficult.

However, if the protective biofilm is deleted, it will release those pathogens into the gut. Consequently, the pathogen may irritate your stomach.  

2. It can cause anxiety

One of the most common Biocidin side effects is anxiety. Like other detoxing supplements, Biocidin can cause an individual to feel anxious.

This may not be easy to accept. However, I will try to explain it to you.  

Studies show that anxiety and gut health go hand in hand.

In fact, modern science claims that intestinal microbiomes can force the immune cells to release pro-inflammatory cytokines.

Consequently, those pro-inflammatory cytokines can induce anxiety and depression. 

Therefore, since Biocidin aims to improve your gut health, it may induce the intestines to produce those pro-inflammatory cytokines.

As a result, it would cause you to feel anxious and depressed.  

3. It can cause diarrhea

The purpose of Biocidin is to detox, meaning it will kill pathogens, parasites, and bacteria found in the mouth and gut. While this may be a good thing, the problem starts when it kills pathogens and bacteria indiscriminately. If it kills them indiscriminately, it will kill the beneficial bacteria. Recovering or restoring the balance of the healthy bacteria might take some time. During that time, the food that enters the gut may not be broken down properly and can cause irritation of the gut, leading to diarrhea.  

Note that the imbalance of bacteria and pathogens in the gut may be costly to people with leaky guts. Hence, if you are suffering from the same, avoid Biocidin. Alternatively, you may take it in tiny amounts over a prolonged period. Besides, you may dilute it using foods like starch. 

4. It can cause body aches and pain

Body aches and pains also qualify as Biocidin side effects. The medication contains strong botanicals, which, if consumed incorrectly, can induce anti-inflammatory responses. Normally, these anti-inflammatory responses manifest in the form of body aches and pain.  

Also, Biocidin kills pathogens, therefore, inducing die-off symptoms. When these die-off symptoms occur, the body responds naturally by initiating an inflammatory response. These inflammatory responses aim to get rid of the toxins released by pathogens as they die. If these toxins are overactive, you may experience muscle pain. Also, you may experience painful joints.  

5. It can induce fatigue

Another Biocidin side effect is fatigue. This is due to your immune system working overtime while fighting gut pathogens and bacteria. 

Specifically, when you introduce Biocidin into your gut to fight pathogens and bacteria, those pathogens will go into defensive mode by clustering together. When they are broken up, they will release toxins into your system. As a result, your immune system will act to remove those toxins. During the process, it will draw a lot of energy from your system, causing you to feel tired or fatigued.  

Should this happen to you, take long rests to allow you to recover your energy. 

6. It can cause difficulty in breathing

Difficulty in breathing is another serious Biocidin side effect. How so? Let me explain.  

Biocidin, like other detox supplements, causes die-off symptoms. Die-off symptoms are the symptoms that manifest in the body when pathogens die. One of these die-off symptoms is respiratory phlegm. Respiratory phlegm occurs when the body utilizes mucus to get rid of toxins released by dying pathogens. Often that mucus leaves the body through the nose. Hence, it can stuff your nose, causing breathing difficulty.  

To lessen the effect of breathing troubles, take frequent walks.  

7. It can cause you to vomit

I mentioned earlier that one of the Biocidin side effects is inducing ulcers. It does that by causing inflammation in the stomach lining and releasing cytotoxin that accelerates the growth of ulcer cells. Having ulcers can expose you to a range of conditions like gassing and vomiting.  

8. It can induce stomach ulcers

Biocidin is also a catalyst for stomach ulcers. How it causes stomach ulcers also links to the die-off symptoms it causes as it kills off pathogens. As it goes about that function, it might weaken your gut, allowing Helicobacter pylori to invade it. This might result in bacterial overgrowth in the stomach lining, causing inflammation. Besides, it would allow it would enable the gut to produce vacuolating cytotoxic, which is known to accelerate ulcer formation.   

9. It can make you lose weight 

Another Biocidin side effect is inducing unhealthy weight loss. Note that this is a common side effect of most detoxing products. So how does it contribute to unhealthy weight loss? Biocidin has the tendency to attack the muscles rather than the fats. In fact, this study claims that it targets making your muscles lean. As a result, it will impact your metabolism negatively.  

Also, note that if you slim your muscles, you will lose significant amounts of energy.  

10. It can cause Inflammation and damage to the liver

As I mentioned earlier, Biocidin kills off pathogens in the gut and mouth. The process includes deleting a biofilm that acts as a shield for the pathogens. Upon the elimination of the biofilm, the pathogens release into the gut, where they may be killed off. As a result, they release toxins as they die off. Releasing those toxins could induce the immune system to work overtime to remove the toxins, triggering a pro-inflammatory response. Consequently, it may damage the liver, as shown in this article 


Biocidin is usually safe because most of its ingredients are extracted from natural sources. Therefore, it is rare to experience the side effects mentioned above. However, should they occur to you, seek medical advice. Besides, you can try out some techniques to reduce the impact of the medication, like diluting it before consumption. Most importantly, seek your doctor’s advice before beginning the medication.  

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